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Cosmic Frequency News 24 July 2023 - Deeper Into The Nodal Axis - By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

Cosmic Frequency News 24 July 2023

Deeper Into The Nodal Axis

Cosmic Frequency News 24 July 2023 – Deeper Into The Nodal Axis – By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

Several days ago, the Nodal Axis changed from Taurus/Scorpio to Aries/ Libra where it will remain for about 19 months.

The Nodes move backwards through the signs, not forwards.

Previous articles have already given lots of information on what this cosmic point entails, but let us go somewhat deeper.

As has been mentioned, the North Node (now in Aries) is where we are headed, and the South Node (now in Libra) is what is needing releasing or better balance.

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Cosmic Frequency News 24 July 2023 - Lunar Nodes

Lunar Nodes

Cosmic Frequency News 24 July 2023

The North Node is not always something great, and the South Node is not always something sad or disharmonious.

Everything in life is a lesson. Everything is thought, felt, said, and done from a particular level of consciousness at a certain time.

When the HIGHER SELF is consulted, however, then both the North and South Nodes can be transformed and attuned to the best for ourselves and for the planetary collective.

Let us now use personification to discuss the planets at work in this now established axis.

The sign of Aries is governed by the warlike, aggressive, impulsive, easy-to-anger Mars. With the North Node in Aries—which is governed by Mars— humanity is headed for more warfare.

Ukraine and Russia are bombing each other consistently, destroying infrastructures and people. Each country’s leader is claiming more victory than the other.

Taiwan is practicing its troops for war as the threat of an invasion by China looms large.

The Sudan is still heavily engaged in warfare—and these are just three places where war is raging.

There are periodic protests occurring in many places in Europe, in the Middle East, and in the USA regarding governmental policies. There is, therefore, either a war of hot words used as weapons or a hot war with machinery as weapons happening around the world.

This will continue and escalate as long as a large percentage of collective humanity has a lower level of consciousness which is intent on sending out energy (life force) of hatred, greed, and war.

Aries can also be a sign of leadership and wonderful ideas for the success of individuals and groups, and thus, can be inspiring for human development.

However, as world leaders argue, accuse, make promises that most do not keep because they have only made them to obtain votes, most of the world’s nations remain in turmoil.

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Also, the interesting aspect of changes in the Nodes is that for several months they bring harsh weather and eclipses more dramatically than the usual strong solar flares and coronal mass ejections tend to do.

Fiery North Node Aries with its governing Mars energy is contributing to a literal increase in global fires and hot temperatures as well.

There is a strange sentence at the end of the book entitled THE FIRE NEXT TIME by the famous author James Baldwin published in 1963 which says: “God gave Noah the rainbow sign. No more water, fire next time!”

Baldwin’s many books dealt with racism in America, but this particular sentence is chilling in its seeming global potential that goes beyond racism.

Sri Yukteswar, Guru of Paramahansa Yogananda, said in his book HOLY SCIENCE that the next age—“Dwarpa Yuga”—where 1/2 of humanity will be awakened to Divine principles (from the current “Kali Yuga” when only 1/4 of mankind is truly awakened or in the process of doing so) will commence in 2025.

Cosmic Frequency News 24 July 2023 - Paramahansa Yogananda

Paramahansa Yogananda

Cosmic Frequency News 24 July 2023

By that time, Pluto, the dramatically transformative planet, will have been in Aquarius for a year and have 19 more to go in that sign.

The question is what will Earth be like by that time? Much can occur in the next year-and-a-half.

The South Node is now in Libra—the sign of a need to seek balance, seeing both sides of a situation, but also of being too quick to jump into relationships that are unwise.

It is governed by the planet of beauty, romance, and finance—Venus.

As earlier mentioned, the South Node is where individuals and the world in general is heading away from, is releasing.

However, the South Node is also meant to be a message of how well something has been done and what needs more attention and adjustment, not just a total release.

It cannot, however, remain the same. A change MUST COME.

We have already seen debates arise about economic policies, gender transformation, nations being allies of each other for possible ulterior reasons.

More global imbalances will arise. Earth is a pot of hot stew whose contents are all sorts of beliefs, policies, procedures, manipulations, etc. that is being consistently stirred and more contents added.

Will it turn out to be “non-edible”?

Both the North Node and the South Node must actually work together. What will replace that which is released?

Everyone residing on this planet needs to consider both personal experiences, community experiences, national experiences, and the global situation during the rest of this year—especially while Pluto is retrograde in Capricorn—the sign of corporate structures, businesses, the police, the military, social agencies,, educational institutions, and governments. All of these are already in upheaval.

