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Cosmic Frequency News 5 February 2023 - "Fasten Your Seatbelts And Place Your Seats In The Upright Position" - By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

Cosmic Frequency News 5 February 2023

“Fasten Your Seatbelts And Place Your Seats In The Upright Position”

Cosmic Frequency News 5 February 2023 – “Fasten Your Seatbelts And Place Your Seats In The Upright Position” – By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

When we take a plane to a destination, as we are about to land, we are instructed to fasten our seatbelts and place our seats in the upright position”.

Sometimes if passengers are walking about, they will be instructed: “Ladies and Gentlemen, please return to your seats because we are about to land”.

Once we land, the pilot announces that we may now exit the plane and he or she thanks us for flying with that particular company.

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The flight attendants stand at the cabin door and smile as we exit the aircraft. Family, friends. or business associates are awaiting us at a particular gate.

Cosmic Frequency News 5 February 2023 - Fasten Your Seatbelts - B747 100

Fasten Your Seatbelts – B747 100

Cosmic Frequency News 5 February 2023

Imagine that Earth/Gaia is our aircraft, and the pilot and flight attendants are the planets in the galaxy assisting with our flight, and the energetics of our Sun with its flares, winds, CMEs, etc. are the actual “controls” which carry our planetary aircraft along its journey in the cosmos.

Our ultimate destination is the “Great Attractor” (the mass holding over 1,000 trillion “Suns” that we are moving towards at over 2.2 million kilometers per hour—a massive field of radiation that bends light) where we will receive necessary bio-photons to further our cellular network for the acquiring of high-powered knowledge.

This destination is larger than the center of our Milky Way Galaxy.

On the way to our destination, our Sun makes “stop overs” to various constellations as does our Moon.

With solar dynamics, our “stop-over” is for a full month; whereas with lunar dynamics, it is only for a couple of days.

In either case, our journey is a lengthy one with lots of adventures along the way.

Our arrival at “Bio-Photonic Headquarters” began long ago, and we will arrive when SOURCE feels that we are ready to advance into greater crystalline frequency.

There are no shortcuts to the transformational journey.

There are still lessons to learn such as that warfare is evil; supplying weapons to warring nations adds to the evil; spying upon certain countries with balloons carrying technological equipment to decipher what their warring capabilities may be is evil; creating diseases and chemicals as bio-weaponry is evil; causing purposeful economic challenges is evil; oppressing and enslaving others is evil.

Get the point? There is too much evil.

Fresh, clear, healthy water, for example, should not be placed in a filthy glass.

If it is, germs and illness can be the result.

The glass must be cleansed first.

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The element of water is the most prolific of all elements in the human physical vessel, and in our example, the vessels are being cleansed prior to fresh water (in this case we really are focusing on bio-photons) being allowed to enter.

Some persons, obviously, are more prepared to receive more bio-photons that others, but they too, are still in the process of some cleansing being done beforehand.

Our Moon reached fullness early this morning, Sunday, 2/5/2023, in royal, creative, often self-oriented Tropical Leo and is in opposition to humanitarian, technologically-interested, emotionally detached, revolutionary, sometimes rebellious Aquarius—a “me” and “they” kind of energy characteristic which requires cooperation, sharing of insights, and solving issues without selfishness such as in thinking “What’s in it for me?”

The tumultuous conditions happening on Earth/Gaia are creating “turbulence” during the “flight”. What should be a smooth “trip” is filled with “jetlag”.

For many, physical vessels are very exhausted. Emotions are raw, irritable, and angry. Mindsets are erratic.

Each constellation that our Sun soars through as well as our Moon has its own characteristics—its own “messages”—about the continuing journey.

Thus, every equinox, solstice, eclipse, planetary retrograde, comet appearance, etc. is a “stop over”.

Then we “board” yet another “plane” and continue onward. However, as we partake of “nutrition” by communing with the HIGHER SELF during our flight, the “jetlag” lessens.

The “turbulence” lessens. Our journey becomes smoother.

Without the HIGHER SELF being our partner as we “fly”, there can be confusion as to what is truly occurring and why—both on Earth/Gaia and beyond.

Our “boarding pass” was our birth. With so much having occurred from infancy to childhood to adulthood—both pleasant and unpleasant—we must deal with how to heal the past and create a new “Now” of joy.

There is time to do this because we are still in “flight” across the cosmos. We have yet to approach the “landing field”.

We can, therefore, continue to sit back and relax and talk with our “flight partner”—the HIGHER SELF who can instruct us on what can be experienced with each “stop over” and how to handle any challenges.

