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Cosmic Energetics Activate Earth/Gaia - "And Still I Rise" By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

Cosmic Energetics Activate Earth/Gaia

“And Still I Rise”

Cosmic Energetics Activate Earth/Gaia – “And Still I Rise” By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

The verse “And Still I Rise” is from a poem by Poet Laureate Maya Angelou.

It perfectly symbolizes what our planet, Earth/Gaia, is saying as “She” stirs and shifts as cosmic energetics activate “Her”.

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On Thursday, November 17th, 2022, there have been thus far two solar flares of “C.6” level which is almost approaching the “M-Class” level.

Solar winds are almost at the ceiling of the normal range traveling at 380 km/s (normal range is 300 to 400 km/s). Neutron counts are rated as “Elevated”.

There have been 163 earthquakes today with two relatively strong ones in the Solomon islands (“5.8” in magnitude) and in the state of Texas (USA) near the city of Mentone (“5.3” in magnitude).

The magnetosphere charts of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) are indicating that dense plasma particles are surrounding our planet, but not as of yet pressing-in very powerfully.

The hovering of them, however, is enough to affect Earth/Gaia’s inner and outer general atmospheric fields as protons, electrons, and neutrons perform an encircling fluctuating “dance”.

Creation upon our planet “dances” with the fluctuating “plasma team” and seeks to adjust to the constant streaming of cosmic events.

DNA is “re-wired” and cellular records are “washed” in preparation for a new “performance” on a new planetary “stage” as the “theatre lights” of the stars, other planets, and further flares and coronal mass ejections, bright tails of comets, meteor showers, and more all come up—with the “Great Central Sun” “producing” and “directing” the show.

Cosmic Energetics Activate Earth/Gaia - Rewiring DNA

Rewiring DNA

Cosmic Energetics Activate Earth/Gaia

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Humans, animals, and plants are all being “rehearsed” for the “coming attraction” of the even greater SOURCE LIGHT of a new era.

We are constantly advised to self-nurture, to relax, to drink plenty of water, to engage in spiritual rituals and natural paradigms of wellness in order to acclimate to the increasingly bright and potent LIGHT energies that we must contend with for transformation to occur.

Yet, there are “worldly” obligations to deal with such as careers, school, family, community, national and international situations, etc.

We move through it all regardless of any physical, emotional, or mental challenges because we understand that we are acclimating to cosmic energy.

We know that we are a vital part of the “show” and that we are being made ready to be “dressed” in pure LIGHT.

Many recognize that it is necessary to take a “vacation” or to “retreat” from lots of activity at particular times when the cosmos is most eventful such as:

1.) During Mercury Retrograde (Communication of all kinds is glitched, and thoughts are usually confused).
2.) During Full Moon Portals (Emotions are heightened).
3.) During the high point of Eclipse Season (All aspects physically, emotionally, and mentally are intensely activated).

Some of these cosmic times are several days in length, some for several weeks, and some for several months.

Cosmic Energetics Activate Earth/Gaia - Plasma


Cosmic Energetics Activate Earth/Gaia

Life’s obligations do not stop, but at least many people are learning to be very discerning, to think more carefully, and to move through each day cautiously as certain specific cosmic events unfold.

People are learning to be more inner-guided by the HIGHER SELF.

The new greeting as people say: “Hello, how are you today?” becomes “And Still I Rise”.

More By Dr. Schavi

Global Envisioning Day For A Greater Time Line – Dr Schavi

Global Envisioning Day For A Greater Time Line – Dr Schavi

It is now time—especially with Pluto now in Tropical Aquarius (one of whose messages is collective revolutionary action)—for powerful GLOBAL ENVISIONING—not just prayer and meditation (although these powerful rituals should certainly be continued daily), but “seeing”, “creating”, “consciously artfully drawing” a new reality, a new “Now” that manifests due to our collective “atomic” energy of “Super-Consciousness”.

Cosmic Frequency News 24 March 2023 – The Unexpected “G4”

Cosmic Frequency News 24 March 2023 – The Unexpected “G4”

Usually, geomagnetic storms are rated as being either “G1” (mild), “G2” (medium but still packing a punch), or “G3” (very strong in its impact). However, yesterday, 3/23/2023, a coronal mass ejection (CME) blasting off from our Sun and soared into a huge crack in our planet’s magnetosphere (protective shield) and was so powerful that world scientists had to give it the rating of “G4”. They called the event “Severe”.

Cosmic Frequency News 23 March 2023 – New Generational Time Line

Cosmic Frequency News 23 March 2023 – New Generational Time Line

The movement of powerful transformational Pluto into Tropical Aquarius is official with its entrance into that sign as of 8:13 AM (EDT), today, Thursday, 3/23/2023. It will remain there until June 11th and then move back over the last degrees of Tropical Capricorn during the rest of 2023.

Cosmic Frequency News 22 March 2023 – What Is Happening Behind Our Sun?

Cosmic Frequency News 22 March 2023 – What Is Happening Behind Our Sun?

A huge dark circular object was detected by several world Physicists seemingly moving behind our Sun on Tuesday, 3/21/2023. The darkness was like what occurs as an eclipse is happening, but this is not yet the time of the solar eclipse which is analyzed to occur on April 20th of this year.

Cosmic Frequency News 21 March 2023 – New Moon Day

Cosmic Frequency News 21 March 2023 – New Moon Day

In the early morning of Tuesday, 3/21/2023, the day of the afternoon arrival of our New Moon in Tropical Aries at 1:23 PM (EDT), solar winds are traveling at 462.2 km/s, and a “C.1-Class” solar flare has lifted off from our Sun.

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