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Cosmic Frequency News 31 January 2023 - Moving Into February - By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

Cosmic Frequency News 31 January 2023

Moving Into February

Cosmic Frequency News 31 January 2023 – Moving Into February – By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

Most of the world bases its calendars upon the Gregorian perspective, and because of this, a new month is arriving on tomorrow–the month of February when further major planetary and cosmic events occur.

“Valentine’s Day” is February 14th, and gifts are given to loved ones. Flowers, jewelry, and heart-shaped boxes of chocolates are the primary focus.

Whether or not people celebrate this day, it is important to always be loving and kind even though some people make it difficult and can trigger anger and frustration.

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The “3d” world is filled with reasons for disgust, anger, and anxiety, and there is no need to list examples.

Thus, this month when LOVE is to take center stage, will be a difficult emotion to have for many.

With Pluto moving into its ctitical anaretic 29th degree on February 11th (until March 23rd), situations on Earth/Gaia will escalate in intensity as truths rise to the surface that cannot be denied in the political arena, social structure, medical establishment, and more.

Mercury moves into Tropical Aquarius on the 12th of February where it will welcome Pluto’s arrival on March 23rd for Pluto’s brief visit until June 11th when it will return to go back over the final degrees of Tropical Capricorn.

Cosmic Frequency News 31 January 2023 - Aquarius


Cosmic Frequency News 31 January 2023

Venus moves into Tropical Aries on the 21st of February where it will square Pluto.

There could be challenges in relationships both personal, national, and global.

We are moving into territory where caution is very required in thoughts, feelings, words, and actions and also where self-nurturing is highly necessary.

This is one of the reasons why various suggestions are given regarding praying, meditating, chanting mantras, taking spiritual baths and showers, using sacred oils, performing calming Yoga asanas and Tai Chi, eating organically, drinking plenty of water, taking homeopathic remedies, and communing with Nature, etc.

These activities strengthen the nervous system which is easily taxed in chaotic times.

February 11th through June 11th are such times as Pluto introduces us to its Aquarian “menu” from March 23rd to June 11th then “takes away our plates” and gives our Capricorn re-filled “cups” to us–re-filling them throughout the entirety of 2023 until it finally gives us the full Aquarian “menu” on January 21st of 2024 upon which we will “feast” until 2044.

Thus, as we enter February, let us be determined to invite the GREATER LIGHT of SOURCE to heal, guide, and protect us from any disharmony lurking in the shadowy corners of “Restaurant 29”.

Instead, let us look at the number “29” adding to the Master Number “11” (in the Pythagorean system), and this number is that of the High Priestess, the High Priest, the Psychic, the Master Teacher, and the Motivator of Others.

Therefore, it can be an empowering number.

Even though we must be knowledgeable about cosmic messages, we need not fear them.

If we anchor to, connect with, and align with HIGHER VIBATIONAL ENERGY, we can sail the “Cosmic Sea” with ease even as big waves thrash.

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As we engage in the various rituals of our preferred paths, let us agree to also pronounce the sacred “Pranava” (“Cosmic Sound”) of “AUM” several times daily. It can be chanted with or without a prayer mala.

It is taught in the most ancient scriptures as being the sound which brought creation into being.

It is calming, healing, protective, and consciousness raising.

Begin chanting it on February 1st.

Some people already chant it daily and have been doing so for many years. It is the mantra that also begins and ends many other mantras.

The sacred Sanskrit mantras are universal—even multiversal.

They can be (or should be allowed to be by what are considered “traditional religions”) chanted by any religious orientation.

They are actually powerful spiritual vibrational frequencies of sound. Let us “knock on the door” of the “Divine Throne Room” with our particular prayers and also with “AUM”.

Let us create a “COSMIC SOUND COLLECTIVE” with which we offer our “lights” to join with the “GREATER LIGHT”— the loving embrace of the DIVINE ABSOLUTE.

Cosmic Frequency News 31 January 2023 - Greater Light

Greater Light

Cosmic Frequency News 31 January 2023

If you are reluctant to chant mantras because they are not a part of what is taught or “allowed” in your religion, I repeat two verses of scripture that I have discussed in previous teaching articles more than once: “Study to show thyself approved” ( HOLY BIBLE) and “The ink of the scholar is more precious than the blood of the martyr” (the teachings of the Islamic faith).

There are numerous other examples in sacred paths of how knowledge acquisition is important for humanity.

Ministers, Preachers, Imams, Rabbis, Priests, etc. should encourage their congregations to study and not merely just tell them what they want them to accept.

People would find that there are more of the same revelations from SOURCE, even though mankind has added its own rules, histories, and cultural ideologies to the holy texts. People would know what is of GOD and what is of mankind.

Cosmic Frequency News 31 January 2023 - Energy Report

Energy Report

On this final day of January, the magnetosphere is the most telling of the cosmic events. It is surrounded and enveloped with very strong particle plasma pressing into our planet.

