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Consciousness Expansion SaLuSa

Consciousness Expansion SaLuSa

Consciousness Expansion SaLuSa. By Gabriel RL.

There is much certainty that your paths are converging to the same point: the Ascension.

Everywhere the signs are evident that something great is manifesting, something that is out of your most daring imagination about a world full of joy, abundance and peace.

What is coming for you is beyond that: too great to be expressed in words.

Although we have tried to bring information and give you an idea on ​​how it will be, it is something that you can explain when the leap happens, and each one of you will tell how was the experience in the highest realms.

DNit Telegram Channel


Of course, you have heard of many prophecies that tell of the End Times, and most of them portray this as an Armageddon, where most of the human race would be wiped out.

We always remember you: your faith is happiness and full wellness because all the timelines that would lead your civilization to extinction were annulled.

It is true that you are all already aware of these higher truths, since you came from there to help Mother Earth rise with her planetary body to the Spheres of Light.

Elevation of Mother Earth

Elevation of Mother Earth

Consciousness Expansion

Ascension Cycle

Second Harmonics of the Universe

One of the first things you are beginning to notice is the ease in bringing in memories of other lives, as well as plunging completely into the Akashic, bringing easily the feeling and/or the history of places.

Another thing is that you will experience more and more are the “Quantum Moments“, when timelines will be crossing right in front of you.

For example: if you live in a house and it is very nice, decorated in your way, with no “haunting” sign, but in the middle of the night you start to hear noises as if there were more people in the house, with the clear feeling that there is a family, which is not yours, making the table for the meal in the dining room, but there is “no one” in the house besides you?!

Dear ones, you may be crossing a time line where people are living in the same house where you live.


Much has happened during the past millennia so that you would now arrive at this turning point, where there is no other place to go, where all the timelines converge toward the Ascension and full consciousness.

Some of you can not understand completely this whole process further, but know that there is more help than you can imagine, ready to assist you in whatever it takes.

As you move toward full awareness, you will understand more of what is at stake and happening.

Quantum Moments

Quantum Moments

Consciousness Expansion



Consciousness Expansion

You will also see species, once “extinct”, reappear in nature, a clear sign that they had not ceased to exist, but only chosen to leave the dimension in which the human species was, because they felt fear or anything that would lead them to have insecurity about what you, the human race, could do to them.

As the vibrations are rising dramatically, they can return safely,

You will experience the reduction of the need to have many hours of sleep at night, as your bodies will be more energized and will not need so much rest.

Another thing that you will notice is the increase of your interaction with the realms of nature, being able to see them more easily and interact with them, in order to receive and donate loving information.

For a long time these beings have remained in the invisible, due to the fact that much of the Earth’s human species has been shrouded in something that I will call “inverse magnetism”.

The frequency is rising dramatically now and you will have contact with these beings.

Seed of Life and Consciousness

Seed of Life and Consciousness

Consciousness Expansion

You will have more time awake so you can experience more things and enjoy them more energetically.

Not that when you are in sleep do not have, but as you are in a reality where physicality is still present, and it is your desire to experience more of these things, so it will be, to the point where you will completely migrate to your motherships.

You can even migrate to other planets with different vibrations so you can continue your learning and expand asa souls.

These transitions will be smooth and you will not have to face so many challenges, because everything will be very pleasurable and you will always be very cheerful and determined, with a greater impulse for the next step.

I am SaLuSa of Sirius, and this is just one more of the messages that we have given to inspire you to continue confident your current paths and in certainty that you are surrounded by a lot of Magic and Light.

When you are aboard our ships, many times you are asking us to deliver messages (on Earth) by telling exactly what we had talked about on board, as a way of reminding everything we have been talking about, constantly.

It happens that some of you reading messages like this, you have the clear feeling of “you have heard this before“.

We can always give signs that we are indeed giving you these messages: let us only close your eyes in an environment where you feel comfortable and let our embrace get involved in a way that you feel all our energy.

It will not be difficult for you to recognize us, because our signature is very similar to yours. We are also “Stars Dust…”.

I leave our Love and Blessings to all of us who compose the Galactic Federation. Be in Peace, Be in the Light

Gabriel: Dear SaLuSa, always very honored and grateful!

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