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Cosmic Frequency News 20 January 2023 - HEADS UP! - By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

Cosmic Frequency News 20 January 2023

Heads Up!

Cosmic Frequency News 20 January 2023 – Heads Up! – By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

Protons are entering Earth/Gaia’s magnetosphere from outside of our solar system while the level of neutrons remains below normal indicating that they are behaving like proton charges due to decreased negative electron charges.

The usually zero-charged neutrons seem to take-up the power of positive protons when the electrons are few adding to penetrating ions.

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This reminds us of when the research of Dr. Marina Popovich and Dr. Lidia Andrianova, Russian Cosmonauts and Physicists, stated that the weakening of our planetary magnetic field will trigger powerful radiation from outside our solar system as well as disruptions of technology, strong earthquakes, and more—all to encourage humanity to make a “Consciousness Transfer” away from war, material greed, bio-weaponry, attempts at “playing God” by various types of horrible experiments in space and on our planet, etc. (LETTERS OF EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL CIVILIZATIONS:THE LAST WARNING).

Cosmic Frequency News 20 January 2023 - Planet J1407b - Outside The Solar System

Planet J1407b – Outside The Solar System

Cosmic Frequency News 20 January 2023

Humanity is supposedly currently in what is called “A Cycle of Correction” which is bringing destructive earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, flooding—shocking situations all around the world in many ways in too long of a list.

As more and more people turn to the spiritual principles inherent in HIGHER KNOWLEDGE, we can avoid further cataclysms according to Popovich and Andrianova as they decoded crop circles around the world.

Interestingly, they also state that delving into ancient Vedic teachings is a way to develop HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS.

This is extremely astounding because the ancient scriptures of that civilization teach that its path–“Sanatana Dharma” (“Eternal Path”) is an “off-Earth” path indicating that it is not a “religion” with man-made cultural traditions and rules and regulations, but rather, it is a direct Divine revelation sent throughout all universes via aspects of SOURCE known as “DEVIS” (feminine word) and “DEVAS” (masculine word ) who are the “ANGELS” of traditional human understanding.

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Cosmic Frequency News 20 January 2023 - Sanatana Dharma

Sanatana Dharma

Cosmic Frequency News 20 January 2023

They gave revelations to highly vibrating persons such as “Rishis” (the Sanskrit language word for “Sages”). It is also taught that Sanskrit is an ” off-Earth” language from whose phonemes other languages are formulated.

When the Vedic scriptures are studied, it is amazing to realize that the past, present, and future are discussed in great detail, and much of what is happening on our planet and in our solar system is very thought-provoking.

The horrible person known as Adolf Hitler supposedly read the some of the Vedic scriptures and took sacred symbols and turned them around and used them for evil.

For example, the hated “swastika” was originally a Sanskrit symbol that meant ” conducive to well being”, and this wellness came from the DIVINE who gives us health and prosperity.

The correct top line should face the right ( sort of like making the letter “S”), but Nazi Germany turned it in the other left -facing direction which symbolizes evil.

Also, the word ” Aryan” is Sanskrit for “Noble” and has nothing to do with Nazis or the German nationality.

Thus, anyone is “Aryan” who is upstanding in morals.

Much of mankind lacks so much true knowledge.

As I have quoted previously from one of Shakespeare’s plays (“Midsummer Night’s Dream”), the character Puck says:”What fools these mortals be!”

There is an old saying that “Knowledge is power”, but it can be used unrighteously and cause terror.

Hopefully, humanity will elevate to a place of righteousness and join those who are already in the LIGHT of TRUTH—universes beyond our knowing but that are yet within reach.

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More By Dr. Schavi

Angels In Our Midst – Dr. Schavi M. Ali

Angels In Our Midst – Dr. Schavi M. Ali

Among the world’s many sacred texts is the HOLY BIBLE in which the chapter “Hebrews 13:2” states: “Do not forget to show kindness to strangers, for by doing so, some people have entertained angels unaware.” However, when it comes to understanding what angels truly are, many, if not most of humanity, cannot explain them but can only share their experiences with them. Yet, angels can indeed be understood in their spiritual depth.

Higher Light And Faster Frequencies

Higher Light And Faster Frequencies

As the lunar orb of our galaxy moves thru an electro-magnetic field in space opening a portal for the next FULL MOON on October 1st , Earth/Gaia has been experiencing a faster “spin” and increased frequencies of LIGHT in recent days.. Accordingly, the magnetic and geo-magnetic fields of the planet are affected by this increased vibration and brighter LIGHT.

