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Cosmic Frequency News 26 December 2022 - More Solar Stirrings! - By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

Cosmic Frequency News 26 December 2022

More Solar Stirrings!

Cosmic Frequency News 26 December 2022 – More Solar Stirrings! – By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

As many awaken from yesterday’s Christmas festivities and into the first day of Kwanzaa and the finalities of Hanukkah, our Sun is beginning its own festive stirrings which it has been engaging in for a few years now and quite intensely in the past several months.

Solar winds are traveling at 517.7 km/s as of 8:12 AM (EST) with solar flares having thus far blasted in the “C.4-Class” range, and a beta gamma magnetic field exists for “M-Class” solar flares.

As per usual, coronal mass ejections (CMEs) are unleashed as the flares happen.

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The larger the flares, the bigger and wider the “stretching-out” of the flares occurs.

These are the ones which reach Earth/Gaia whether they are directly facing “Her” or not due to the tremendous size of our Sun relative to the size of our planet. In other words, even if our Sun is not specifically sending its huge CMEs towards our planet, it still receives the “side effects” of the plasma explosions.

A metaphor is like an earthquake that occurs in one area, but an area further away still has aftershocks. On the other hand, when the flares are small (“A-Class”, “B-Class”, and lower “C-Class” levels such as “C.3”), the plasma unleashed does not reach our planet with as much “gusto” as the larger flares.

The plasma contains positively-charged proton particles, negatively-charged electron particles, and neutron particles (also known as “cosmic rays”) which normally have a zero charge, but when there are no negatively-charged electrons in the “plasma soup”, the neutrons often behave as if they too are positively-charged protons.

When particle plasma comes from outside of our solar system, it is mostly comprised of positively-charged proton particles.

They arrive into our planet’s inner core and outer spheres due to a diminished magnetosphere which has been a shield against these challenging waves of radiation.

However, so-called “tears” or “holes” in our magnetosphere are being corrected by the network of bio-photons or “life LIGHT” of SOURCE FREQUENCY that is also coming into the DNA network of our physical vessels.

Also, in the past 24 hours, there have been 127 earthquakes with a “5.5” magnitude occurring in Fiji.

Other quakes around the world have been in the upper “4.0” and upper “5.0” magnitudes—no low “3.0s”.

Our entire planet is affected by solar energetics in terms of quakes, volcanic activity, and various strong weather patterns, and so is all of creation upon “Her”.

Contending with both the charged particles from our Sun (especially when they are primarily positively-charged protons) and the bio-photonic process are the cause of the “LIGHT Activation Experiences (LAE)” which many refer to as “Ascension Symptoms”.

I have often mentioned the terms “re-birth” and “transformation” because this is indeed what is happening to creation—a “re-birth” to an original “Divine Design” that transforms us via a clearing-out of cellular dross or debris predicated upon ancestral drama and trauma and upgrading of the cellular records into to a new time line whereby HIGHER KNOWLEDGE and its capabilities are instilled within the DNA’s mitochondria which is the information aspect of each cell.

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Cosmic Frequency News 26 December 2022 - DNA Transformation

DNA Transformation

Cosmic Frequency News 26 December 2022

Like a “cosmic e-mail system” or “cosmic text messages”, we are sent ways in which to engender LOVE, PEACE, HEALING, JOY, ABUNDANCE, and all of the UNALTERABLE GOODNESS of our SOURCE.

As is always mentioned, however, we must desire the blessings of SOURCE and deserve them.

They are not given freely, even though they are offered to everyone.

This is like being enrolled in a course on perhaps “World History” with a renowned Professor that requires that we attend lectures, write essays, take exams, do homework, and produce group projects.

If we successfully complete the course work, we will receive an excellent grade. If we do not, we will either receive a poor grade or not pass the course at all.

Some will not even enroll in the course because they feel that it will be too difficult a task, and some will take the course only in an egotistical attempt to rival the Professor and then find that they have been foolish because the Professor is far more knowledgeable than was realized.

Let us say that the Professor is SOURCE.

We are the students who are endeavoring to understand our place in the cosmic Divine Design.

We can either study diligently sacred principles as they have been taught throughout the ages by Avatars, Prophets, and Sages, and we can connect with our HIGHER SELVES—which is SOURCE—via meditation and prayer.