We, of course, need times of relaxation and fun, but then it is time to get back to the “classroom” with our HIGHER SELF as the “Professor” in our ongoing studies in the “COSMIC UNIVERSITY”.

We must take “notes” on the messages that come to us during meditation, write our “essays” with our prayers and mantras, and constantly “read” our “textbooks of experiences” and analyze how we must change completely or at least alter something individually and collectively.

We must work towards excellent “grades” so that we can spiral up through the university’s “ages” relatively quickly in order to receive the “LIGHT DEGREE” that awaits us.

Take time to journal about what is going superbly well in your life and what needs changing.

In terms of the changes, pray about them. Ask for signs of what to do and how to do it. The signs will come.

Yeshua Ha Messiah said: “You have not because you ask not”. He also said: “Seek and you shall find; ask and it shall be given unto you”; knock and the door shall be opened.”

How much of the human collective is seeking, asking, and knocking? What are they really seeking for, asking about, and whose door are they knocking on?

An ancient principle of Kabbalah is that whatever level of consciousness a person has, an opening will be made to match that level of consciousness—good or bad.

Sounds like “free will” does it not?

Acquiring more and more knowledge is a wonderful thing, but it must be used wisely.

Remember, when Oppenheimer created the atomic bomb, he regretted it, and as it was exploding during its first test, he said aloud in a quote from the BHAGAVAD GITA: “Now I have become death and the destroyer of worlds.”

This sacred text which is a part of the larger MAHABHARATA teaches about the struggle that mankind has with the HIGHER SELF and the lower self—with the SOUL and the ego.

Cosmic Frequency News 24 July 2023 - Mahabharata


Cosmic Frequency News 24 July 2023

Mankind is struggling hard in this space/time continuum.

Let us hope that the LIGHT OF THE HIGHER SELF will win for the greater collective because Pluto in Capricorn is in a challenging square position to both the North Node in Aries and the South Node in Libra.

Today, Monday, 7/24/2023, our Moon is in Libra in square to Pluto’s position in Capricorn and in opposition to the North Node in Aries. This is creating a “cautionary window”.

When it moves into Scorpio on tomorrow at 12:55 PM (EDT) until Thursday at 8:24 PM (EDT), it will square our Sun in Leo creating another “cautionary window”.

Thus, today, July 24th to July 27th is a total “cautionary window”.

The message of this cosmic configuration is that world events could heighten in problematic situations that are governed by the tendency of the Leo ego and Scorpio’s tendency to have deep secrets (think “Secret Service”, “CIA”, etc.) to come up against all that Capricorn characterizes.

Be observant as you are out and about during your work and errands. Some persons are stirring the stew again, and it is becoming increasingly hot. The pot could burn-up! You do not want to be where the stew is boiling over.

Another reminder: Envelop yourself in SOURCE LIGHT everyday.

Pronounce the mantra “AUM” several times daily. Please remember to draw it out as “AUUUUUM” as you pronounce it. Recite the affirmation “I AM BLESSED BY SOURCE LIGHT” as well.

Teach these actions to youngsters. Do not frighten them, but let them know that when they activate the LIGHT and pronounce the mantra and the affirmation, they are surrounding themselves with GOD’S love, happiness, and protection so that each day will be joyful.

After you have gently taught this to them, then envision them indeed enveloped in SOURCE LIGHT.

See our entire planet that way too.

More By Dr. Schavi

Cosmic Frequency News 18 July 2024 – More Elevation

Cosmic Frequency News 18 July 2024 – More Elevation

There are a total of 275 sunspots that have been detected on our solar disk that are ready to explode with strong flares — each one sending out either a small burst or a wide-reaching stream of particle plasma into the solar system. Three of these sunspots are currently aimed directly at Earth and are expected to blast-off their flares at any time.

Cosmic Frequency News 12 July 2024

Cosmic Frequency News 12 July 2024

Cosmic energetics are extremely high coming into our planet today, and this will likely continue throughout the weekend as sunspots prepare to explode with “M-Class” flares that will eventuate in geomagnetic storms at “G1” levels or above.

The 11-Day Reset – CFN 11 July 2024

The 11-Day Reset – CFN 11 July 2024

The number “11” is a “Master Number” in the Pythagorean Numerical system. It represents the “High Priest”, the “High Priestess”, the “Master Teacher”, the “Psychic”, and the “Motivator of Others”.

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