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Connect to the Higher Self IUD-IL Pleiades-2

Connect to the Higher Self IUD-IL Pleiades-2

Connect to the Higher Self IUD-IL Pleiades-2. How we can connect more intensely to our Higher Self, go beyond the act of just doing it, and then stay connected?

The answer is to love in the most powerful and possible way. And if we can’t, just recognizing with that we are not capable, this way we will have the same interaction.

It’s not what you do but how you do it. The connection to the Higher Self is simply to love your earthly expression as it is, and in this love, recognize its limitations and potential, quietly and without worries.

Recognize Who You Are

The thing that takes you away from your Higher Self is not recognizing who you are, your Earth expression, not its negation.

It’s the denial of earthly feelings that are part of you.

Welcome them, and honor them, and the interaction with your Higher Self will take place at the same time that the old self will dissolve, and you will make room for the new.

The greatest work comes down to love yourself fully!

Connect to the Higher Self IUD-IL Pleiades-2 India

Love in the most powerful and possible way

Connect to the Higher Self IUD-IL

Acknowledge your humanity, recognize what makes you human, and love it in all its aspects. Embrace the Light and Darkness without distinction. Do not deny any of these aspects. Be compassionate with yourself!

Connect to the Higher Self IUD-IL

Higher Self

Connect to the Higher Self IUD-IL

Connect to the Higher Self IUD-IL Climbing

Get rid of the non essential

Connect to the Higher Self IUD-IL

Climbing a Mountain

If you plan to climb a mountain, the best way to do that, a part of being healthy, it is to take with you only the essential. Everything else will be just additional weight, useless, and will make it even more difficult the ascent.

More weight you will carry and more difficult will be the track to the top.

There will be times when you will slow down, because with so much weight your strength will be only used to keep you standing, preventing you from moving forward.

Before you try too hard to keep going leave what is most easily visible, then ask for help from those who have always been with you, so they can show you what you can let go, if you cannot figure out what, they will show you what is really essential!

Loving Yourself

Loving oneself must be a natural act for all beings, because we are all made of love.

This is the nature of every being, love yourself fully!

This simple act has become complex, because eons of programming eons has inculcated the idea that you were not worthy of genuine love, you are nothing compared to the universe, that it’s selfish to look for themselves first, you’re only a small beings and that you were born to pay for the mistakes of your parents, and the world is very difficult and you are fragile!

Close this Door!

The door of despair, fear, separation was open during our stay here, and now we must close it completely.

The time is now appropriate to do so! Now we need to recognize the Gods and Goddesses that we actually are!

The strength that we represent here on this Planet!

It’s time to be grateful to ourselves and to the Creator for all the energy that we can move and create here on this beautiful planet!

Connect to the Higher Self IUD-IL Love

Love Yourself

Connect to the Higher Self IUD-IL

It’s time to recognize our plane, along with the creation!

It’s time to know that we are made completely of Love, which is the energy of creation and thus could not be made of nothing but Love!

Time is right for reprogramming! Stop for a moment and reschedule the trip, reprogram your luggage, reschedule your collected knowledge.

You are endowed with a magnificent library connected to the Universe, and you have the keys in your hand. It is allowed, suggested, to put on your shelf just the information you need.

Eliminate the old books that someone has left there or were given you long time ago, they do just dust and take room. You have the wisdom and also assistants essays that can help you to do it!

Enjoy the moment that is leading this year, start when you want to, but the moment it’s appropriate now! You, now more than ever, have all the support you need!

A big hug to everybody!



IUD-IL (Blue Galaxy) is a stellar geneticist specialist. He belongs to an ancient and wise race. Was present on Pleiades thousands of years ago, when they were still evolving. Helped, perhaps, the creation of the physical bodies of the Pleiadians.

Similarly he helped in the creation of the Earth Experience. This race, for what is known, lives in a Galaxy that does not have the spiral shape and is unknown on Earth. It has a beautiful Blue Sun in the center. Usually these beings only from 2.5 to 3 meters high.

IUD-IL works on several planes simultaneously. Currently, in the Pleiades, it has a humanoid physical body. He is a very intelligent scientist, a professor in the field of relativity, as Einstein and Newton, with deep knowledge of the subject, in addition of being an incredible mathematician.


Gabriel Raio Lunar

Connect to the Higher Self

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