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Cosmic Frequency News 1 February 2023 - Full Moon Portal - By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

Cosmic Frequency News 2 February 2023

Full Moon Portal

Cosmic Frequency News 2 February 2023 – Full Moon Portal – By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

The February 2023 Full Moon arrives on the 5th at 18:29 UTC in Tropical fiery Leo — the sign of creativity, social activity, issues with children, romantic ventures, and high level leadership such as Presidents of nations, Royalty, Executives of major corporations, and Educational administrators.

This Full Moon will be in opposition to Saturn in Tropical Aquarius pushing for serious new policies and procedures in all that Leo represents.

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It will trine Jupiter and Chiron–both of which are in fiery Tropical Aries—offering expansive ideas for restructuring (healing) the principles that govern social structures so that they are workable for all–not just a few.

Usually, a Full Moon portal extends from three days prior, the day of the lunar height, and for three days afterwards.

However, this is only a general portal length because certain world situations which are emotionally charged can cause an extension of the portal energy.

Cosmic Frequency News 2 February 2023 - Full Moon Portal

Full Moon Portal

Cosmic Frequency News 2 February 2023

This is the case with the current lunar energy being in Tropical Cancer since 3:11 PM (EST) on yesterday, 2/1/2023.

Cancer governs home and family, the need for nurturance (“mothering”), having healing foods, and being more inward-oriented than outwardly active. Emotions can be very sensitive.

People around the world are grieving, depressed, and also angered regarding mass shootings, police brutality, economic challenges, and governments supporting warfare with money and guns and tanks.

Other kinds of chaotic conditions on local, national, and international levels are also emotionally upsetting.

Therefore, with the Moon governing emotions, and with the world in constant turmoil from a “3d” perspective, lunar portals can no longer be fixed points.

This particular coming Full Moon, therefore, will heighten and escalate what is already emotionally stirring on the world scene. However, as also stated earlier, there will be opportunities for deep considerations of how to heal the dysfunctions, the non-workable, the confusions, and the hurts.

Thus, it is as if humanity has been experiencing a “Full Moon” for a very long while because emotions have been “Full” for many reasons.

As our Moon traverses various Tropical/Western and Sidereal/Vedic zodiacal points in the heavens, making particular angles (conjunctions, squares, oppositions, quincunxes, trines, etc.) to other planetary orbs, we can receive the messages based upon our understanding of the character traits and the vibrational energies of the cosmic realm—the COSMIC HOLY BOOK.

However, we must not view the messages as being fated and that nothing can be done to change certain outcomes.

Yes, there are times when various outcomes seem to have been proverbially “set in stone” because humanity continued to send forth low frequencies of thought, feeling, word, and deed without regard for what such actions were having on the planetary collective—human, animal, and plant life.

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Yet, why were we blessed with free will if we were to merely live-out a cosmic manifesto?

Cosmic messages are just that—“messages” of possibilities.

This is why we are not to worship the planetary realm.

We are to respect it, but worship is for our SOURCE which created the cosmos and all of its “messages”.

Consequently, we must definitely study the “messages” and then contemplate our actions, and thus, make decisions on whether we will allow the “messages” to play-out or if we will work towards the HIGHER KNOWLEDGE that can help us to venture forward and create the “Golden Age” that awaits us.

Cosmic Frequency News 1 February 2023 - Becoming Galactic Citizen

Becoming Galactic Citizen

Cosmic Frequency News 2 February 2023

There are daily stirrings that awaken our wonder and spiritual focus.

Today, for example, there have been 97 earthquakes in a 24-hour period with a “5.0” magnitude occurring in Ecuador.

Solar winds are traveling at slightly above normalcy at 400 km/s.

Solar flares are in the lower “C-Class” numerical ratings, but a new sunspot is rapidly growing which could set-off stronger flares as we approach the Full Moon.

Neutron counts are “Elevated”.

The magnetosphere is tightly packed with plasma particles.

Auroras, signs of coronal mass ejections (CMEs)—radiation waves/rays— are being seen around the world.

While our lunar orb remains in Tropical Cancer, let us nurture ourselves so that when it reaches Tropical Leo, we will be prepared to move forward with new ideas that are truly workable and not just wishful thinking that is not based in careful planning.