Solar winds are traveling at almost 500 km/s as of 9 :43 AM (EST).

Solar flares are at the lower levels of “C-Class” rated at “C.4”.

Neutron counts are listed as “Elevated”.

Because of the magnetosphere energy indicated, this is indicative of powerful proton, electron, etc. influxes.

These cosmic events will climb steadily higher as we approach planets changing signs, the Plutonian anaretic degree, and planetary human levels of consciousness requiring correction.

Both cleansing and DNA transformation is happening simultaneously.

Stay in LIGHT for guidance.

Cosmic Frequency News 31 January 2023 - The Toroidal Field

It has been proven by scientific research that the human heart is 5,000 times stronger than the brain in frequency.

Massive amounts of cosmic and galactic energy flooding into our planetary realm—LIGHT—are tuning-up and aligning the heart with what is so often talked about—SOURCE FREQUENCY.

This is a major reason why the emotion of LOVE is such a powerful healing force because the CREATOR is often described in many of the world’s scriptures as LOVE and LIGHT.

The brain is a storehouse of images which have an electrical frequency that can “plug into” the emotional magnetic frequency of the heart for good or its opposite. When people have thoughts of hatred, anger, greed, and other disharmonies, they create a “toroidal field” or vibrational circuitry—the auric field—that is filled with and sends out energies which manifest as the experiences embedded in the “toroidal field”.

Cosmic Frequency News 31 January 2023 - Toroidal Field

Toroidal Field

Cosmic Frequency News 31 January 2023

Those who agree with the disharmonies put forward by such persons add to the erratic planetary “toroidal field”, and then we have a planet that “clangs” with dissonance.

On the other hand, when there are thoughts of love, acceptance, peace, joy, etc.—harmonious “tones”—then a planet of these same energetics can manifest. Thus, thoughts and emotions act in unison; however, emotions have stronger vibrational currents than thoughts.

Emotions are the “yin” to the “yang” of thoughts.

There is so much “noise”, “dissonance”, “disruption”, in both the planetary and the human “toroidal field” in current times, and this can be realized with just watching or listening to a few minutes of daily news reports locally, nationally, and globally.

As we move through each day, performing various spiritual rituals (one of which is suggested to pronounce the sacred mantra of “AUM” several times), let us also say to ourselves: “I am LOVE ORCHESTRATING VIBRATIONAL ENERGY”.

Notice the letters “L” “O” “V” “E” in the affirmation. You are saying that you are the creator (orchestrator) of an oscillation of life force which is one of the most powerful energies of SOURCE “ITSELF”.

You will be sending harmony from the “toroidal field” of your heart into the minds and hearts of others during each day whether they actually hear the words you say or not because both silent as well as audible “sound” has a sub-atomic power which can manifest as a material experience.

People often quote the famous Rene DeCartes who said: “Thoughts are things”.

He was accurate; however, it would have been more correct if he had said: “Thoughts and emotions are things, and emotions have the leading vibration”.

Let us change the planetary dissonant “toroidal field” to beautiful harmony. Who is ready to join the “Masterpiece Orchestra”?

How can you be more LOVING each day?

More By Dr. Schavi

CFN Major Afternoon Report – 19 April 2024

CFN Major Afternoon Report – 19 April 2024

As predicted in the earlier article of today, Friday, April 19th, the “KP Index” has indeed been escalated to STORM level from the previous rating of UNSETTLED, and several coronal mass ejections (CMEs) have been detected that are on a seeming collision course to Earth with expected arrival by April 21st.

Ionizing Plasma Waves – CFN 18 April 2024

Ionizing Plasma Waves – CFN 18 April 2024

Ionizing (penetrating, altering) electromagnetically charged cosmic waves can be physically, emotionally, and mentally challenging as they participate in the “Shift of the Ages”, and thus, the transforming of planetary creation.

CFN Major Update! – 15 April 2024

CFN Major Update! – 15 April 2024

The Schumann Resonance chart from Tomsk, Russia is registering planetary activations at the level of a huge “96”. (Since ancient times, the normal planetary vibrational frequency has been 7.83, but in the chaotic circumstances of the current era, these “SR” ratings are higher as cosmic events purge disharmony from the planet and provide cleansing and illuminating LIGHT from energies that cannot be actually seen with modern devices — only felt, thus coming from a SOURCE FIELD that is beyond human access).

Jupiter Uranus – CFN 14 April 2024

Jupiter Uranus – CFN 14 April 2024

The Total Solar Eclipse on April 8th this year of 2024 was a very important cosmic event. However, the other very important cosmic event of this year is the conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus at 21 degrees in the Tropical sign of earth element Taurus. The greater move (because it has actually already begun) towards the conjunction will begin on April 19th and be exact on April 20th.

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