Then the bio-photons will be more plentiful, and we will receive steadily HIGHER KNOWLEDGE.

This, then, becomes our excellent “course grade” as we travel through the “Cosmic University” and walk into the classroom called “Earth/Gaia”— numbered “3”—the third planet from our Sun.

The “classroom” work can cause many “activations” or “symptoms” to physical vessels, emotions, and mindsets because there are still general “3d” happenings that must be handled such as family responsibilities, job or career duties, community activities, paying bills, etc.

Relaxation often becomes a luxury when it is actually a necessity in this transformational era.

There is daily fatigue as heavy cellular debris is taken away.

There are heat surges as excess energy is released from them.

There are aches and pains as muscles and joints move out of carbon density.

There can be woozy sensations or dizziness as humanity learns to deal with multi-dimensions.

There can be heart palpitations as molecular structure “spins” faster along with Earth/Gaia as “She” too “spins” faster, literally moves to a different place in “Her” cosmic turning, and as greater LIGHT is received from movement through the Photon Belt and other major “portals” in the “Cosmic University”.

The “homework” is long and requires diligent attention—not a mere skimming of our “textbooks”—our levels of “consciousness” as they develop into “Super-Consciousness”.

In essence, it requires hard work to obtain our degrees as the often mentioned “Twilight of Kali Yuga” is at its final bow on stage—a time when planetary events are most critical, and yet, also a time when opportunities to shift higher are more prevalent.

Cosmic Frequency News 26 December 2022 - Energies of Consciousness Currents

Energies of Consciousness Currents

Cosmic Frequency News 26 December 2022

As you journal about the year’s experiences, and as Mercury Retrograde quickly now approaches and begins this Thursday, December 29th and lasts until January 18th of 2023, there will be many more opportunities for self-reflection and review of what was wonderful about this year, what is in need of improvement, and what needs complete dissolution.

The choice is ours to make, and according to the choices made, we will either receive greater bio-photons because we will be ready for advanced KNOWLEDGE or remain in the density of chaos and confusion.

For those ready to receive the GREATER LIGHT, prepare for an influx of assistance from cosmic forces that SOURCE sends for our shifting and also our protection as the magnetosphere is healed and sealed so that electromagnetic frequencies that are not those we are yet prepared to handle cannot harm us.

We can state the following affirmation: “I AM BLESSED BY SOURCE LIGHT. LIGHT SHIELDS UP! ANGELS ON GUARD!”

Then envision yourself enveloped in bright sparkling LIGHT.

Use only spiritual and natural therapies (as is always suggested) for comfort as LIGHT continues to surge into this realm.

Please also review the article on bio-photons during the retrograde.

We are still experiencing the energetics of December’s “forces” such as the alignment of our Sun with the Great Attractor, the Solstices, the Super New Moon, and more.

Use this last week prior to the entrance of the “Western” New Year’s Day on January 1st to truly try to relax and meditate more so that you can begin to receive vital information from your HIGHER SELF.

The actual “New Year” begins with the Northern Hemisphere Vernal Equinox and the Southern Hemisphere Autumnal Equinox.

Cosmic Frequency News 16 June 2024 – CME Blast

Cosmic Frequency News 16 June 2024 – CME Blast

The blast caused a “G1” geomagnetic (radiation) storm which will possibly stir-up again as positively-charging protons continue to surge through the planetary magnetosphere and then into Earth itself.

Another Proton Blast – CFN 12 June 2024

Another Proton Blast – CFN 12 June 2024

Once again Earth is experiencing a “Proton Absorption Event” whereby positively-charging protons are raining down upon our planet’s polar region through the planetary magnetosphere and into the inner planetary region and into its outer atmosphere.

CME Proton Blast Arrives – Cosmic Frequency News 12 June 2024

CME Proton Blast Arrives – Cosmic Frequency News 12 June 2024

Just as was mentioned on yesterday about what could occur on June 12th, 13th, and 14th as Mercury moves into “Cazimi” (direct conjunction with our Sun), our Sun’s energy has indeed blasted-off early this morning, Wednesday, 6/12/2024 with a coronal mass ejection from its far side that has unleashed a powerhouse of protons into Earth’s atmosphere.

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