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Cosmic Frequency News 22 May 2023 - High-Powered Energy Steadily Continues - By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

Cosmic Frequency News 22 May 2023

High-Powered Energy Steadily Continues

Cosmic Frequency News 22 May 2023 – High-Powered Energy Steadily Continues – By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

“M-Class” flares continue to pummel Earth (also often called “Earth/Gaia”), and ionizing plasma particles from outside of our solar system continue to arrive as well into the planetary magnetosphere which is at this time being very pressured by the dense particles from the Sun-facing and the far side of our planet.

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Magnetosphere Pressure 22 May 2023

Cosmic Frequency News 22 May 2023

Solar winds are almost 600 km/s traveling currently at approximately 570 km/s.

The “KP Index” is rated “Storm” level.

In terms of tectonic plates shifting and stirring causing earthquakes, there have been 103 in the past 24 hours mostly in the “4” and “5” level magnitudes, with a “5.5” magnitude happening in Ferndale, California in the USA.

The possibility of “X-Class” flares is still being reported because our Sun is harboring energy for them.

We are in the portal between the beginning of Tropical Gemini season (when our Sun moves into that sign) and the Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere and the Winter Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere on June 21st.

This thirty-day period which began yesterday, Sunday, May 21st, tends to surge with strong cosmic events, and with mankind’s intensified activities involving warfare (Ukraine, Russia, Sudan—just three examples), global economic arguments, scandals of political leaders, mass shootings, continual environmental poisoning, development of “Artificial Intelligence”—commonly referred to as “AI”— and more vile happenings, cosmic forces are unleashing intensified energetics.

At the same time, SOURCE LIGHT is still surging into creation to constantly cleanse cellular records and provide an avenue for elevation of consciousness into ethereal realms for guidance.

Creation is thus being kept very busy with cleansing processes as well as with SOURCE LIGHT reception.

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CME And Pleiades Cluster 22 May 2022

Cosmic Frequency News 22 May 2023

During the current thirty-day period (May 21st to June 21st) of cosmic intensity, Pluto (a regular subject of focus) will retrograde on June 11th back into Tropical Capricorn and re-visit its latter degrees in that sign, eventually reaching the anaretic critical 29th degree again which it was in from February 11th to late March, and then it jumped forward into Tropical Aquarius for a brief stay to provide mankind with an overview of what will be centered upon in the next two decades—from January 21st of 2024 to 2044.

Pluto is now retrograde in the first degree of Aquarius, but as mentioned, it will move back into Tropical Capricorn on June 11th. Be aware that our planet is on an escalator that is steadily moving upwards, and it will never slide back down.

Earth and its entire galactic neighborhood is being drenched in LIGHT and being changed in vibrational frequency.

The Earth itself is spinning faster on its axis which accounts for the perception of the speeding-up of time.

This speed also causes heat surges in the human system and a quickening of bodily actions such as the heart.

Everything—which also includes humanity—is being re-calibrated and renewed.

This is a necessary constant reminder because sometimes people need assurance that their “symptoms” are truly activations of a profound supernal LIGHT that is performing a regenerating program, and comfort can be gained from spiritual rituals and natural therapies.

Thus, breathe deeply and remain calm.

This ride is ongoing.

More By Dr. Schavi

Building Parallel Systems – Lisa Renee

Building Parallel Systems – Lisa Renee

Becoming coherent or energetically balanced is a necessary requirement in order to connect and communicate deeply with one’s inner spirit, and these skills are not taught in the current educational model stemming from the Controller Pillars of Society.

Cosmic Frequency News 30 May 2023 – Higher Build-Up In Energetics

Cosmic Frequency News 30 May 2023 – Higher Build-Up In Energetics

On Wednesday morning, 5/31/2023, at approximately 8:26 AM (EDT), there was yet again another “M.1-Class” solar flare which adds to the several “M-Class” flares that have erupted since the opening of the Full Moon portal, and, as a reminder, the height of the Full Moon is June 3rd (or 4th based upon time zones).

Cosmic Frequency News 30 May 2023 – June Full Moon Portal

Cosmic Frequency News 30 May 2023 – June Full Moon Portal

The Full Moon in Tropical Sagittarius is on June 3rd at 11:42 PM (EDT) or June 4th according to world time zones. Its portal is already beginning to open. Usually, a Full Moon portal is three days before, the day of its actual full brightness, and for three days afterwards.

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