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Cosmic Frequency News 25 January 2023 - Amazing Blasts And We're Just Getting Started! - By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

Cosmic Frequency News 25 January 2023

Amazing Blasts And We’re Just Getting Started!

Cosmic Frequency News 25 January 2023 – Amazing Blasts And We’re Just Getting Started! – By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

At 10:11 UTC on today, Wednesday, January 25th, 2023, there has been a very strong “M.4-Class” solar flare, and our Sun is poised for “X-Class” levels as it has been so primed for several days.

Solar winds at 14:29 UTC are traveling at “505.1” km/s.

The magnetosphere is being activated with fluctuating medium and fast solar winds, and proton particle plasma is pushing into the far side of our planet Earth/Gaia—outside of our solar system.

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M.4-Class Solar Flare 25 January 2023

Cosmic Frequency News 25 January 2023

There have been 112 earthquakes in the past 24 hours with a relatively medium-strength “4.2” magnitude occurring near Malibu Beach in California (USA) and a major “6.4” magnitude in Argentina.

The thermosphere above our planet’s atmosphere is rated as “Warm”.

Even though there have been heightened energetics in the cosmos for many weeks now, the “show” is just getting started.

Interestingly, world scientists have changed the “Doomsday Clock” as of yesterday, January 24th, to “90 seconds to midnight”.

The “Doomsday Clock” was originally created by Dr. Albert Einstein in 1947 as a metaphorical statement about how mankind’s disharmonious actions were leading to annihilation.

It was set originally to “seven minutes to midnight” just after World War II.

It has been set backwards eight times and forward again 17 times. The farthest from midnight has been “17 minutes” set in 1991.

Yesterday’s re-setting was supposedly due to the war between Russia and Ukraine via which nuclear threats have been made that would, of course, affect the entire planet.

Other horrors have also added to the movement upwards on the metaphorical hands of the “Doomsday Clock” such as mass shootings, child trafficking, bio-weaponry viruses, chemical drugs, pollution of the environment, purposefully-created famines, genetically-engineered food, tampering with black holes, and much more misuse of free will.

Even though SOURCE is sending vast amounts of LIGHT throughout the cosmos and directing massive amounts directly at our planet and solar system which is clearing-out, cleansing, and re-programming creation for its betterment, still, the process is not without certain discomforts as more people now realize.

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Cosmic Frequency News 25 January 2023 - Massive Amount Of Light To Our Planet

Massive Amount Of Light To Our Planet

Cosmic Frequency News 25 January 2023

Toxic cells are removed and new ones set in place. DNA in the cells is re-wired.

Every physical aspect, electrically-charged mental frequency and each magnetically-attracting emotion are all being transformed according to what each person needs.

Most people, for instance, need a complete overhauling of their total “being”.

Others need major tune-ups. Some need somewhat minor adjustments.

However, EVERYBODY needs fixing! No person is already perfect.

In each “Yuga” (“Age”), there are certain percentages of awakened people, and it is in the “New Golden Age” of “Sattva Yuga” (“Age of Peace”) that all will be awakened as strange as that may sound in this current era of critical “Kali Yuga” (“Age of Chaos”).

Keep in mind, however, that within the final phases of “Kali Yuga”, great opportunities are offered for consciousness elevation which leads to “Dwarpa Yuga” when, according to ancient scripture, 1/2 of humanity is finally of higher spiritual orientation.

In “Treta Yuga” there will be 3/4 of higher trajectories.

Although each age is usually many hundreds of thousands of years in the making (and each one has been moved through over and over again in the space/time continuum), the collective free will of humanity in this “Now” can more swiftly move from age to age if there is the desire to do so.

This is one of the reasons why various groups around the world orchestrate global days of prayer.

We cannot (and I have mentioned this before), simply tiptoe through the tulips or look at conditions with rose-colored glasses or pretend that we are in “Never Never Land” playing with “Peter Pan” and his friends.

Earth/Gaia is in dire need.

Cosmic Frequency News 25 January 2023 - DNA Rewiring

DNA Rewiring

Cosmic Frequency News 25 January 2023

Some people wonder why, since SOURCE LIGHT is transforming everything anyway, why do we need to do anything? Isn’t everything being done by DIVINE DESIGN?

The answer is that while SOURCE is definitely doing “ITS” sacred work, we are allowed to think, feel, and act as we choose, and accordingly, we make way for astounding amounts of LIGHT to soar to us or we can allow some LIGHT to come in but then refuse to accept more.

The point is that the LIGHT comes to everyone, but we can embrace it with all of its blessings or we can push it away because ego wants to be in charge and not allow the HIGHER SELF to be heard more distinctly thus being the guiding force.

Some people do not want any part of the LIGHT, and in fact, do not believe in “IT”, and this is why “Kali Yuga” is so fierce.

It is an age driven by arrogance. anger, and evil.

Our Moon in watery Tropical Pisces goes void at 16:12 UTC and moves into Tropical fiery Aries at 1u:48 UTC.

For the past couple of days, people have been extremely sensitive, fault-finding, and either engrossed in “La La Land” fantasies or endeavoring to level-up in spiritual understanding.

In Aries, many will have a tendency to be impulsive, have a “me me” attitude, be easily-angered, while others will hone their leadership skills and offer guidance to those who request it.

Our Moon is the fastest moving orb—visiting a zodiac sign for only approximately 48 to 52 hours, and some of that time—for either a few minutes, a few hours, or for a full day–it is “Void of Course”.

Cosmic Frequency News 25 January 2023 - Moving To The Next Age

Moving To The Next Age

Cosmic Frequency News 25 January 2023

These periods are similar to when Mercury is retrograde.

Therefore, people should avoid signing contracts, purchasing expensive items, making relationship commitments, beginning a travel journey, starting a new job or resigning from a current one, etc.

Any major activity must be placed on-hold or it will not work out as desired.

This is overall yet another day of intensity in the cosmos, and it is becoming more pronounced in its heightened ferver.

The days ahead will be filled with further cosmic power.

More By Dr. Schavi

Cosmic Frequency News 7 March 2023 – Dr Schavi

Cosmic Frequency News 7 March 2023 – Dr Schavi

The magnetosphere is receiving a build-up of plasma that is beginning its pressuring from outside of our solar system. Later today Earth/Gaia could be heavily surrounded on all sides (Sun-facing and far side) with particle plasma.

Cosmic Frequency News 6 March 2023 –  Dr Schavi

Cosmic Frequency News 6 March 2023 – Dr Schavi

There have been multiple strong solar flares in the “M-Class” range in the past several days, and solar winds are currently traveling in the early morning (EST) of Monday, 3/6/2023, at 590.2 km/s— steadily rising to this height over the weekend.

Cosmic Frequency News 5 March 2023 – Dr Schavi

Cosmic Frequency News 5 March 2023 – Dr Schavi

The Full Moon on Tuesday, March 7th in Tropical Virgo has characteristics for people being critical, analytical, and demanding details on important aspects of global issues. There can also be criticism of personal situations.

Cosmic Frequency News 4 March 2023 – Saturday Surges

Cosmic Frequency News 4 March 2023 – Saturday Surges

At 15:57 Universal Time (UT), on Saturday, 3/4/2023, an “M.5-Class” solar flare emerged from our Sun adding to the many “M-Class” flares which have occurred in the past several days plus the most recent “X.2-Class” flare.

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