We can glance out of our “windows” and see “Aurora Borealis” or “Aurora Australis”—the “Northern and Southern Lights”—signs of gamma rays.

The positive protons, negative electrons, and zero-charged neutrons (which often act like the positively-charged protons) that the auroras contain in their colorful plasma splashes affect us too because they are signals of the coronal mass ejections (CMEs) that caused them to appear. We learn as we “fly”.

Our “plane”, Earth/Gaia, often also experiences the “turbulence” of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods.

Today’s “flight” met with 99 quakes in the previous 24-hour period with a “5.8” magnitude in Japan.

The magnetosphere is receiving lots of particle plasma from outside of the solar system.

Solar winds are registered in the normal range at “347.3” kilometers per second.

There have been two “C.6-Class” solar flares: one at 0326 Universal Time (UT) and the other at 1051 UT.

Neutron counts are rated as “Elevated”.

The “cockpit” tools, however, do not register the real strength of cosmic energetics.

Remember, the HIGHER SELF is giving the true report in this “Now”—although we must be grateful for what mankind’s devices can offer us because they do, as has been stated in prior articles, give us a wonderful general idea of the circumstances occurring during our “flight”.

Will this trip ever be over? Will we ever reach our destination? Of course!

Yet, as earlier mentioned, not until many lessons are learned and thought, feelings, and actions change sufficiently.

We are in “flight school”.

We will eventually “land” and be able to ask each other: “How was your flight?”

More By Dr. Schavi

Cosmic Frequency News 24 March 2023 – The Unexpected “G4”

Cosmic Frequency News 24 March 2023 – The Unexpected “G4”

Usually, geomagnetic storms are rated as being either “G1” (mild), “G2” (medium but still packing a punch), or “G3” (very strong in its impact). However, yesterday, 3/23/2023, a coronal mass ejection (CME) blasting off from our Sun and soared into a huge crack in our planet’s magnetosphere (protective shield) and was so powerful that world scientists had to give it the rating of “G4”. They called the event “Severe”.

Cosmic Frequency News 23 March 2023 – New Generational Time Line

Cosmic Frequency News 23 March 2023 – New Generational Time Line

The movement of powerful transformational Pluto into Tropical Aquarius is official with its entrance into that sign as of 8:13 AM (EDT), today, Thursday, 3/23/2023. It will remain there until June 11th and then move back over the last degrees of Tropical Capricorn during the rest of 2023.

Cosmic Frequency News 22 March 2023 – What Is Happening Behind Our Sun?

Cosmic Frequency News 22 March 2023 – What Is Happening Behind Our Sun?

A huge dark circular object was detected by several world Physicists seemingly moving behind our Sun on Tuesday, 3/21/2023. The darkness was like what occurs as an eclipse is happening, but this is not yet the time of the solar eclipse which is analyzed to occur on April 20th of this year.

Cosmic Frequency News 21 March 2023 – New Moon Day

Cosmic Frequency News 21 March 2023 – New Moon Day

In the early morning of Tuesday, 3/21/2023, the day of the afternoon arrival of our New Moon in Tropical Aries at 1:23 PM (EDT), solar winds are traveling at 462.2 km/s, and a “C.1-Class” solar flare has lifted off from our Sun.

Cosmic Frequency News 19 March 2023 – The Major Week Ahead!

Cosmic Frequency News 19 March 2023 – The Major Week Ahead!

Our planet is now just a day away from the Equinox, two days from the New Moon in Tropical Aries, and four days away from Pluto leaving Tropical Capricorn to briefly visit with Tropical Aquarius—three major cosmic shifts that have been discussed several times in previous teachings in order to emphasize their importance.

Oneness – Laka – Pleiadian Collective

Oneness – Laka – Pleiadian Collective

Beloved Ones Of Light! Life Is A Gift That Is Infinite And Changing! You Are Life! You Are One Way That God (ELAKO) Is Expressing In Form! You Share The Essence Of God With All Other Aspects Of Creation Around You And Throughout The Cosmos!

Cosmic Frequency News 18 March 2023 – Deep Into The Portal

Cosmic Frequency News 18 March 2023 – Deep Into The Portal

As we dive deeper into the portal of the coming Equinox on Monday, March 20th, and as the New Moon floats up to fullness on the next day–Tuesday, March 21st—and as transformative Pluto moves onto the shore of Aquarius on Thursday, March 23rd, feeling the intensity of these major cosmic energetics physically, mentally, and emotionally is absolutely normal.

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