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Cosmic Frequency News 2 January 2023 - The 29th Degree - By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

Cosmic Frequency News 2 January 2023

The 29th Degree

Cosmic Frequency News 2 January 2023 – The 29th Degree – By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

Planets in our solar system have 30 degrees between signs, and along the way, they retrograde back into the signs that they previously visited.

Some planets traverse the degrees quickly, and some such as the “Outer Planets” of Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, Pluto, and Chiron take a much longer time period.

Our Sun and Moon are not actually considered as being planets; they are referred to as “luminaries”.

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Cosmic Frequency News 2 January 2023 - Planets


Cosmic Frequency News 2 January 2023

However, they too, move through varying degrees at specific times.

The degree that is considered the “Critical Degree” is “29” because as a planet or a luminary moves through this degree with only one more to go—the “30th”—its energetics are very powerful in their unleashing.

I have discussed the characteristics of Pluto in previous discourses, and this one deals with its potent “29th” degree.

Pluto, the planet of major (often quite disruptive, chaotic, and challenging) transformations moved into Tropical Capricorn in 2008.

This transit has brought situations with governments, corporations, organizations, businesses, the police, the military, social structures, and educational institutions into the limelight, and depressive and traumatic circumstances have been the result for both individuals as well as collective humanity.

On February 11th of 2023, Pluto will reach its “29th” degree in Capricorn and will remain at this degree until March 23rd and then will reach its “30th” degree and move briefly into the sign of Aquarius.

Between May 1st and June 11th of 2023, however, Pluto will move back (retrograde) over “26”, “27” and “28” and critical “29” degrees of Capricorn.

On January 21st of the year “2024, Pluto will permanently move forward into Aquarius until the year “2044” with some times of being retrograde but never back into Capricorn.

It will instead retrograde back and forth within the degrees of Aquarius.

Its visit with Capricorn will have been completed for a very long while—about a century.

The last historical time that Pluto was in Capricorn, the USA was fighting for independence from Britain in the latter 1700s (1776).

In the USA natal chart, Pluto is in Capricorn, so during the current transit of Pluto in this sign, the USA has experienced its “Pluto Return”.

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Similar events as those which occurred long ago have happened and will still play-out in certain ways.

Please review the previous article about the “USA Pluto Return“.

Thus, the “Critical Degree” point of Pluto in Capricorn at 29 degrees will be between February 11th and June 11th of 2023.

Cosmic Frequency News 2 January 2023 - Pluto In Capricorn

Pluto In Capricorn

Cosmic Frequency News 2 January 2023

During these months, global situations could be explosive emotionally and literally.

Major earthquakes in the higher magnitudes of over “6.0”, “7.0”, and “8.0” could happen.

Remember, Pluto is explosive, and Capricorn—among other things listed above—governs the planetary material realm because it is an “earth” element sign.

With Pluto being retrograde in Capricorn in opposition to revolutionary erratic upleveling Uranus in “earth” element Taurus, this will add to the potential for the profound shaking of Earth/Gaia at its core. With political intrigue and sociological dysfunction occurring in so many ways, there is truly a great need (and there has been for a long while) for humanity to focus upon the mercy and compassion of SOURCE for peace and healing.

No nation is above needing healing.

Every nation has either participated in (or been a target of) devious atmospheric toxicity, experimentations in an attempt to control natural cosmic forces (tampering with “black holes” and dimensions, for example), creating bio-weaponry, manipulation of human brain function, and much more evil.

The “29th” degree of Pluto in Capricorn may proclaim a final “choice point”.

To reiterate, between February 11th and June 11th of 2023 can be referred to as “The Potential Fore-Shadowing Chapter”.

Here is a metaphor to consider: In a dramatic novel, there is usually a fore-shadowing or symbolic sign of events that could play-out according to how the lives of the characters unfold during the story.

For example, early in a book if rats are being chased away and finally destroyed in a filthy slum setting by the protagonist of the story, the scene could be symbolic of that character eventually later being chased and destroyed as what occurs due to tragic events in the famous novel entitled NATIVE SON by Richard Wright.

Thus, the main character, “Bigger Thomas”, becomes symbolically the “rats” chased by police.

Therefore, between February 11th and June 11th of 2023, humanity will need to be extremely observant of what occurs in our world, watch for signs of how the collective is making an attempt to elevate in consciousness (or not), and be very devoted to daily prayer and meditation.

If someone were to ask me: “Dr. Ali, you have offered many rituals in your articles for us to connect with SOURCE FREQUENCY for various reasons. What one action do you suggest that can be taken out of all that you have already suggested?”

My answer would be to obtain a prayer mala of 108 beads with a 109th “Guru” bead and to “seed” it with a mantra and then to wear the mala daily.

