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Coronavirus And Ongoing Resolutions

SaLuSa Shalashian

Coronavirus And Ongoing Resolutions. By Gabriel RL.

While the world is in chaos, behind the scenes situations continue for ever deeper resolutions at all levels.

Our allies in the “eye of the hurricane” have been very effective in resolving many issues behind the scenes of the situation related to the Coronavirus which is a situation that will be controlled and that the “dark ones” will not be able to go any further, beyond this point, because they received a warning that it is “enough”, they will not be able to go further.

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Although some ask how they got at this point, it is necessary to emphasize that much is beyond your linear understanding.

It is necessary to go beyond the five senses. It is necessary to turn inward to really understand what is behind everything that is happening.

You certainly know that this virus was purposely created and planned to be unleashed at a key moment.

When all “dark” plans failed, they would try one last card, to reduce the earth’s population.

Coronavirus And Ongoing Resolutions - World Is In Chaos

World Is In Chaos

Coronavirus And Ongoing Resolutions

As evidently this plan has once again failed, they are trying to take advantage of every negative wave still present, because, as you well know, they feed on the fluids of fear that emanate from all of you in states of panic.

Of course, they also know that your media have not been telling the truth about what is really going on and, biased, they emphasized the number of deaths rather than the number of recovered, which is infinitely higher.

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Coronavirus And Ongoing Resolutions - Loving Energy

Loving Energy

Coronavirus And Ongoing Resolutions

The energy of the Earth, dear ones, your own loving energy that has brought you to this timeline, which has ensured that you will ascend to the higher dimensions is the energy that is also calling you not to be afraid.

Understand that, even though the situation is delicate, especially for those with weakened immune systems, fear may be triggering a breakdown, and leading them to weaken their internal defense system.

Isn’t that obvious, dear ones? Keep in mind that – watching everything with a lot of Love – discern everything that is being delivered to you through the media that, as you well know, has no intention of making you happy and confident. It is enough that you see the negative bombardment that is offered to you every day.

This is a time for you to learn to trust your hearts even more, your inner compass.

What does your heart say about all of this? What does your heart say about the news?

Go, beloved ones, to the inner sanctum and hear the answers from there.

Remember to keep your linear and rational minds disconnected, to avoid interferences in the communications.

Your souls are aware of everything that is happening and when you disconnect from fear and look at your souls, at your heart, you will have more peace of mind to deal with it and they – the “dark ones” – know it.

They know that their time has come to an end, and that you are in what we also call “the step back” and that you will then take two more ahead.

Do not focus on information that tells you that it will get worse, or that it will take years for it to resolve. This is completely out of the question.

You are on the ascension line and when you resume the step forward, you will be more strengthened and, contrary to what some might think, “no, there will be no return to normal”, because it would not even be possible.

You – I can say – will go back to a “new normal”, not the one before it all started.

There will be a significant improvement in your compassion. You will be more compassionate and loving and you will be wanting to live life in a more sublimated, smooth and peaceful way.

These times have also shown you the value of being more with yourself, the value of contact with those you love and, at the same time, with yourself, in your private isolations.

While all this is happening, do not forget that doctors and health professionals around the world, serious and devoted to the Light, are committed to bringing real information and solutions to the situation.

And while many others are being bribed by the “dark ones” to keep the panic widespread, the enlightened ones, in the middle of the hurricane, the professionals connected with the heart, will not be able to remain silent for much longer.

They will be like lotus flowers emerging from the dense and oppressive environment that you know very well.

Also know that when the vaccine arrives, despite the fact that the “dark ones” failed with the plan to drastically reduce the population with the infection, when they saw that they failed, they devised a plan B, which would be to introduce chips in the vaccines to have them even more under control.

Coronavirus And Ongoing Resolutions - Lotus


Coronavirus And Ongoing Resolutions

But they, in their arrogance, did not have the scientists, doctors and all health professionals connected with the Light who are working for the truth and who would come to spread their plans.

Not counting our fleets, more especially the Pleiadians, who have definitely prevented the injection of these microchips in vaccines.

So, rest assured and confident, as you will not be violated at this point. Although it seems that the “dark ones” are one step ahead, it is not what is really happening.

Behind the scenes, there are specific prisons and the siege is closing in on the main perpetrators of this crime against humanity on Earth.

While they too continue to send drones with the virus to deliver it to major centers, the Pleiadians have been working effectively to stop and contain these effects.

Anticipating your questions, dear ones, know that we are definitely working to help you at this moment in your history and that, although it seems that the “dark ones” are ahead, it is not what is really happening.

All of this is beyond your linear understanding and it is necessary for you to delve into it.

The most active work is happening outside your eyes and senses, and I can say: we are on the front lines and no one will hinder the progress of humanity on Earth.

There are currently three distinct groups on the Planet today:

1 – Those who are confident and, regardless of the situation, know that everything will be resolved and work, in harmony, for that.

2 – Those who are also confident, but their minds insistently ask when it will be resolved.

3 – Those who are in a panic.

Regardless of which group you feel you fit into, it is important that there is mutual respect between you at this time.

Coronavirus And Ongoing Resolutions - Unity


Coronavirus And Ongoing Resolutions

It is a time for everyone to be holding hands, as we assure you: the ones “of darkness” fear you. They fear your union.

They fear when you, regardless of your beliefs, are honoring and respecting yourself above all else.

They know the power of your union, which is why they are also trying to pit you against each other when they ferment certain information, like wearing or not wearing the mask.

First of all, dear ones, respect is needed from all sides, because this is really their last card when all their plans have failed: to put you one against each other, as they have so often done.

Respect each other, honor each other, love each other above all. Above right and left, with masks or without, believe or not in a certain situation.

Your union is what definitely disrupts any of their plans, and that’s what we’ve been trying to tell you for so long and why we can’t often intervene, because while we wait for you to be together, united in Love as one race, confront your differences and, fermented by what the “dark ones” desire, disagree and disengage, offering them – the “dark ones” – what they really want: to separate.

I am SaLuSa (Shalashian) from Sirius and as a spokesman for the Galactic Federation I say to all of you: you will go through this.

You are just around the corner to resume your step forward and, believe me, the “dark ones” already know that they did not succeed.

So, stay together, regardless of what you believe in, because, after all, it was never and never is whether you believe in A or B, whether you are left or right, but how much you managed to love and be above differences or do not.

That is what will be the differentiator and the thermometer that will point or not if you are ready to jump.

The leap you desire. The luminous road is right in front of you and while the debris left by the “dark ones” are removed, sing along listening to the Angels arriving en masse in the Solar System,

Selatherin A-al Arjaten! (In Sirian: Because Yes. We are all ONE!)

Be In Peace,

Be In The Light!

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To fear love is to fear life, and those who fear life are already three parts dead.

Bertrand Russell

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