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Cosmic Frequency News 30 January 2023 - The Lunar Occultation - By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

Cosmic Frequency News 30 January 2023

The Lunar Occultation

Cosmic Frequency News 30 January 2023 – The Lunar Occultation – By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

Tonight, Monday, January 30th, Mars and our Moon will create what is known as a “Lunar Occultation”.

Mars will disappear from view for about two hours as it is hidden by our lunar orb.

Metaphysically, with the Moon governing emotions, and with Mars governing aggressive behavior, warfare, anger, and impulsively, these energies will be hidden within.

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Cosmic Frequency News 30 January 2023 - Lunar Occultation

Lunar Occultation

Cosmic Frequency News 30 January 2023

In other words, people may seeth inwardly but withhold outward display.

Mars is in Tropical Gemini until March 26th, and Gemini governs all types of communication–oral, written, and by use of technology.

Thus, the message of the occultation is that people may say one thing, but actually feel something else.

Therefore, it will be best to communicate with the HIGHER SELF (as we should always do) in order to obtain the truth of anything and to decipher what may be hidden beneath the surface.

In the Sidereal system, Mars is in Taurus which governs money, material, beauty, strength, intelligence, possessiveness, and being stubborn.

Taurus being an earth element sign, Mars in it can symbolize anger and its other traits relative towards what Taurus symbolizes.

There can also be strong earthquakes and other planetary weather upheavals.

However, again, the occultation could signify plans being made inwardly for outer displays later on (and not for just the two hours of the occultation).

It is wise, therefore, to make daily attunement to SOURCE FREQUENCY–especially since there are just about two weeks before the Pluto anaretic (critical, karmic) 29th degree portal of February 11th to March 23rd.

There have been several references to this “29th degree” phenomenon in other articles because Pluto is the most transforming (often via dramatic situations) planetary energy as it moves slowly through its degrees, and it remains in a sign for quite sometime— almost two decades and sometimes for definitely two decades.

When it reaches Tropical Aquarius on January 21st of 2024, it will remain there until 2044!

Pluto may be a small planet size-wise (and there are some people who have accepted the false statement that it is not a planet), but its power is tremendous.

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Ancient teachings have always accepted it as a planet.

Modern mankind just “discovered” Pluto in the twentieth century.

Although as I always state, we are not to worship the planets because worship is only for SOURCE alone, the heavenly realm holds vital messages for us.

In that sense, it is certainly the COSMIC HOLY BOOK, and I will reiterate what I have quoted numerous times from a portion of Psalm 19: “The heavens declare the glory of God. Day unto day, they pour forth speech, and night unto night, they display knowledge”.

This is from the scripture called HOLY BIBLE much of whose knowledge is from sacred texts that are many thousands of years older.

Let us respect the heavenly creations of SOURCE, and remember that our planet is also one of those creations.

There are billions of universes, and thus, Earth/Gaia is a part of a vast cosmos.

More By Dr. Schavi

CFN Afternoon Update 7 May 2023 – Dr Schavi

CFN Afternoon Update 7 May 2023 – Dr Schavi

It is as if our planet is in “Emergency Mode”. Therefore, please do the following ritual as soon as you receive this teaching article, and invite others to perform it each day all of this week. Very strong geomagnetic storms—beyond their usual strength— are occurring and will continue to do so. You may desire to do this ritual at other times as well.

Sankalpa Sustenance – Dr Schavi

Sankalpa Sustenance – Dr Schavi

The term ” Sankalpa” is Sanskrit and translates as “affirmation”—a determining sacred statement which tunes-up consciousness to Super-Conscious levels and manifests in desired outcomes.

CFN Update 3 May 2023 – Dr Schavi

CFN Update 3 May 2023 – Dr Schavi

There have been thus far six “M-Class” solar flares today, with more seemingly on the way and still a possibility of an “X-Class” flare.

Cosmic Frequency News 3 May 2023 – Early Morning Solar Shouting

Cosmic Frequency News 3 May 2023 – Early Morning Solar Shouting

At approximately 10:45 Universal Time (UT) on Wednesday, 5/3/2023, our Sun has “shouted” with a very powerful “M.7-Class” solar flare according to NASA, and solar winds are traveling at about “490” km/s. A CME (coronal mass ejection of solar particle plasma) certainly occurred because our Sun, as has been discussed before, is comprised of plasma, and thus, emits radiation at all times—in small or larger doses.

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