The Sacred Time Of Brahma Murhutam: A Special Planetary Energy

The Sacred Time Of Brahma Murhutam: A Special Planetary Energy

A great gift from SOURCE is to awaken us at its most sacred time/frame: “BRAHMA MURHUTAM”. When you are blessed to receive this Divine invitation, do not merely toss and turn on your bed endeavoring to return to sleep. Instead, arise and commune with SOURCE thru meditation. You will soon feel more vital and more in-tune with the ever-playing DIVINE SYMPHONY. In fact, perhaps you are being spiritually initiated into a higher modality of “holy orders”. Place your hands in “Pranam” (the prayer position) and bow your head.

The Next Mercury Retrograde – Performing Sacred “Jappa”

The Next Mercury Retrograde – Performing Sacred “Jappa”

Every planet in the cosmos has a specific vibrational frequency and tone which governs particular aspects of creation in which ever galaxy they reside. In terms of human beings, the planets in our solar system affect our physiological, mental, and emotional states which can be gleaned by having a natal chart prepared by a qualified Cosmic Scientist (also known as an “Astrologer”).

Equinoxes And Solstices – Increased Light And The Eventual Shift

Equinoxes And Solstices – Increased Light And The Eventual Shift

On Tuesday, September 22, 2020, the Autumnal Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere (above the Equator) and the Vernal Equinox in the Southern Hemisphere (below the Equator) will arrive. At these times (as well as when the Winter Solstice and the Summer Solstice happens), increased LIGHT frequencies actualize from the Great Central Sun into the Sun of our galaxy and into Earth/Gaia which sets the energy for a new season. In the Northern Hemisphere temperatures gradually become cooler, and in the Southern Hemisphere they become warmer. Usually skylines dim in one hemisphere and brighten in another as the Sun’s rays either lessen or intensify.

Anchoring-Up To Source!

Anchoring-Up To Source!

Now that September’s Super New Moon has occurred as of Thursday, September 17th, 2020, at 7:00 AM (EST), an energetic frequency has been established which will move throughout the balance of 2020 and which also can be an anchor to sacred blessings at this time and for 2021 and beyond. This was the first of two more “Super New Moons” for this year; thus, by the end of 2020, there will have been three “Super New Moons” of this late summer and autumn seasonal cycle in the Northern Hemisphere and late winter and spring cycle in the Southern Hemisphere—times when emotive responses are heightened due to the closer proximity of the Moon to Earth/Gaia and its sending forth of electro-magnetic vibrations which mingle with those of this planet.

The Super New Moon Of September 17 2020

The Super New Moon Of September 17 2020

Whenever the New Moon or the Full Moon is a “Super” one, it is closer to Earth/Gaia than normal which makes it seem larger and brighter. However, its closeness also gives it an additional vibrational “pull” such that the energies of creation are more enhanced and elevated, or in other words, heightened. During a “New Moon”, there are opportunities given according to the metaphorical concept of the sign that it is moving thru. The Moon is our fastest moving orb, and thus, it remains in a specific sign for only approximately 54 hours.

The Elements Are Speaking! Pay Close Attention!

The Elements Are Speaking! Pay Close Attention!

As most people know, there are five basic elements of earthly life: FIre, Air, Water, Earth, And Space (which some refer to as ETHER). We all have been given these elements, and in many spiritual paths, devotees petition SOURCE to balance the elements within them for maintenance of their health on all levels—physical, mental, and emotional. For example, the mantra “AUM NAMAH SHIVAYAH” (“Oh, Divine, I bow to the Transformer”) is often recited on a set of Rudraksha prayer beads.

The Root Chakra – Dr. Schavi M. Ali

The Root Chakra – Dr. Schavi M. Ali

The “Root Chakra” can be said to be the “Foundation” of our total health. During the current sensitive and chaotic times that Earth/Gaia is witnessing, political, sociological, philosophical, pedagogical, religious, and scientific frameworks are all being dismantled. New information is being uncovered daily which encourages the consciousness of many people to shift and which confirms what many of Higher Consciousness have already understood via their study and practice of ancient spiritual paradigms.

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Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.

Carl Jung

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