Consciousness Awakening

Consciousness Awakening

Consciousness Awakening. By Teri Wade.

The biggest mystery of our existence is our own existence.

Who are we, where do we come from, where do we go when we die, what is our true nature?

When you pay attention everything is revealed to us, always has been.

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When we look at things around us we see them as solid matter but really it’s waves of energy and this energy represents many different outcomes of reality.

The physical world as we see it is not reality, reality is infinite and true reality has no beginning and no end, it does not exist in space and time, space and time exists with in it…

And this is consciousness.

Our existence and the existence of everything we see is dependent on your perception.

Your consciousness is your experiences, thoughts, emotions etc. it governs your Universe.

This will be your identity.

We see everything separate from us and that is just an illusion.

We are all one consciousness simultaneously observing and being observed.

We are not a drop of water in the ocean, we are the entire ocean in that drop.

Consciousness Awakening - Consciousness Manipulation

Consciousness Manipulation

Consciousness Awakening

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Your Consciousness is your AWARENESS of what’s being revealed to you every single day.

When you raise your vibration, you raise your consciousness/awareness meaning you start seeing things for what they really are… this is what’s happening to the human race right now.

The veil is being lifted, we are breaking through the heavy programming we have been under our entire existence.

Our 3D consciousness is starting to bleed through to the higher 4th and 5th dimensional realities.

The awakening of our consciousness, the activation of our DNA is what’s causing the human being to become our multidimensional self, the hybrid human we eventually will become.

Now you can see what organized religion, societal programming, the poisoning of our air, food, water and vaccinations etc. are really being used for, it’s all to keep our consciousness at a very low vibration, keeping our awareness at a dull resonance so we are soooo easily controlled.

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People rarely do what they believe. They do what is suitable, and then they regret.

Bob Dylan

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