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Cosmic Frequency News 11 January 2023 - All Aboard For "M" And "X"-Class! - By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

Cosmic Frequency News 11 January 2023

All Aboard For “M” And “X”-Class!

Cosmic Frequency News 11 January 2023 – All Aboard For “M” And “X”-Class! – By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

Yesterday afternoon at “4:47” PM (EST) there was yet another “X-Class” solar flare (“X.1”) —another blast from the “X” classes which burst forth from our Sun a few days ago.

In the early hours of this morning at approximately 3:33 AM (EST), Wednesday, 1/11/2023, there was an “M.3-Class” solar flare, and our Sun has electromagnetic energy for further “M-Class” and “X-Class” flares today and in coming days.

The higher level of flaring is on a non-stop course of explosions and coronal mass ejections (CMEs).

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Solar Flares 10 January 2023

Cosmic Frequency News 11 January 2023

Solar winds are above normalcy traveling at “8:14” AM (EST) at 417.5 kilometers per second (km/s).

There have been 124 earthquakes in the previous 24 hours with a “5.8” magnitude occurring in the Republic of Vanuatu.

Other strong quakes have been in the upper “4” magnitude ranges (“4.5” to “4.8”) and in the upper “5” ranges (“5.6” to “5.8”) around the world.

These indicate huge shifts in Earth/Gaia’s tectonic plates. With the very high solar flare levels, there are likely to be earthquakes in the upper “6” magnitude ranges and perhaps even stronger ones.

The “KP Index” is rating neutron counts as being “Elevated” which has been the case for several months with only a few scattered days when they were registered as being “Below Normal”.

Thus, “cosmic waves” (also called “cosmic rays”) in these neutron levels are heightened; however, even though these types of “waves” or “rays” have a zero charge, when positive protons are prolific without the equipoise of negative electrons, the neutrons tend to act like protons with powerful ionizing penetrative energy.

All of these constitute “plasma particles” which are the CMEs that our Sun releases when it sends out flares.

The magnetic field surrounding our planet—the “magnetosphere”—has been enveloped for many months in particle plasma (much of it coming from outside of our solar system), and the same is the case today.

All of these cosmic events can cause rocking and reeling in humanity as activations occur to the physical vessel, the mind, and the emotions due to cellular records and the DNA within each cell being adjusted, re-aligned, and upgraded so that HIGHER KNOWLEDGE can be received.

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However, the positive protons are the most challenging to deal with as they have the propensity to cause damage to tissue, bones, and internal organs, and humanity is not yet prepared enough to deal with these kinds of particle waves or rays.

This is what occurs when the neutral atoms are changed into positive electrically-charged vibrational frequencies after the loss of electrons. This type of radiation is also given by modern-day devices such as home appliances, cell phones, lap tops, computers, medical ex-ray equipment, and cell towers.

All of these carry gamma radiation.

When medical technicians quickly duck behind a screen just before pushing a button when a patient is about to be ex-rayed, they know to shield themselves from harm.

Magnetosphere Pressure 11 January 2023

Cosmic Frequency News 11 January 2023

The technicians may also wear a lead vest. The community which believes in spiritual and natural therapies rather than dangerous medical procedures do not recommend ex-rays being shot into the human body.

However, because much of humanity seems to be hypnotized by the modern-day medical world, they submit themselves to dangerous procedures anyway.

With our planet being bombarded with potentially harmful rays and waves from outside of our solar system and with radiation being prevalent within technological devices, there are ways to be shielded from harm that have been scientifically proven, and this is by wearing carbon and lead-bearing stones such as AMAZONITE, AMBER, BLACK TOURMALINE, HEMATITE, PYRITE, and SHUNGITE.

These create a shielding around and within the human aura, and as a result, health benefits occur, and people are reporting achieving better sleep at night, reduced stress, decreased pain and soreness in muscles and joints, better heart and brain function, better energy, and enhanced overall health.

Of course, the total benefits take place over time, but feeling better begins for most people as soon as they begin to wear these stones.

The traditional medical doctors will, of course, say that these stones are merely panaceas with no true power.

They have to say this in order to hopefully convince patients away from spiritual and natural methods of wellness because otherwise their huge incomes will diminish.

From a spiritual perspective, however, we must remember that SOURCE is repairing the damage to the magnetosphere as our planet continually receives LIGHT from three primary forces that are regularly discussed—the “Photon Belt”, the “Great Attractor”, and the “Great Central Sun”.

