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Cosmic Frequency News 19 December 2022 - Capricorn Season "On Stage" - By Dr. Schavi M. Al

Cosmic Frequency News 19 December 2022

Capricorn Season “On Stage”

Cosmic Frequency News 19 December 2022 – Capricorn Season “On Stage” – By Dr. Schavi M. Al

On Wednesday, December 21st, 2022, at 4:48 PM (EST), our Sun will enter the Tropical sign of Capricorn which will begin “Capricorn Season”.

Today it is at 28 degrees of Sagittarius and is in alignment with the center of our galaxy which sits at 28 degrees of Sagittarius.

Tuesday it will be at 29 degrees.

There are 30 degrees between each sign.

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Thus, at 4:48 PM on Wednesday, our Sun will reach 30 degrees and will hand over the major role on the “Cosmic Stage” to Capricorn who will be at zero degrees as it begins its “role”.

When our Sun moves into Capricorn, it will conjunct Mercury in Capricorn (which begins its retrograde on December 29th until January 18th of 2023) and Pluto in Capricorn which will move into Aquarius in 2024, having been in Capricorn since 2008; thus, Pluto will have had a 16-year visit in Capricorn with various periods of being retrograde and then direct.

As our Sun joins Pluto, all that Capricorn represents will be highlighted: governments, corporations, other types of businesses, organizations, the military, the police, educational institutions, and the geography of our planet.

Another “player” on the “Cosmic Stage”, however, is our largest planet—Jupiter—which is moving into Tropical Aries at 9:32 AM (EST) on Tuesday, December 20th, 2022.

Cosmic Frequency News 19 December 2022 - Jupiter


Cosmic Frequency News 19 December 2022

Jupiter visits each sign for one year. It is now in its final degrees of Pisces—the sign of either spiritual elevation or delusion and illusion according to levels of consciousness and how “grounded” a person is in reality.

We may, for instance, not like a certain reality such as warfare or social chaos or political intrigue, etc., but that does not indicate that they do not exist.

Situations must often be faced in order for them to be changed.

During its stay in Pisces, Jupiter has expanded wherever consciousness has been placed, but opportunities to rise to great levels of HIGHER KNOWLEDGE have been offered.

Jupiter also governs long-distance travel (in consciousness as well as literally by car, plane, train, bus, etc.), foreign affairs, philosophical concepts, and religious/spiritual understanding.

Many people have anchored to SOURCE more profoundly during Jupiter’s visit in Pisces, but many have also become delusional. Jupiter in Aries will square our Sun, Mercury, and Pluto in Capricorn adding further seriousness to world events.

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Because Aries is a sign that can be erratic and impulsive, there will be a tendency of many to jump into projects, and they will have forgotten that Mercury is going to become retrograde on December 29th, and there will be vast confusion and lack of follow-through if there is insistence on rushing onto the “stage” without knowing one’s “lines” in the “script”.

Cosmic Frequency News 19 December 2022 - Aries


Cosmic Frequency News 19 December 2022

In other words, as has been discussed in previous teachings, when Mercury is retrograde, new projects, new relationships, new career decisions, moving to a new location, starting a new educational focus, signing contracts, having meetings,—anything new—does not work out.

Old things must also be reviewed in order to understand what may need re-organizing or even relinquishing.

It must be remembered that Mercury governs all types of communication, and during its retrograde, there will be major glitches in technology, in personal communications (people will have a tendency to mishear information or to not communicate clearly), etc. People are also likely to be in a daze while driving so caution is advised. Watch other drivers carefully as you drive your vehicle.

This final several days of 2022 is a heightened overlapping of portals of both cosmic and man-made energetics. Let us review a few major components:

      1. Our Sun aligns with the Galactic Center today, December 19th.
      2. The Winter and Summer Solstices (Nothern and Southern Hemispheres) occur on December 21st.
      3. Jupiter moves into Aries on December 20th.
      4. The New Moon arrives on December 23rd.
      5. Mercury retrogrades on December 29th.
      6. Various holidays are celebrated: Hannukah (happening now), Christmas (December 25th), Kwanzaa (begins December 26th).
      7. The “Western” New Year’s Eve is on December 31st.

Besides all of the above, today there is geomagnetic storming caused by an interplanetary shock wave that has tremendously activated our planet.

There was a “C.6” solar flare early this morning at about 6:30 AM (EST), and a “C.8” at approximately 9:29 AM (EST)—both almost “M-Class”.

A sunspot numbered “AR3169” by NASA is growing and posing a possibility of very strong flaring in the “M-Class” category.

The magnetosphere is building in intensity of plasma particles pressing into and around our planet.

