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Cosmic Frequency News 28 December 2022 - Details On Handling The Mercury Retrograde - By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

Cosmic Frequency News 28 December 2022

Details On Handling The Mercury Retrograde

Cosmic Frequency News 28 December 2022 – Details On Handling The Mercury Retrograde – By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

As of 10:50 AM (EST), solar winds are traveling at 523.5 kilometers per second (km/s), and a mild solar flare has occurred of “C.1-Class”.

However, a new sunspot has been detected growing that is directly facing Earth/Gaia.

Neutron counts (cosmic rays) are rated as “Below Normal”.

There have been 110 earthquakes in the previous 24 hours with a “5.2” magnitude occurring in Japan.

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The “KP Index” is rating activations to our planet as being “Quiet”, but anyone who is a serious scientist and researcher knows that this is untrue with the number of quakes occurring in the hundreds on a daily basis and with consistent solar flares (small or large)— releasing coronal mass ejections (CMEs) that are also small or large—and with high solar winds above normal speeds ( normalcy is between 300 and 400 km/s) pushing out the flares and CMEs into our solar system and obviously into Earth/Gaia’s magnetosphere which today is again very enveloped in proton and electron particle plasma pressing into the inner and outer fields of our planet.

As the Mercury Retrograde quickly approaches with arrival tomorrow, Thursday, 12/29/2022 at 4:32 AM (EST), as well as our Moon entering Aries in conjunction with Jupiter and squaring Venus and Pluto, cosmic energy is likely to be elevated.

As another reminder of what has been mentioned previously, Mercury will be retrograde from December 29th to January 18th of 2023.

It will retrograde in Tropical Capricorn—the sign of corporate structures, general business ventures, organizations, police, military, educational institutions, political leaders, and the material realm of the planet itself because Capricorn is an “earth” element sign. In the human body, it governs bones and teeth physically and tendencies of depression emotionally.

All that Capricorn represents will come up for review, and certain situations that have occurred over the past several months individually, locally, nationally, and globally will likely arise again if they have not been adequately solved in the past.

However, regardless of the sign that Mercury is retrograde in, certain situations seem to always present themselves.

People or groups from the past show up.

This is to show you how well you have elevated in consciousness in terms of how you view various situations or how far you have yet to go.

Has the other person or group elevated higher in consciousness or are they perhaps still trapped in “3d” chaos and confusion that you have transcended?

Thus, when people or groups return during a Mercury Retrograde, it is for a lesson.

The renewed communication is not permanent even if it lasts for a few weeks beyond Mercury having gone direct.

Also, technology is likely to go awry (cell phones, computers, factory machinery, satellites, airplane control mechanisms, etc.).

Written contracts will leave out important details.

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People will “mishear” or “misread” information as well.

For example, a friend might invite another friend to meet at a certain restaurant at a specific time.

However, the invited friend will “mishear” the information and may go to the wrong restaurant at the wrong time and wonder why their friend is late in arriving.

The cell phone will ring, and the friend who did the inviting will say: “Where are you?”

It is also best if Teachers do not begin new lessons with their students.

It will be best to review what has already been taught. Large purchases such as houses, cars, appliances, technological equipment, expensive fashions, etc. will seem fine during the initial sale, but after Mercury goes direct (and often while it is still retrograde), what has been purchased will somehow be very faulty.

Becoming engaged during the retrograde is not wise.

The relationship will falter. Marriages usually do not last either.

Elective surgeries such as face lifts and tummy tucks will be for naught and will not turn out as desired and may have to be done all over again.

Also, serious surgeries are best put off (if possible) until after the retrograde because having such procedures done during the retrograde will not produce any healing results. In fact, conditions often become worse.

The phrase for people who insist on working against the Mercury Retrograde energy in any manner is: “Nothing will come of it!”

There are people who do not believe in so-called “Cosmic Science” or “Astrology” or “Jyotish”.

Cosmic Frequency News 28 December 2022 - Cosmic Science

Cosmic Science

Cosmic Frequency News 28 December 2022

Many Ministers of various religions of indoctrination, for instance, speak against it.

However, the messages in cosmic forces were revealed hundreds of thousands of years ago to Prophets and Sages.

Non-believers should reflect on Yeshua Ha Messiah’s teaching when he said: “At the end of the age, there will be signs in the Sun, Moon, and Stars”.

They should also consider the first section of Psalm 19 which states: “The heavens declare the glory of God. Day unto day, they pour forth speech, and night unto night, they display knowledge.”

The “Abrahamic” religions speak in many places of the cosmic energies.

Yet, many (perhaps most) Ministers leave out discussing these passages because they have not studied the heavenly realm for themselves, and often when people (regardless of their position or title in society) do not understand something, they simply negate it.

The spiritual paths which pre-date the “Abrahamic” ones are very detailed in information on the cosmic realm.

Also, there is evidence that the personality known as “Abraham” did not exist as a human being.

The name is rooted in one of the Sanskrit names for SOURCE which is “BRAHMA” which translates as “THE EXPANDER”, and therefore, the stories of “Abraham” are metaphors that deal with humanity’s expansions into various so-called racial types.

“BRAHMA”, as an aspect of SOURCE, continually expands all of creation, then sustains it as “VISHNU” (“THE SUSTAINER” [who is also known as “NARAYANA”]), and then as “SHIVA”, creation is transformed just as is what is happening in this era as our DNA and cellular records are cleared, cleansed, and illuminated.

Cosmic Frequency News 28 December 2022 - Brahma, Vishnu And Shiva

Brahma, Vishnu And Shiva

Cosmic Frequency News 28 December 2022

Much of what is written in religious texts cannot be taken literally as has been stated many times.

A thorough study of holy texts is required in order to truly be able to separate Divine revelation from cultural stories and frameworks and along with study, must come prayer and meditation for proper guidance.

During the Mercury Retrograde, it will be best to focus on the “Three Rs” of REFLECTION, REVIEW, and RELAXATION.

We cannot, of course, completely cease all outer activity. People would be fired if they called their boss and said: “I will not be at work for the next three weeks because Mercury is Retrograde.”

We must be logical as we move through the cosmic energetics. However, we can lessen various activities that require lots of organized preparation, large outlays of cash, or traveling a far distance or moving to a new location or starting a new job or career study.

We must use our “Divine Senses”—not “common sense” because “common sense” is what has gotten mankind into trouble already.

Use these final few hours before Mercury does its backwards dance to prepare by cleansing your prayer malas (for those who use them in their spiritual rituals), to obtain your journals, and to get any other necessary items for enjoying this upcoming “Cosmic Vacation”.

More By Dr. Schavi

CFN Brief Cosmic Weather Report – Dr Schavi

CFN Brief Cosmic Weather Report – Dr Schavi

A “6.0” magnitude earthquake has occurred in Japan. The magnetosphere of Earth is surrounded by positively-charging proton, negatively charging electron, and some zero-charging neutron plasma.

Cosmic Frequency News 26 September 2023 – Intense Last Week Of September

Cosmic Frequency News 26 September 2023 – Intense Last Week Of September

Emotions are beginning to heighten more due to local, national, and international circumstances. The four most intensive discussions are about the USA political chaos, the USA strike of the “United Auto Workers” (UAW) which has now affected auto plants and suppliers of auto parts in Canada, the continuing war between Ukraine and Russia with the USA having sent billions of dollars to Ukraine and wanting to send more, and the immigration crisis as hundreds of thousands of foreigners flood the USA.

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