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Cosmic Frequency News 20 June 2024 - Solstice And Full Moon - By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

Cosmic Frequency News 20 June 2024

Solstice And Full Moon

Cosmic Frequency News 20 June 2024 – Solstice And Full Moon – By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

The 2024 Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere and the Winter Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere arrives today, Thursday, 6/20/2024, at 4:51 PM (EDT) when our Sun moves into Tropical Cancer.

The June Full Moon arrives tomorrow, 6/21/2024, at 9:08 PM (EDT) in Tropical Capricorn.

These two signs oppose each other, but oppositions always have something that the other needs.

Cancer needs the Capricorn determination, organizational orientation, and ability to learn lessons and apply them to life, and Capricorn needs Cancer’s nurturing, healing, and compassionate capability.

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With our Sun and our Moon in this oppositional position, some people can experience sensitive emotions and at the same time, an inner strength to move forward on what needs to be accomplished in order to assure stability in some fashion such as in finances, in work situations, in relationships, in living arrangements, etc.

Waves of up and down emotions from some anxiety to bliss can also occur as the Full Moon pulls upon the nervous system. Breathe deeply.

Wear calming oils and prayer malas. Wear calming essential oils. Envision calming, healing, soothing, LIGHT around you.

Also, perform the ritual suggested in yesterday’s article.

The Kabbalah message which came during prayer for the Solstices and the Full Moon is found in the letter MEM which is the element “water” in both the ancient Medu Neter language and in the Hebrew language. The message is: “Venture into the depths of the SOUL because the sea of human consciousness is powerful.

Intuitive knowledge is very key at this time. Be aware of Spirit Guides”.

From biblical scripture, the flood of 40 days and 40 nights symbolizes collective human spiritual confusion except for a few people.

Noah and his family, for example, represent people of HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS, and the ark represents the safety of SOURCE.

Further, the Hebrews wandering in the wilderness for 40 years also represents spiritual confusion, and thus, lower consciousness.

In Kabbalah, the number 40 is the letter MEM as just discussed above.

Therefore, during this time of global crisis in many ways, it is important to be calm, grounded, and centered in SOURCE FREQUENCY.

Full Moons always bring issues to a height, and according to the sign it arrives in, the issues can be known.

The situations that the Tropical Capricorn Full Moon will bring up deal with military and police actions, governments, corporations, businesses, educational institutions, and land itself with Capricorn being of the earth element.

There will be heightened concerns in each of these arenas as knowledge known only to a few comes to the surface for everyone to contemplate.

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Then the Tropical Cancer healing solar energy will need to be set in place.

Thus, our Sun and Moon will waltz together and twirl and swirl.

In terms of the Sidereal perspective, our Sun is moving into air sign Gemini. There will be constant talking about global situations and very little done to solve serious problems. There will be a seeming move forward with some solution about something and then a backing-up on the decision.

One moment there will be what may seem to be a good idea, and then in almost the very next moment, there will be a change of mind.

The Full Moon will in fiery Sagittarius which governs HIGHER KNOWLEDGE, and thus, this will become more readily available for those who wish to pursue it.

Philosophical concepts, religious ideologies, and academic subjects will be transformed such that truth wins out over conventional contrived notions that have been controlling mechanisms.

Also, however, there will be more challenges with fires around the world such as the wild fires that are now burning in certain places.

Gemini and Sagittarius are also opposing signs. Gemini needs the Sagittarian tendency towards looking at situations from a higher perspective, and Sagittarius needs the Gemini ability to often see both sides of a situation (similar to Libra).

However, Sagittarius must be aware that although Gemini can point out both sides of an issue, it does have a tendency, as already mentioned, to go back and forth, to quickly change its mind, and to become confused if not careful.

With the Solstices and the Full Moon coming back-to-back, the vibrations of these cosmic forces will send forth energies for the entire year. So, be sure to focus on what you desire for our planet as well as for yourself relative to joy, peace, health, abundance, and of course, HIGHER KNOWLEDGE.

Cosmic events such as solar flares and CMEs will continue to be elevated, and this will activate the global planetary Schumann Resonance (“SR”) to a quickening and deep surges of electromagnetism into its inner core.

When the very powerful “G4” and “G5” geomagnetic storms occurred last month, the atmosphere of Earth was heightened in electrical charges, making our planet more electrified than it already was.

One hundred times every second, planet Earth surges with electrical charges called “lightening spectrum peaks” which are unseen strikes of the electromagnetic charges mentioned.

These are one of the events that activate the global “SR”.

The “SR” varies around the world, however, wherever strong weather conditions are occurring.

Therefore, for example, tectonic plates obviously shift more profoundly in regions where earthquakes are happening or tornadoes or hurricanes, etc.

We live in an electrified quantum field that is being constantly shifted, adjusted, and cleared as crystallization also steadily happens so that reception of HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS LIGHT — BIO-PHOTONS OF GREATER LIFE — can be realized.

We are learning to navigate a magnificent COSMIC SEA as the next age of “Dwarpa Yuga” — when one-half of our planetary population is due to be elevated in consciousness — comes to fruition, and this fraction is supposedly in its upward climb now such that the year “2025” will be when there will be more evidence of the birth of this next age.

Then will come “Treta Yuga” and the finally “Sattva Yuga” — the New Golden Age.

Let us pray that these ages are quickly traversed and that it will not take hundreds of thousands of years for them to come as has been the case in many other ages since Earth’s creation.

We are supposedly in new spiritual territory when the better ages can arrive faster.

This is not modern day conjecture. This is ancient knowledge. Thus, ages shift as collective consciousness rises and falls.

Regardless of what happens relative to continuing world chaos, let those of us who are riding the HIGHER WAVES say, like the title of a book by the famous writer Maya Angelou states: ” AND STILL I RISE!”

CFN - Upward Surges Update

CFN – Upward Surges Update

Shortly after 11:00 AM (EDT), there was an “M.1-Class” solar flare as we are on the day of the arrival of the Solstices and one day away from our Full Moon.

Solar winds are above normalcy traveling currently at approximately “416.9” km/s.

The planetary magnetosphere is growing in the usual dense plasma particles enveloping it—many coming into its far side, and thus, into the far side of our planet.

There are huge sunspots directly facing Earth with the potential for further “M-Class” flares and for more powerful “X-Class” flares. These could produce geomagnetic storms.

The Sun – Last 48 Hours

Cosmic Frequency News 20 June 2024

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