We still have to deal with the coming anaretic 29th degree of ultra transformative Pluto beginning on February 11th and lasting until March 23rd and then its quick visit into Aquarius from March 23rd to June 11th and then its backwards move into the last degrees of Capricorn throughout the balance of this year until next year of 2024 when it finally settles into Tropical Aquarius for a 20-year stay.

The period from the coming Full Moon on February 5th through the Plutonian 29th degree portal, is a very important time frame for leveling up in consciousness, for intensive spiritual and intellectual study, and for careful planning for the future.

The stage was set for all of this months ago! Some would say years ago with the beginning of the “pandemic” and its deceit and tragic results. We cannot, however, sit it in shock and stare into space. We must connect with our HIGHER SELF —which is actually SOURCE giving us guidance.

As has been suggested more than once, keeping a journal of daily events can offer valuable insights as to the fact that the cosmic realm does indeed hold “messages”, and also, the journal can be a reference book for how to handle the individual and world situations that will certainly arise for our analysis.

Learning does not have to be difficult or anxiety producing.

We can be calm as we engage knowledge.

The peace that we engender will help us to think clearly, to feel accurately, and to move correctly.

More By Dr. Schavi

Cosmic Frequency News 24 March 2023 – The Unexpected “G4”

Cosmic Frequency News 24 March 2023 – The Unexpected “G4”

Usually, geomagnetic storms are rated as being either “G1” (mild), “G2” (medium but still packing a punch), or “G3” (very strong in its impact). However, yesterday, 3/23/2023, a coronal mass ejection (CME) blasting off from our Sun and soared into a huge crack in our planet’s magnetosphere (protective shield) and was so powerful that world scientists had to give it the rating of “G4”. They called the event “Severe”.

Cosmic Frequency News 23 March 2023 – New Generational Time Line

Cosmic Frequency News 23 March 2023 – New Generational Time Line

The movement of powerful transformational Pluto into Tropical Aquarius is official with its entrance into that sign as of 8:13 AM (EDT), today, Thursday, 3/23/2023. It will remain there until June 11th and then move back over the last degrees of Tropical Capricorn during the rest of 2023.

Cosmic Frequency News 22 March 2023 – What Is Happening Behind Our Sun?

Cosmic Frequency News 22 March 2023 – What Is Happening Behind Our Sun?

A huge dark circular object was detected by several world Physicists seemingly moving behind our Sun on Tuesday, 3/21/2023. The darkness was like what occurs as an eclipse is happening, but this is not yet the time of the solar eclipse which is analyzed to occur on April 20th of this year.

Cosmic Frequency News 21 March 2023 – New Moon Day

Cosmic Frequency News 21 March 2023 – New Moon Day

In the early morning of Tuesday, 3/21/2023, the day of the afternoon arrival of our New Moon in Tropical Aries at 1:23 PM (EDT), solar winds are traveling at 462.2 km/s, and a “C.1-Class” solar flare has lifted off from our Sun.

Cosmic Frequency News 19 March 2023 – The Major Week Ahead!

Cosmic Frequency News 19 March 2023 – The Major Week Ahead!

Our planet is now just a day away from the Equinox, two days from the New Moon in Tropical Aries, and four days away from Pluto leaving Tropical Capricorn to briefly visit with Tropical Aquarius—three major cosmic shifts that have been discussed several times in previous teachings in order to emphasize their importance.

Oneness – Laka – Pleiadian Collective

Oneness – Laka – Pleiadian Collective

Beloved Ones Of Light! Life Is A Gift That Is Infinite And Changing! You Are Life! You Are One Way That God (ELAKO) Is Expressing In Form! You Share The Essence Of God With All Other Aspects Of Creation Around You And Throughout The Cosmos!

Cosmic Frequency News 18 March 2023 – Deep Into The Portal

Cosmic Frequency News 18 March 2023 – Deep Into The Portal

As we dive deeper into the portal of the coming Equinox on Monday, March 20th, and as the New Moon floats up to fullness on the next day–Tuesday, March 21st—and as transformative Pluto moves onto the shore of Aquarius on Thursday, March 23rd, feeling the intensity of these major cosmic energetics physically, mentally, and emotionally is absolutely normal.

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