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Cosmic Frequency News 3 January 2023 - Our Sun's Further Awakening - By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

Cosmic Frequency News 3 January 2023

Our Sun’s Further Awakening

Cosmic Frequency News 3 January 2023 – Our Sun’s Further Awakening – By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

Our Sun has had more sunspot groups (not just singular sunspots) in December of 2022 than in the past seven years.

From them have blasted high-powered flares in the upper “C-Class” ranges and the strong “M-Class” ranges and a few “X-Class” explosions.

There have also been lesser flares in the “B-Class” ranges. All have produced coronal mass ejections (CMEs)—either of short or long reaches moving directly into our planetary realm or pulsating into its far side and only delivering, therefore, a glancing brush to our planet.

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Whether head-on blasts or mere glances, all affect Earth/Gaia’s tectonic plates and outer atmosphere causing particularly powerful weather events (tornadoes, hurricanes, storms, floods, etc.) as well as complete upheavals such as with earthquakes or volcanic eruptions.

Yet, our Sun has not been alone in its deliveries. It has received its energetics from what is known as “The Great Central Sun”—a gateway of LIGHT which surges into every planet and galaxy that is filled with positively-charged protons, negatively-charged electrons, neutrons with a zero charge, and many other electromagnetic particles which pulsate into our Sun and into the “Suns” of other planets giving them “solar nutrition”.

Add this to the energy of LIGHT coming from the “Photon Belt” and the “Great Attractor”, and it can be realized that our Sun—and indeed all “Suns”— are experiencing a tremendous awakening that is assisting in the awakening of every cell, every atom, every sub-atomic particle in creation—which, of course, includes our planetary home and the beings who live upon “Her”.

The LIGHT from the “Great Central Sun” is increasing in its output, and accordingly, it is strengthening in its vibrational frequencies.

Think of a concert orchestra which begins its program of music with soft tones from piano, violins, flutes, trumpets, drums, and bass—then as each musical score is played, the tones become louder and faster—but sometimes softening again to a gentle slow rhythm.

This is the “Cosmic Symphony” and also its “Masterpiece Orchestra”.

As our Sun further awakens, and as our planet “hears” the “music”, so shall our nervous systems and every other part of us become more attuned to the “music” and more “tuned-up”. There is as always, however, a caveat. We have to show-up with readiness to be “tuned-up”.

This requires being willing to release ideas, concepts, notions, beliefs, which have not worked after numerous attempts at almost forcing them to do so.

How? By doing what is constantly being stressed: PRAYER, MEDITATION, and STUDY.

Dealing with certain daily tasks is, of course, necessary, and so are times of relaxation and socializing with family and friends.

As the space/time continuum moves on, however, these outer activities will become less important as HIGHER SELF messages become more prevalent, and thus, as inner reflection becomes more necessary.

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The energies of the LIGHT from our Sun have transforming “sustenance” that “tunes-up” our endocrine system, our cardio-vascular system, our digestive system, our reproductive system, our eliminative system, our lymphatic system—every other system— and each organ and muscle in the process—all parts containing, as mentioned above, cells with atoms, subatomic particles and more.

We are a vast network of energy and a part of the “Cosmic Symphony”. When we mistreat our “body temples” with dangerous drugs, poor quality food, bad water, etc. and when we mistreat other beings on our planet (human, animal, or plant), we are creating dissonance—horrible noise—that is “heard” in the cosmos, and we receive back what we put out.

This is known as the ancient principle of “karma”. However, “karma” can also be good and is not always something bad. When we perform righteously, we create “good karma”.

Today, 1/3/2023, our Sun is sending out its winds at approximately 387.4 kilometers per second (km/s) as of 11:01 AM (EST)—this is within its known to be normal ranges. Solar flares are at the mid-“Class” levels.

Neutron counts are “Elevated”. Positively-charged protons are coming into the far side of our planet as the magnetosphere receives them in a dense population.

From day to day, Earth/Gaia is in reception of “songs” of LIGHT—sometimes soft tones, but more often, as loud tones as our Sun receives the “sheet music” and “taps its baton” and readies us for further upgrades.

In ancient Kemet (Egypt), our Sun was called “ATEN” which translates as “SOLAR DISK” in the “Medu Neter” (“Sacred Speech”) language of that civilization. It was not worshiped.

