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Cosmic Frequency News 14 January 2023 - Weekend Space Weather - By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

Cosmic Frequency News 14 January 2023

Weekend Space Weather

Cosmic Frequency News 14 January 2023 – Weekend Space Weather – By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

Solar winds are traveling today, Saturday, 1/14/2023, at 12:54 PM (EST) at approximately 506 km/s which is very much above the normal speeds of between 300 and 400 km/s.

Solar flares have been “C.6-Class” and “M.1-Class” thus far.

The neutron counts are still “Elevated”, and the “KP Index” is rated as “Unsettled”.

Proton fluxes have been sailing into and pressing down on our planet’s magnetosphere.

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Magnetosphere Pressure 14 January 2023

Cosmic Frequency News 14 January 2023

Technological black-outs have been expansive, and thousands of airplane flights have been cancelled due to technological instrumentation being faulty as ionization (positive electromagnetic radiation surges) of our planet’s upper atmosphere has occurred and is still occurring.

Cosmic energetics are climbing increasingly higher as the New Moon approaches on January 21st at 3:53 PM (EST) and as Mercury goes direct beforehand on January 18th at 8:12 AM (EST).

The fourth quarter of our lunar orb begins this evening at 9:10 PM (EST).

During the fourth quarter our Moon, energy is depleted in most people, and this is after all of the other cosmic events such as strong solar flares, solar winds, CMEs, etc. have also caused an energy drain.

Even though Mars, the planet of assertiveness, aggression, and often warfare, is now direct after having been retrograde since October 30th of 2022, humanity is still acclimating to its direct motion and is not yet ready to dive into new projects, especially since Mercury has a few more days to be retrograde, and then its “post-shadow” must be dealt with as well which will be until February 12th when it enters Tropical Aquarius from its having been retrograde in Capricorn.

So, metaphorically, “climbing Mount Everest” is out of the question!

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Cosmic Frequency News 14 January 2023 - K2 Bottleneck

K2 Bottleneck

Cosmic Frequency News 14 January 2023

The day before Mercury’s post-shadow ending, Pluto will reach its 29th anaretic (karmic, fateful, critical) degree in Tropical Capricorn but will trine Uranus in Taurus (both of them being of the earth element) which is a harmonious aspect. (In a previous article, in error, I stated that Pluto and Uranus were in opposition to each other when I meant to type “trine”).

However, regardless of the trine position, Pluto’s anaretic degree can still create upheavals such as earthquakes, tornadoes, volcanic eruptions, storms— especially with the technologically-oriented, suddenly upheaval-driven, electrified planet Uranus in the mix.

Also, remember, Mercury has been retrograde in Tropical Capricorn and thus in conjunction by sign with Pluto.

Mercury also deals with electrical frequencies as it governs brain function and communications of all types.

This weekend further heights in wind speeds and flares are expected. In fact, all of 2023 will be filled with both elevated cosmic events as well as continual “3d” serious situations as Pluto reaches its 29th degree in Tropical Capricorn, moves briefly into Tropical Aquarius March 23rd (or 24th according to time zones), but then retrogrades back over the first degrees of Aquarius and further back over the final degrees of Tropical Capricorn and finally stations permanently in Tropical Aquarius in January of 2024 where it will visit until 2044!

More By Dr. Schavi

CFN Evening Update 22 May 2023

CFN Evening Update 22 May 2023

A supernova (exploding star) has been sighted in a swirling galaxy, and it has tripled in brightness in just a couple of days.

Cosmic Frequency News 22 May 2023 – High-Powered Energy Steadily Continues

Cosmic Frequency News 22 May 2023 – High-Powered Energy Steadily Continues

“M-Class” flares continue to pummel Earth (also often called “Earth/Gaia”), and ionizing plasma particles from outside of our solar system continue to arrive as well into the planetary magnetosphere which is at this time being very pressured by the dense particles from the Sun-facing and the far side of our planet.

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