Cosmic Night Cosmic Morning - Lev

Cosmic Night Cosmic Morning

Cosmic Night Cosmic Morning. By Lev.

In a series of recent significant events, one of them was particularly important – the Lunar Eclipse on July 5, which has fallen on the most powerful star axis Sirius-Canopus/Vega.

This stellium has its energy characteristics, which will have a strong impact on all events until the end of the summer.

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But first, – a very important preface. When the Earth and the Solar system were in the Cosmic Night, i.e. in the darkened zone of the Local Universe, the Source’s positive energy reached our planet in attenuated radiation.

This allowed the Dark Hierarchy to successfully transmute the neutral vibrations of the Solar System’ planets and even Constellations’ into negative ones for the implementation of the Dark Forces’ agenda.

Only those who managed to save a personal link with the Source and maintain it with their inner practice could resist this.

Today, everything has changed radically.

Cosmic Night Cosmic Morning - Sirius


Cosmic Night Cosmic Morning

The Earth and the Solar system have passed from a Cosmic Night to a Cosmic Morning, after which a bright Cosmic Day will follow in 2023-24 for the next millennia.

This means that now we are all indirect visibility of the Source, its powerful direct impact on us, and everything around us.

This means also that the Dark Forces can no longer use the energy of the planets of the Solar System and Constellations for negative, destructive purposes with the same freedom and ease.

This was confirmed by the successful mass meditations in the recent months and the outright stalling of the NWO agenda.

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And most importantly, this means that focusing on the Source energy during mass and personal meditations in the key stelliums significantly increase their power for positive transformation on Earth and throughout our Local Universe.

The Dark Forces can’t and won’t do anything against it.

The Lunar Eclipse on July 5, 2020, was partial, i.e. weakened. Moreover, while Jupiter and Pluto are retrograde.

But their weakened energy was more than compensated not only by powerful positive radiations from the Source but also by strong vibrations of the Sirius – Canopus/Vega star axis, stimulating epoch-making shifts.

Sirius vibrations coincide with the energy of control, Canopus – strengthen the fulcrum, Vega – diplomatic efforts.

All these energies together allow the Light Forces to take control of the crisis, keep the course of the world ship, and prevent it from crashing on the reefs of the world collapse.

Since the Eclipse’s luminaries were in harmony with Uranus (renewal, reform, breakthrough solutions), the ship’s pilots can safely navigate our “Argo” between Scylla and Charybdis.

Cosmic Night Cosmic Morning - Jupiter From Juno April 2020

Jupiter From Juno April 2020

Cosmic Night Cosmic Morning

It is noteworthy that the Sun of the Eclipse on July 5 coincided with the Sun of the United States, that is, it’s very important for this country, which the Dark Forces are now trying to destroy to the ground.

The Lunar Eclipse on July 5, 2020, closed the summer Eclipses corridor that began on June 5, 2020. During this corridor, the old, unnecessary, and used things and events went out of our lives, and the new ones came in.

The Eclipse has taken shape in the Southern Lunar Node of Sagittarius, which is energetically connected with experience, and directs our energy to complete serious, unfinished big tasks, finalize ideas, reformat the world order and reset the life model.

This is the time to return to the old themes and processes that have not yet been completed in the framework of past Earth programs, but that needs to be reviewed and made based on a new value concept of a changed reality.

Cosmic vibrations that coincided with the Lunar Eclipse on July 5 in Capricorn directly affect the energy of high achievements and results, planning and control, responsibility and consistency, law and order, long-term projects and life programs.

The fear of change can do a disservice and take away the most important chance in life.

Passivity blocks positive energy.

It was important to accept the energy of the Source through this Lunar Eclipse and not to resist, not be indifferent to changes.

The opportunities that opened up after the Eclipse on July 5, 2020, can be underestimated immediately.

However, they are highly effective in the long term, so all of us need patience and maximum dedication to achieve success.

Cosmic Night Cosmic Morning - Pink Moon

Pink Moon

Cosmic Night Cosmic Morning

New positive results may not appear for some time, but then they will follow one another for many years.

There will be effective solutions to all practical problems based on new knowledge and advanced technologies in electronics, the Internet, IT-construction, aviation, space, global and national economies.

New information and higher learning from the Subtle Plane will become available.

Formed with the axis of the Eclipse, the harmonious aspect (trigon) with Uranus in Taurus could provoke a combination of opposite phenomena.

There is a high probability that positive events occurring at present will cause spikes in negative emotions.

The reason for such dualism is the contradictory nature of planetary interaction. For this reason, one often has to pay a high price for success.

For example, the achievements of the Light Forces can be accompanied by serious disagreements.

Moreover, initial misunderstandings can turn into resentment and frustration.

But together with the strong energy of the Source, the Lunar Eclipse on July 5 fully revealed the powerful positive potential of the Solar Eclipse on June 21, 2020.

The axis of this Eclipse was very harmoniously discharged on Uranus in Taurus.

Together, these energies will accelerate the practical implementation on Earth of what was laid down by the last Solar Eclipse, helping us build our lives further. Since Mercury was still retrograde at the time of the Lunar Eclipse, this will help us isolate and take into the future all the best and most valuable.

The Lunar Eclipse on July 5, 2020, occurred at 14 degrees Capricorn. It will bring the maximum tension during this summer when the main events of the year will come to the peak of their disclosure.

The Lunar Eclipse coincided with the return of Saturn to Capricorn and the second conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto, and therefore directed our energy to complete past serious tasks.

And since this was the last Eclipse of the cycle in Capricorn, at present we all pass the final exam for maturity, stability, and the ability to finish what we started.

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Our consciousness is run not by the events themselves, but by how they are presented. It often develops by media, sites, bloggers, opinion leaders, etc., who share their “important” point of view. Each of us who feels sorry for selves or our loved ones in what is happening and wants “world peace” is also vulnerable, as is anyone who attacks Reptilians, Dracos, Nazis, Xi, Biden, Trump, Macron, Putin and so on.

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In November, all events on the physical and Subtle Plane accelerated dramatically. This is especially noticeable in our daily life. The problem of static electricity has worsened. We get discharges from almost everything. Mostly it is metal, less often rubber.

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