Let us briefly review these since Mercury’s retrograde still has a few days to go, and thus, its retrograde is a wonderful time for review and reflection.


Cosmic Frequency News 11 January 2023 - Photon Belt

Photon Belt

Cosmic Frequency News 11 January 2023

A “photon” is a quantum or smallest possible current of LIGHT in a given wavelength. Photons are emitted by atoms transiting from one energy state to another. The “photons” in this “Belt”, this vortex, are traveling at the “speed of light” giving creation on our planet a progressive intensity of transformational empowerment. There are 12 vortices of the “Belt”, and each one takes approximately 2,000 years to traverse. Our solar system is within the first of these vortices, and this process has been done over and over again throughout the space/time continuum. There is some debate on when we again entered this first vortice, but many researchers in the realm of Spiritual Science believe that it was in December of 2012.


Cosmic Frequency News 11 January 2023 - Great Attractor

Great Attractor

Cosmic Frequency News 11 January 2023

This is a point in the cosmos that is larger than the center of the “Milky Way Galaxy”, is a huge energetic force, and it holds a mass of over 1,000 trillion “Suns”. Our solar system is hurling towards it at 2.2 million kilometers per hour. Its gravity bends LIGHT. It is a powerful transmitter of streams of LIGHT that is being sent into human consciousness. The research of Dr. Philip Sedgewick offers much more detail on this.


Cosmic Frequency News 11 January 2023 - Great Central Sun

Great Central Sun

Cosmic Frequency News 11 January 2023

This is also called “The Great Hub” and is taught to be the spiritual rays that make-up the principle energy source of life—the center of the entire cosmos which cannot be measured or calculated. It is a nexus of energy that is given to each solar system. The nexus for our solar system is believed to be the star system “Sirius” (known as “Sepdet” in ancient times) which rises yearly over the pyramids on the Giza Plateau in Egypt (ancient “Kemet” or “Khem”) on what would be approximately July 25th in the Gregorian calendar. This was known as “Tybi” in Kemet and was their New Year’s Day. The waters of the Nile (ancient “Hapi”) overflowed signaling a great coming harvest of spiritual knowledge as well as material abundance.

Thus, the cosmos—the multiverse—is a constantly playing DIVINE SYMPHONY that is repairing mankind’s faulty reasonings and actions, allowing us sufficient time to glean an understanding of who we are and are meant to be in terms of the sacredness of creation, and transforming us as the process unfolds.

Collective consciousness from all planets, galaxies, and universes are always watched upon, expanded, sustained, and changed by SOURCE as necessary.

There are those on every planetary sphere who have elevated enough such that they are cognizant of the INFINITE INTELLIGENCE, the HOLY ABSOLUTE, who governs everything.

There are also those who are struggling to understand as well as those who will negate and debate the existence of an ETERNAL SOURCE.

Regardless of anyone’s belief, if he or she were asked to create the same magnificence as the stars, planets, galaxies, etc., it could not be done.

Only in artful drawings and paintings can a small portion of the cosmos be colorfully created.

Only in song can it be lyrically discussed. Only in a document or a book can its amazing power be written.

So, as our Sun continues to flare and its winds continue to soar, so too will mankind be offered opportunities to climb upwards in knowledge and the wisdom to use it correctly for the benefit of the collective and not its destruction.

However, SOURCE will always help and protect the righteous from human folly.

As Yeshua Ha Messiah taught: “It is written in the scriptures”.

More By Dr. Schavi

Cosmic Frequency News 10 May 2023 – Major Geomagnetic Storm!

Cosmic Frequency News 10 May 2023 – Major Geomagnetic Storm!

A major geomagnetic storm is in progress at 8:01 AM (EDT) on Wednesday, 5/10/2023, as solar winds traveling at a powerful “668.4” km/s (remember normal is between “300” and “400” km/s) send forth yet another potent coronal mass ejection (CME) and constant strong solar flares most of which are at “M-Class” levels with “X-Class”—the strongest—a possibility.

CFN Afternoon Update 7 May 2023 – Dr Schavi

CFN Afternoon Update 7 May 2023 – Dr Schavi

It is as if our planet is in “Emergency Mode”. Therefore, please do the following ritual as soon as you receive this teaching article, and invite others to perform it each day all of this week. Very strong geomagnetic storms—beyond their usual strength— are occurring and will continue to do so. You may desire to do this ritual at other times as well.

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