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Cosmic Frequency News 22 January 2023 - Stirrings Again! - By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

Cosmic Frequency News 22 January 2023

Stirrings Again!

Cosmic Frequency News 22 January 2023 – Stirrings Again! – By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

At 12:26 UTC on Sunday, January 22nd, which is the “Lunar New Year”, our Sun exploded with an “M.1-Class” solar flare, and energies are primed for “X-Class” flares.

Solar winds are above normal levels (in the upper 400s of kilometers per second), and the magntosphere is receiving vast plasma particles from beyond our solar system while some are from inside.

There has been a “5.7” magnitude earthquake in Reykjanes Ridge which separates North American and Eurasian plates in the North Atlantic south of Iceland.

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The Sun – Last 48 Hours

Cosmic Frequency News 22 January 2023

A total of 116 quakes has occurred thus far in the past 24 hours around the world.

The cosmos is again stirring-up with intensity.

Cosmic energy is continually elevating as the phenomenon of the “Shift of the Ages” transpires–a time when our solar system is being enveloped in enormous amounts of LIGHT directly from SOURCE as well as the multiversal creations of SOURCE such as Photon Belt blasts of brightness, the pulling of us towards the Great Attractor, and the power of the Great Central Sun soaring into our Sun and then that empowerment coming to our planet and others in our solar “neighborhood”.

There have not been any small “A-Class” or “B-Class” flares in many weeks.

Only mid to high-level “C-Class” and “M-Class ” flares and several “X- Class” flares have occurred.

The smaller flares and winds were introductions to prepare us for greater intensities as the magnetosphere has been further enveloped in fluctuations in protons, electrons, and more.

Many people still do not understand how cosmic energetics affect planetary weather patterns as well as human physical, mental, and emotional systems.

Some “logical” reason is usually given for the discomforts experienced.

However, human “logic” is no longer working.

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Magnetosphere Pressure 22 January 2023

Cosmic Frequency News 22 January 2023

Even traditional scientists are stumped by certain cosmic happenings, and even when they have somewhat accurately analyzed a situation such as an oncoming coronal mass ejection or a strong flare and even when they have said on what day it will arrive, the cosmos brings the event sooner than expected and often in more dramatically powerful ways.

Thus, mankind’s devices can give only a general assumption of coming events.

Human feelings and thoughts are a better assessment of how the vibrations above and around our planet are having an affect.

Earth/Gaia’s tossing and turning is also ours. “Her” heat and sweat is ours.

The thrusts into “Her” nervous system are ours.

As “She” shifts, we shift. “Her” LIGHT ACTIVATION EXPERIENCES (LAE) are ours.

We are our planet’s evolutionary upleveling.

For about the next five months, starting today when Uranus turns direct, all planets in our system will be direct–no retrogradations until June 11th when Pluto begins its retrograde motion back over its last Capricorn degrees after having moved briefly into Aquarius on March 23rd. (The anaretic 29th critical degree in Capricorn beginning on February 11th as has been reported in previous written discourses).

Uranus is, as has also been discussed before, the planet which governs revolutionary, rebellious, technologically-oriented, nervous system-focused, humanitarian-concerned Aquarius.

Its vibration will be magnified for several days.

To further reiterate, whenever a planet moves retrograde or direct, its energy is magnified for several days.

With Uranus, for some people, there could be anxiety and sleep disturbances for a few days.

To calm emotionally unsettled “waters”, take “Aspen” by Bach Flowers (2 drops under the tongue 4 times per day).

Also remember to breathe deeply when feeling any nervousness.

Turn off technology at least an hour before bedtime; drink a cup of chamomile tea or warm almond milk with a pinch of turmeric and organic honey ( this is known as “Golden Milk”).

There is also a remedy called “Rescue Sleep” by Bach Flowers.

Place two squirts of it on your tongue just before bedtime.

Chanting “AUM ” with a Sandalwood mala is also excellent while in bed.

Some people report drifting off to sleep while holding it.

Other people find that a warm bath with Epsom Salt and Lavender essential oil makes them sleepy.

You may want to try at least one of these therapies this week.

As is always recommended, try to obtain more rest than usual during these times of shifting.

Ways of being more self-nurturing must be found instead of the constant going, doing, and being that have been the normal rigors of each day.