It was respected for its having been created by “AMEN-RA”—the “HIDDEN ETERNAL LIGHT”—which at dawn was “KHEPERA” (the “BRINGER INTO BEING”), and at noon was “RA” (the “HIGHEST LIGHT”) and at sunset was “ATUM” ( the “DARKNESS”).

Each aspect of our Sun brought particular energetics onto our planet in varying places at different times in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres.

Priest and Priestess Physicians often encircled parts of the human physical vessel where a problem was occurring with clear quartz crystals aimed straight at the bright sunlight and allowed that brightness to move through the pointed end of the crystal and into the patient’s body. Healing occurred which seems miraculous in these so-called “modern” times of medical practice.

Perhaps soon as our Sun continues to adjust us and to cleanse us and to provide greater levels of potency for consciousness uplift, that the “Original Medicine” of the ancient past will be the respected “HEKA” (EFFECTIVE ACTION”) of the “Now”.

Natural herbs, homeopathic remedies, foods, massage techniques, breath work, prayer, meditation, etc. will be the “norm” and not referred to as merely “alternative”.

In fact, this is prophesized to happen as ancient as well as modern-day Mystics have received Divine revelation regarding this eventuality.

Notice our Sun as it has changed from a yellowish hue to bright white LIGHT with a tinge of blue often encircling it in its center.

Notice how sometimes rainbow colors revolve around it and pulsate. SOURCE has created and is still creating newer “notes” for a newer “song” for a new “Cosmic Symphony” for our greater good.

The depleted magnetosphere surrounding our planet is being repaired so that the influxes of positively-charged particle plasma that, as mentioned in a previous discourse, the average human vessel is not prepared to handle, cannot invade our planet with ionizing intrusive challenges.

Thus, we will receive what we need for our elevation.

Even though SOURCE has created all of the energies of the entire cosmos, “IT” knows what to release and when to release it into creation.

Mankind’s tampering with Nature by attempting to invade certain parts of the cosmos and to peer into certain dimensions via experimentations with “particle acceleration” and “nuclear colliders” will be met with unforeseen circumstances.

Mankind is not as “advanced” as it may think.

The further awakening of our Sun and of our DNA is a “telegram” that must be heeded. We are being invited to a new “concert”.

More By Dr. Schavi

Exploring CERN – Cosmic Frequency News

Exploring CERN – Cosmic Frequency News

CERN is a multi-trillion dollar program with six main objectives: particle acceleration, nuclear collider creation, traveling in and out of various space dimensions by creating black holes as well as moving through plasma clouds, controlling human brain function, prevention of human transformation that is Divinely-ordained during this era of “Kali Yuga” (“Age of Chaos”), and being able to create major planetary upheavals such as earthquakes and other powerful weather patterns.

CFN Evening Update – 21 April 2024

CFN Evening Update – 21 April 2024

As of approximately 5:53 PM (EDT), there have been two strong M.3-Class solar flares, and a total now of 117 earthquakes have been registered (six more than occurred earlier) with a 5.4 magnitude happening in Mexico.

CFN 21 April 2024 – Sunday Surges!

CFN 21 April 2024 – Sunday Surges!

Receiving the LIGHT is physically, emotionally, and mentally exhausting as well as pressing upon the muscles, glands, organs, and tissues, and causing some anxiety.

CFN Major Afternoon Report – 19 April 2024

CFN Major Afternoon Report – 19 April 2024

As predicted in the earlier article of today, Friday, April 19th, the “KP Index” has indeed been escalated to STORM level from the previous rating of UNSETTLED, and several coronal mass ejections (CMEs) have been detected that are on a seeming collision course to Earth with expected arrival by April 21st.

Ionizing Plasma Waves – CFN 18 April 2024

Ionizing Plasma Waves – CFN 18 April 2024

Ionizing (penetrating, altering) electromagnetically charged cosmic waves can be physically, emotionally, and mentally challenging as they participate in the “Shift of the Ages”, and thus, the transforming of planetary creation.

CFN Major Update! – 15 April 2024

CFN Major Update! – 15 April 2024

The Schumann Resonance chart from Tomsk, Russia is registering planetary activations at the level of a huge “96”. (Since ancient times, the normal planetary vibrational frequency has been 7.83, but in the chaotic circumstances of the current era, these “SR” ratings are higher as cosmic events purge disharmony from the planet and provide cleansing and illuminating LIGHT from energies that cannot be actually seen with modern devices — only felt, thus coming from a SOURCE FIELD that is beyond human access).

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