Cosmic Frequency News 2 January 2023 - Buddhist Mala

Buddhist Mala

Cosmic Frequency News 2 January 2023

I would suggest malas that are made from the substances of trees such as Amber, Boddhi Seed, Rosewood, or Sandalwood—those that I have mentioned before as being “grounding”, “very protective”, “calming”, and also “healing”.

I would suggest keeping them anointed periodically with sacred oil such as Amber, Rosewood, or Sandalwood (or making a combination of all of these oils in equal amounts) or with an oil called “Majmua” (“Gathering”) which is made only by the company called “Nemat”—a family-owned business in Pakistan whereby the substances in the oils are ancient and blessed.

This oil is available at a good health food store or can be purchased on-line.

It is very calming and healing.

The mantra I recommend at this time when Pluto is about to soon reach its “29th” degree is the powerful “Pranava” (“Cosmic Sound”) of “AUM”.

This mantra begins and ends most other mantras and is translated as “Oh, Divine” or as “Hail to the Divine”.

The mantra must be chanted on each bead.

Afterwards, personal prayers can be recited as well as prayers for our planet.

It is taught in the Vedic scriptures that it takes “40” days for a mala to be “seeded”, but it begins to do its work immediately like seeds planted in rich soil.

We may not see what is occurring beneath the ground, but the process of a plant’s growth has begun.

Within a few days, the plant begins to sprout.

During the mala “seeding” process, we must first recite the “consciousness opening” mantra which is” “AUM RUTSIRA MANI PRAWA TAYA HUM” (“Oh, Divine, Come forth like a thunderbolt on the breath and purify”).

Then our breath is gently blown upon the mala. Next, beginning with the bead to the right of the “Guru” (“One Who Brings LIGHT from darkness”) bead, we chant the mantra on each bead as we touch each bead with the thumb and ring finger of the right hand. We begin chanting aloud and allow our voice to become quieter and quieter until we are chanting only silently.

Then we engage in private prayer while holding the mala between our cupped hands with the index fingers of both hands pointing straight upwards and touching at their tips. After the prayer session has ended, we recite the mantra again aloud, and then touch the “Guru” bead to our third eye which represents our being blessed by SOURCE.

Then we either meditate for awhile or place the mala around our neck and go about our daily activities.

When not in use, the mala is kept in a special pouch and placed either on our home altar or in a drawer or treasure chest where other sacred items are kept.

It can also be placed at night upon a small table next to the bed. Its vibrations work while we are simply resting or sleeping.

So, while it is yet early in the new time line of “2023”, if you have not done so already, obtain a mala and any of the oils mentioned. If for some reason you are opposed to employing a mala in your religion, at least offer daily prayer for peace and healing on our planet.

I suspect, however, that if you are reading this article or the many others that have been written, that your HIGHER SELF is endeavoring to get your attention and to offer you ways in which to enrich your relationship with the Divine realms and to save you from religious indoctrination which is when people are caught-up in mankind’s rules and regulations for purposes of control.

This is like reading one of Grimm’s fairytales and making the main character “God” and believing that all of the events in the fairy tale are true.

Throughout many ages, mankind has made culture to be religion instead of researching about the Divine revelations that have occurred to “Rishis” (“Sages”) in miraculous ways long, long ago and which still occur to those of HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS in this “Now”.

Cosmic Frequency News 2 January 2023 - Rishi


Cosmic Frequency News 2 January 2023

Prepare for the “29th” degree of Pluto, and prepare for other strong cosmic energetics.

Today, 1/2/2023, the magnetosphere is once again completely enveloped in plasma particles; our Sun is building with “M-Class” flares; there has been a “5.4” magnitude earthquake in Indonesia; and solar winds are over 400 km/s reaching almost 500 km/s.

The “KP Index is rated “Unsettled”.

Clearing, cleansing, and illumination of our planetary realm will continue.

We are receiving more and more bio-photons of SOURCE LIGHT.

At the same time, the “3d” chaos and confusion is still trying to rage like a monster that is being destroyed making a final roar.


Victory To The Light!

More By Dr. Schavi

CFN Earthquake Report – 19 September 2023 – Dr Schavi

CFN Earthquake Report – 19 September 2023 – Dr Schavi

Earth’s tectonic plates are upleveled and as magnetite particles in the Earth are activated, so too is the central nervous system of humans (and animals) and the tectonic particles in the human physical vessel (most of which are in the brain) are also activated.

Cosmic Frequency News 15 September 2023 – Feeling Overwhelmed?

Cosmic Frequency News 15 September 2023 – Feeling Overwhelmed?

With all that is occurring in the world in terms of cosmic energetics, weather events, national and global politics, war, economic issues (and the protests connected to them), and individual issues, feeling overwhelmed is a major problem for almost all of humanity.

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