Everything must be done somewhat differently in this “Now” while we “push” into our newness.

Our days will still be busy with work, school, family, community, national affairs, and global events, but we must find ways of doing all that is required without causing challenges to our physical vessels, emotions, and thoughts.

As Mothers advance in pregnancy, they slow down.

Humanity is “pregnant” with its new “self” which will be ” birthed” when SOURCE desires because there is yet much for humanity to learn and higher levels to reach.

Our “New Golden Age” is definitely coming.

However, there can be no exact time for its entry that can be given.

We can only receive signs of its coming.

A major globally- effective cosmic event may happen beforehand to get the attention of all mankind–those who are awakened and those who are still not awake because they lack necessary knowledge.

As all of the foregoing is thought about, let us stay in the LIGHT of SOURCE and access more ease.

More By Dr. Schavi

Cosmic Frequency News 15 February 2023 – High Energy!

Cosmic Frequency News 15 February 2023 – High Energy!

Our planet, Earth/Gaia, is moving today, Wednesday, 2/15/2023, through a rumbling convergence of slow, medium, and swift winds from solar energetics that are pushing out a coronal mass ejection and solar flares rated thus far as “C.7-Class” and “M.2-Class”. The magnetosphere is per usual engulfed in pressuring plasma particles of solar protons, electrons, carbon dioxide gas, and more.

Cosmic Frequency News 14 February 2023 – Flare Update

Cosmic Frequency News 14 February 2023 – Flare Update

At 12:12 Universal Time (UT) on Tuesday, 2/13/2023, there was an “M.2-Class” solar flare, and our Sun has a beta-gamma energy for further “M-Class” flares. Solar winds are in the normal range traveling at just above 300 kilometers per second (km/s).

Cosmic Frequency News 13 February 2023 – “M-Class” Monday

Cosmic Frequency News 13 February 2023 – “M-Class” Monday

At 1556 Universal Time (UT) on Monday, 2/13/2023, there has been an “M.1-Class” solar flare, but solar winds are in the normal range traveling at the mid-300s in velocity. There has been a relatively strong “6.1” magnitude earthquake in New Zealand, and a total of 111 quakes have occurred within the past 24 hours.

Magnification Of Light – Dr Schavi

Magnification Of Light – Dr Schavi

The following request comes from Pam Gregory, internationally acclaimed Astrologer, and I am joining this request, and I am asking all readers of the DNI website to do the same.

Cosmic Frequency News 12 February 2023 – Sunday Early Blasts!

Cosmic Frequency News 12 February 2023 – Sunday Early Blasts!

In the early morning hours of Sunday, February 12th, 2023, there have been two “M-Class” solar flares thus far: an “M.3” and an “M.1”. Yesterday the “X.1” solar flare occurred that was expected. Coronal mass ejections (CMEs), of course, are a part of the flares because they are bursts of plasma particles from our Sun which is comprised of plasma.

Cosmic Frequency News 11 February 2023 – Saturday Surge!

Cosmic Frequency News 11 February 2023 – Saturday Surge!

As the portal of the anaretic 29th degree of Pluto has officially arrived as of today, 2/11/2023, our Sun has exploded with an “M.2-Class” solar flare at 08:08 Universal Time (UT), and about four hours later, it blasted another flare: “M.1-Class”. Also, a filament has erupted from our Sun and surged directly towards our planet.

Cosmic Frequency News 10 February 2023 – Dr Schavi

Cosmic Frequency News 10 February 2023 – Dr Schavi

Saturn, the planet of discipline, restrictions, removals, organizational structure, and hard lessons will move into watery Tropical Pisces on March 8th, 2023. In its high vibration, Pisces represents spiritual elevation, healing, compassion, and emotional calmness. In its low vibration, it represents spiritual bankruptcy, lying, erratic emotions, and toxins.

Cosmic Frequency News 9 February 2023 – Dr Schavi

Cosmic Frequency News 9 February 2023 – Dr Schavi

Egotistical ways are not the keys to the NEW GOLDEN AGE. “Things” and more “things” are not the keys that will open the door to the DIVINE THRONE ROOM. These are not the keys to your heart which is the “altar” of your bodily temple.

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