The “KP Index” is rating activations to our planet as being “Unsettled”.

Neutron counts (Cosmic Rays) are rated as “Elevated”.

There have been 107 earthquakes in the past 24 hours in the upper categories of “4.4” (Ecuador, for example) and “5.2” (Philippines, as another example), and some in the lower “3.2” ( Southern Yukon Territory of Canada) and “3.1” (Virgin Islands). These are just a mere few of the hundreds reported around the world.

Over the past weekend, our planet was pummeled with over 18 strong “M-Class” solar flares (with one reaching almost “X-Class” status), and they came in back-to-back, and proton plasma waves were (and still are) intense.

The “production” in the “Cosmic Theatre” has become loud and dramatic.

We are being guided to focus our attention on the highest of frequencies that can help us to handle this time line of the “Shifting of the Ages” when a new space/time continuum will be set in place.

Cosmic Frequency News 19 December 2022 - Cosmic Theatre

Cosmic Theatre

Cosmic Frequency News 19 December 2022

The final days of 2022 should be ones wherein we calm-down from going and going and doing and doing—regardless of the holidays.

It is a time to be oriented towards how we as individuals and as a planetary collective can elevate to greater awareness and capabilities, what needs to be learned, and what needs to be eradicated from consciousness.

We can certainly have fun during the holidays, but we cannot forget that our planet as well as all of creation upon “Her” is in the throes of unprecedented transformation.

Like our Sun which is aligning with the Galactic Center, we must be aligned with SOURCE and partake of the sustenance of LIGHT that will be our greatest nourishment as we continue our cosmic journey.

More By Dr. Schavi

Cosmic Frequency News 24 March 2023 – The Unexpected “G4”

Cosmic Frequency News 24 March 2023 – The Unexpected “G4”

Usually, geomagnetic storms are rated as being either “G1” (mild), “G2” (medium but still packing a punch), or “G3” (very strong in its impact). However, yesterday, 3/23/2023, a coronal mass ejection (CME) blasting off from our Sun and soared into a huge crack in our planet’s magnetosphere (protective shield) and was so powerful that world scientists had to give it the rating of “G4”. They called the event “Severe”.

Cosmic Frequency News 23 March 2023 – New Generational Time Line

Cosmic Frequency News 23 March 2023 – New Generational Time Line

The movement of powerful transformational Pluto into Tropical Aquarius is official with its entrance into that sign as of 8:13 AM (EDT), today, Thursday, 3/23/2023. It will remain there until June 11th and then move back over the last degrees of Tropical Capricorn during the rest of 2023.

Cosmic Frequency News 22 March 2023 – What Is Happening Behind Our Sun?

Cosmic Frequency News 22 March 2023 – What Is Happening Behind Our Sun?

A huge dark circular object was detected by several world Physicists seemingly moving behind our Sun on Tuesday, 3/21/2023. The darkness was like what occurs as an eclipse is happening, but this is not yet the time of the solar eclipse which is analyzed to occur on April 20th of this year.

Cosmic Frequency News 21 March 2023 – New Moon Day

Cosmic Frequency News 21 March 2023 – New Moon Day

In the early morning of Tuesday, 3/21/2023, the day of the afternoon arrival of our New Moon in Tropical Aries at 1:23 PM (EDT), solar winds are traveling at 462.2 km/s, and a “C.1-Class” solar flare has lifted off from our Sun.

Cosmic Frequency News 19 March 2023 – The Major Week Ahead!

Cosmic Frequency News 19 March 2023 – The Major Week Ahead!

Our planet is now just a day away from the Equinox, two days from the New Moon in Tropical Aries, and four days away from Pluto leaving Tropical Capricorn to briefly visit with Tropical Aquarius—three major cosmic shifts that have been discussed several times in previous teachings in order to emphasize their importance.

Oneness – Laka – Pleiadian Collective

Oneness – Laka – Pleiadian Collective

Beloved Ones Of Light! Life Is A Gift That Is Infinite And Changing! You Are Life! You Are One Way That God (ELAKO) Is Expressing In Form! You Share The Essence Of God With All Other Aspects Of Creation Around You And Throughout The Cosmos!

Cosmic Frequency News 18 March 2023 – Deep Into The Portal

Cosmic Frequency News 18 March 2023 – Deep Into The Portal

As we dive deeper into the portal of the coming Equinox on Monday, March 20th, and as the New Moon floats up to fullness on the next day–Tuesday, March 21st—and as transformative Pluto moves onto the shore of Aquarius on Thursday, March 23rd, feeling the intensity of these major cosmic energetics physically, mentally, and emotionally is absolutely normal.

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