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Cosmic Frequency News 13 March 2023 - Elevated Energy - By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

Cosmic Frequency News 14 March 2023

Elevated Energy

Cosmic Frequency News 14 March 2023 – Elevated Energy – By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

As an old song lyrics says: “What a difference a day makes”.

Unlike yesterday, today (Tuesday 3/14/2023) the magnetosphere is being extremely pressured by plasma particles on all sides.

Solar winds are pushing them in blowing over normalcy at approximately 426 km/s although solar flaring remains in the lower “C-Class” numerical ratings of about “C.3”.

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Magnetosphere Pressure 14 March 2023

Cosmic Frequency News 14 March 2023

Neutron counts are “Elevated”. There have been 146 earthquakes over a 24-hour period with a strong “6.3” occurring in New Guinea.

Economic issues have taken a major part on stage—particularly focusing on the USA—as the FDIC takes over the Silicon Bank with investors unable to obtain their funds.

Other banking institutions are fearing what is known as a “run” on the banks as certain stock markets plunge similar to what occurred in October of 1929 in the USA which pummeled the USA into the “Depression Era” after many years of particular people living luxuriously in what was known as the “Jazz Age”.

As a bit of history, the term “Jazz” came from the music that a Black horn player made when he played in clubs (where he was “allowed” to play) named Jasbo Brown.

As he played, people shouted, “Play, Jasbo! Play!”

The “S” sound in his name became a “Z” sound, and now the music originally created by African American musicians whose instrumental sounds and lyrics were tones and words that symbolized the plight of Black people in America became known as “Original American Music”—as “Jazz”— with no or little mention given about how it truly began.

Now, all people around the world enjoy Jazz, and it is particularly popular in Europe and Japan.

Ukraine and Russia continue to fight with billions of dollars and war equipment (guns, tanks, etc.) having been sent to Ukraine by the USA (as well as fancy vehicles) while the USA faces its own internal political and sociological problems.

The same is true in other nations where citizens are challenged by certain situations while waiting on leadership to make the moves necessary to solve internal issues.

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Cosmic Frequency News 14 March 2023 - Pluto


Cosmic Frequency News 14 March 2023

This is where Pluto—the planet of dramatic transformations moving into Tropical Aquarius—the sign of revolution rebellion, and humanitarian concern comes on stage as it squares Uranus—just one of whose characteristics is “upheaval” which is in the sign of Tropical Taurus—just one of whose characteristics is “monetary gain” comes center stage.

Across the globe, humanity will protest and rebel against greed and poor political choices.

The vibration has already begun.

As has been mentioned several times now, research has been done by both historians and scientists which shows that whenever there is utter chaos on our planet, cosmic events become heightened as cleansing mechanisms.

Eventually, a larger percentage of the world population will learn that its thoughts, feelings, words, and actions create energies that move into the surrounding cosmic realm and create manifestations of either blessings or consequences.

This has been written about in sacred texts for thousands of years. For those who are proclaiming that we are already in the “New Golden Age” and that the “Age of Aquarius” has begun, and I certainly do not want to insult anyone, but if you will conduct true research, you will find that the era of “Kali Yuga” (“Age of Chaos”) is still extant. However, it is at its final curtain.

Pluto is about to announce, as a famous song by the group known as the “Fifth Dimension” says: “This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius”.

That “dawning”, however, will arrive after a “night” of more chaos and confusion.

Using ancient terminology, “Maat” (Truth, Justice, Balance, Harmony, Righteousness) will arrive after “Isfet” (Chaos and Confusion). Modern mankind calls this a basic law of Physics—“Chaos Theory”.

Cosmic Frequency News 14 March 2023 - Maat


Cosmic Frequency News 14 March 2023

One of the ways in which to gain insight into current situations is to look back over other historical periods.

Perhaps this a time to review the book THE FALL OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE.

You will have time because, remember, once Pluto reaches Tropical Aquarius, the new “course content” will take twenty years to complete.

The bell to “change classes” will not ring until 2044.

So, settle into your seats.

“Professor Pluto” is about to enter the room.

More By Dr. Schavi

How To “Ra-Member” – Dr Schavi

How To “Ra-Member” – Dr Schavi

No, the title of this teaching is not a misspelling.

The word “RA” is from the Medu Neter (“Sacred Speech”) language of ancient Kemet, and it translates as “LIGHT” and is a reference to the Sun of our galaxy which was called “ATEN” which translates as “SOLAR DISK”. The word “MEM” is both Medu Neter and Amharic (one of the “Parent Languages”of Hebrew) for “WATER”.

Cosmic Update 18 August 2022 – Dr Schavi

Cosmic Update 18 August 2022 – Dr Schavi

Slow, medium-strength, and extremely fast solar winds are all converging together sending shock waves to Earth/Gaia and bombarding our planet with proton and electron plasma particles (coronal mass ejections) that are shifting tectonic plates and also stirring surface energy.

Cosmic Update 17 August 2022 – Dr Schavi

Cosmic Update 17 August 2022 – Dr Schavi

Several powerful “M-Class” solar flares have soared into our planetary realm since late evening of Tuesday, August 16th and early on Wednesday, August 17th at “M.2” and “M.5” levels. Earth/Gaia is being literally pummeled with LIGHT! The strongest of “X-Class” flares, as reported on yesterday, are a major possibility with the delta energy of sunspots that continue to build.

Grounding To The Source Light –  Dr Schavi

Grounding To The Source Light – Dr Schavi

There are many people who suggest that we should “ground” to our planet by walking barefoot outside or by hugging a tree or even by hugging our pets more closely because they have a “sixth sense” that humans supposedly do not possess. However, with our dear planet Earth/Gaia being lifted up, stirred, shifted, vibrating faster, and being powerfully illuminated, we must now “ground with Her”, not “to Her”.

Greater Light And Sound Transmission! – Dr Schavi

Greater Light And Sound Transmission! – Dr Schavi

In the wee hours of Tuesday morning, August 16th, 2022, the Sun of our solar system launched a very strong “M.5-Class” flare, and our Sun currently has a delta energy for the most powerful of flares—“X-Class”. The magnetosphere is building in densely pressing-in particle plasma.

Cosmic Symphonics On-Going! – Dr Schavi

Cosmic Symphonics On-Going! – Dr Schavi

A dark huge filament of particle plasma (coronal mass ejection) was unleashed from our Sun on Sunday, August 14th, 2022,and solar winds escorted it traveling at 1.3 million miles per hour. Its trajectory is directly facing our planet Earth/Gaia and is calculated to arrive by late Tuesday evening, August 16th if not before.

The Super Full Moon Is Almost Here! – Dr Schavi

The Super Full Moon Is Almost Here! – Dr Schavi

We are several hours away from the “Super Full Moon”. Use the time to gather your “Wellness Tools”. They will be needed throughout the year and beyond. Make sure that they are spiritual and natural. They will be blessings.

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