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Cosmic Frequency News 30 March 2023 - Blessing Earth/Gaia - By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

Cosmic Frequency News 30 March 2023

Blessing Earth/Gaia

Cosmic Frequency News 30 March 2023 – Blessing Earth/Gaia – By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

In the early morning hours of Thursday, 3/30/2023, an “M.5” solar flare—almost in the range of “X-Class”—hurled off of our Sun with solar winds traveling over normalcy at approximately 456 km/s.

The magnetosphere is being very pressured by plasma particles of electromagnetism fluxing on all sides—far side and Sun-facing.

Our Sun is still harboring energy for “X-Class” flares which would add to the seven which have already occurred so far this year.

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The Sun Last 48 Hours

Cosmic Frequency News 30 March 2023

As our solar system surges through the Photon Belt, it is receiving intense heat and light while light is also bursting forth from the “Great Attractor”—the point in the cosmos that is larger than the center of the Milky Way Galaxy which holds a mass of over 1000 trillion “Suns” and is a massive electromagnetic field of radiation which bends gravity.

According to Dr. Philip Sedgwick who has done extensive studies on this, our solar system is moving towards the “Great Attractor” at 2.2 million kilometers per hour (km/h).

It is still unsure as to if this is a tremendous black hole or a cluster of galaxies.

Dr. Sedgwick believes that it is a powerful transmitter to humanity of LIGHT in terms of HIGHER KNOWLEDGE.

Mankind is indeed awakening in greater numbers, but many more as yet need to do so.

There have been numerous mid to high-level “C-Class” and “M-Class”flares in these early months of 2023, and the same has occurred in the past several years. Many “X-Class” flares also soared out.

Our Sun is stretching its rays and gradually embracing a new set of time lines.

Further happenings are that there have been 125 earthquakes in the previous 24 hours with a “5.0” magnitude occurring in Tonga—one of the South Pacific’s 170 Polynesian islands.

Heavy storm situations of snow and rain and also conditions that are ripe for tornadoes are moving across several southern states and parts of some midwestern states in the USA.

Thus, our planet and entire solar system is very active and building in more energetics.

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Pour water upon the ground today from a big bottle or large pitcher, and as you do so, say: “I OFFER MOTHER EARTH\GAIA BLESSINGS OF LOVE AND PEACE.”

Consider doing this weekly (or more) to add to the spiritual rituals that you already perform.

Cosmic Frequency News 30 March 2023 - Blessings Of Love And Peace

Blessings Of Love And Peace

Cosmic Frequency News 30 March 2023

Our planet is experiencing “LIGHT Activation Experiences (LAE)”—also called “Ascension Symptoms”—just as the human beings residing upon “Her” are also doing.

Therefore, as we nurture ourselves, we can also symbolically nurture our planet while realizing that SOURCE is our ultimate energy of nurturing.

In Kabbalah, the Thursday prior to a New Moon (which will arrive on April 5th or 6th according to individual time zones) is when special good deeds are performed and when sacred sites are visited and special prayers made.

It is known as “Lower Shabatt”.

Thus, the coming “High Shabbat” (“to cease”, “to rest” from Friday at sunset to Saturday at sunset) is also quite special. The word “Kabbalah” translates as “That Which Has Been Revealed” (Hebrew) and as “Spirit and Soul of the Eternal” (ancient Medu Neter of Kemet).

Consider making from today (Thursday) at sunset to Saturday at sunset a time entitled “Regeneration. Revitalization, and Renewal Via SOURCE LIGHT”.

Nurture yourself in special ways, and offer knowledge that you have learned to others who are open to receive it.

Never endeavor to force HIGHER KNOWLEDGE onto others who are reluctant to receive it or who arrogantly insist that their path is the only one leading to the “Divine Throne Room”.

It is true that there are some teachings which are not true in certain so-called holy books, but it would take a long while to teach about these inaccuracies. So, move only into “open doors”.

It is a wonderful thing to share spiritual rituals with others who are not of your specific path because it opens you to the realization that SOURCE has come to all beings (on and off of Earth/Gaia).

Love to All, and remember to pour water onto our “Mother Earth/Gaia” today from your part of our planet.

Cosmic Frequency News 30 March 2023 - CFN Noon Update

CFN Noon Update – Elevating Wind Speeds

Since penning today’s article in the early morning, wind speeds have elevated to first “533 km/s”, and now they are “540.4 km/s. They will likely further rise throughout the day.

They will further push particle plasma into the magnetosphere, and the “Schumann Resonance” of our planet will highly activate although mankind’s technology may not register the elevations of frequency and amplitude as vividly as they are actually occurring.

Sometimes technology simply cannot handle the heightened cosmic events.

At other times, they are relatively “spot on”!

More By Dr. Schavi

Building Parallel Systems – Lisa Renee

Building Parallel Systems – Lisa Renee

Becoming coherent or energetically balanced is a necessary requirement in order to connect and communicate deeply with one’s inner spirit, and these skills are not taught in the current educational model stemming from the Controller Pillars of Society.

Cosmic Frequency News 30 May 2023 – Higher Build-Up In Energetics

Cosmic Frequency News 30 May 2023 – Higher Build-Up In Energetics

On Wednesday morning, 5/31/2023, at approximately 8:26 AM (EDT), there was yet again another “M.1-Class” solar flare which adds to the several “M-Class” flares that have erupted since the opening of the Full Moon portal, and, as a reminder, the height of the Full Moon is June 3rd (or 4th based upon time zones).

Cosmic Frequency News 30 May 2023 – June Full Moon Portal

Cosmic Frequency News 30 May 2023 – June Full Moon Portal

The Full Moon in Tropical Sagittarius is on June 3rd at 11:42 PM (EDT) or June 4th according to world time zones. Its portal is already beginning to open. Usually, a Full Moon portal is three days before, the day of its actual full brightness, and for three days afterwards.

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