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Cosmic Frequency News 17 May 2023 - Acclimating - By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

Cosmic Frequency News 17 May 2023


Cosmic Frequency News 17 May 2023 – Acclimating – By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

After yesterday afternoon’s “M9.6” solar flare (Tuesday, 5/16/2023) which was originally rated “X1.1”, there is a need to recuperate, adjust to and acclimate to the intense physical, emotional and mental anxiety and exhaustion that so many people experienced.

Our Moon has now moved into Tropical Taurus as of 8:28 AM (EDT) this morning where it now cozies up to our Sun in Tropical Taurus as well as Jupiter, Uranus, and the North Node in the same sign and all of these are glancing at squaring Pluto retrograde in Tropical Aquarius.

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Cosmic Frequency News 17 May 2023 - Taurus


Cosmic Frequency News 17 May 2023

This creates a heaviness and a desire to self-nurture and not be too involved in work-related or community-oriented major responsibilities.

We wish that others knew about the cosmic forces currently at work so that everyone could just halt and rest. We wish that the scattered, erratic, chaotic, confused world would awaken to TRUTH.

Cosmic Frequency News 17 May 2023 - Aquarius


Cosmic Frequency News 17 May 2023

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Here is where we must be grateful that those of us who are continually insistent upon remaining tuned into SOURCE FREQUENCY can be assured of further guidance.

Just like turning on daily news to see what is happening globally (even when some news is inaccurate or purposefully manufactured), we must tune-in to the higher realms where TRUTH awaits us.

When we have been blessed to receive spiritual knowledge and how it relates to scientific concepts—and thus become acclimated to SPIRITUAL SCIENCE—we must employ all that we learn to continuing our elevation in consciousness.

We help others along the journey, but we do not accept being stressed by the low frequencies of others as part of the process.

When we have endeavored to assist others, and they have no rhythm or capacity to truly elevate, we must release them.

We must become oriented towards acclimating to the steadily powerful incoming LIGHT who’se spiritual atomic particles are surging into our constantly expanding and regenerating DNA.

Cosmic Frequency News 17 May 2023 - Expanding And Regenerating DNA

Expanding And Regenerating DNA

Cosmic Frequency News 17 May 2023

Yesterday was yet another lesson in the extremely potent cleansing and renewing energetics that are engulfing our planet.

Even though the magnetosphere’s depletion by about 20 percent according to world scientists is a testimony to mankind’s sending disharmony in many ways into the ethers of electromagnetism where transmission and reception is ongoing, still SOURCE LIGHT has allowed this and has not interfered with free will.

Remember, “As above, so below; as below, so above.”

SOURCE will, however, intercede for those who are sincerely making an effort to learn about and follow Divine Principles.

Remember also, “Those who read and study the Divine Teachings have worshiped me” (BHAGAVAD GITA).

“Study to show thyself approved” (HOLY BIBLE).

“Those who take one step towards me, I come to them running!” (HOLY QU’RAN).

Like a compassionate Professor, we receive points for “effort”.

“M9.6” Solar Flare, Originally Rated “X1.1”

Cosmic Frequency News 17 May 2023

There will be more intense strong solar energy coming into our realm from both inside and outside of our solar system.

Those who are truly tuned into the HIGHER SELF will know about this before being notified by mankind’s technology, and in fact, will know the true levels of incoming energy that devices cannot register. We are in the portal of the May 19th New Moon.

Thus, the releasing fourth quarter lunar phase is adding to the need for rest and recuperation.

“Check-in” to your retreat center (your inner being) today (or an actual one if necessary), and be in quietude more profoundly.

Refuse to allow others to be demanding of your time and energy.

Be in “retreat” mode until at least Sunday evening. It will take this amount of time to acclimate to the energy of the New Moon as well as yesterday’s strong solar flaring.

Plus, another huge sunspot is building on our Sun with the potential to explode with even more powerful flares, and as most should now know, each flare carries a CME which is electromagnetic particle plasma because our Sun is comprised of it.

So, obtain your incense, essential oils, bath salts, candles, prayer malas, holy texts, and other necessary items for your “retreat” time.

Even if you have a daily job or career, you can still come straight home to your “personal ashram”. Give your retreat a title.

For those who are indeed encouraged to engage in “retreat” at this time, I offer the title of “HIGHER LIGHT INFLUX ACCLIMATION”.

Have you noticed how many times the term “acclimate” or its other aspects have been used?

This is to focus on what is being offered to us in this “Now”—more opportunities to receive messages from the HIGHER SELF—SOUL—SOURCE—to “acclimate” to the LIGHT.

More By Dr. Schavi

Building Parallel Systems – Lisa Renee

Building Parallel Systems – Lisa Renee

Becoming coherent or energetically balanced is a necessary requirement in order to connect and communicate deeply with one’s inner spirit, and these skills are not taught in the current educational model stemming from the Controller Pillars of Society.

Cosmic Frequency News 30 May 2023 – Higher Build-Up In Energetics

Cosmic Frequency News 30 May 2023 – Higher Build-Up In Energetics

On Wednesday morning, 5/31/2023, at approximately 8:26 AM (EDT), there was yet again another “M.1-Class” solar flare which adds to the several “M-Class” flares that have erupted since the opening of the Full Moon portal, and, as a reminder, the height of the Full Moon is June 3rd (or 4th based upon time zones).

Cosmic Frequency News 30 May 2023 – June Full Moon Portal

Cosmic Frequency News 30 May 2023 – June Full Moon Portal

The Full Moon in Tropical Sagittarius is on June 3rd at 11:42 PM (EDT) or June 4th according to world time zones. Its portal is already beginning to open. Usually, a Full Moon portal is three days before, the day of its actual full brightness, and for three days afterwards.

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