Commencement! - By Dr. Schavi M. Ali


Commencement! – By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

When students graduate from college, they are treated to a ceremony known as “Commencement”.

They march into an auditorium amidst lovely music while in front of them accolades carry banners that are symbolic of the university in which they matriculated and of the particular nation where that college is located.

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They are seated; there may be an invocation prayer; dignitaries make speeches; the graduates walk across the stage and are handed diplomas; and they finally march out of the auditorium as university administrators, faculty, family, and friends applaud their accomplishments.

However, the word “Commencement” does not indicate that something is ending. In fact, it is just the opposite.

In terms of the example ceremony just discussed, the students now go out into the wider world to work at specific careers or they may enroll into the same university or into another one for an advanced degree.

With this understanding in mind, there is a “Commencement” occurring—the beginning of a “ceremony” that has not occurred for approximately 500 planetary years (in the 14th century)—an eclipse portal that extends from November 19th, 2021 with a “Lunar Eclipse” until December 4th, 2021 when a “Solar Eclipse” will occur.

Commencement! - Portal



Various planetary geometrical angles (e.g. the Moon in conjunction to Uranus and squaring Jupiter and Saturn but in trine position to Pluto) provide cosmic “speeches” of vibrational frequencies, while the Great Central Sun oversees the “ceremonial procedures” as the Sun of our galaxy distributes energetic “diplomas”—all as a “Commencement” that will provide experiences for future acceleration of collective human and galactic consciousness according to the free will choices that are made.

We have entered a time frame whereby the cosmic space/time continuum is much more vast and potent with upgrades to creation that are dissolving disharmonious, erratic and chaotic “tones” and opening a veil that has long been hidden because of purposes of agendas that are not in alignment with the DIVINE SYMPHONY for those who used their free will unwisely, and thus, to the detriment of various planets and the creation upon them.

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​This, of course, includes the “blue planet”—Earth/Gaia whose waters, plant life, land masses, animals, and humans are being made new.

This is not saying that many kinds of seemingly chaotic happenings will not continue to disturb the planet.

When a cleansing is occurring in a given location, the debris that is being cleansed away must be seen in order to be removed and must be understood as being definitely something that needs removal.

Thus, there will be more earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, storms, and floods driven by higher cosmic forces.

There is a proverb that “One man’s garbage is another man’s treasure”.

Commencement! - Great Central Sun - Artist Concept

Great Central Sun – Artist Concept


In the case of SOURCE LIGHT, garbage is garbage, and treasure is treasure.

There can be no compromise.

Thus, the “ECLIPSE COMMENCMENT” will show us exactly what is indeed in need of removal—the tamperings with Nature (vile scientific experiments), oppressive regimes (military, political, racial, sociological), purposeful productions of famine (causing illness and starvation), religious indoctrination (making SOURCE seem like a mean, punishing “God” [who is mostly referred to with the male pronoun]), and many more “out-of-tune-programs”.

There are always eclipses; this is true.

They occur at least twice each year–lunar and solar.

However, this one—not having occurred for several hundred years—is a major call for awakening, for gaining new knowledge, for applying new concepts to a world filled with delusion, illusion, fear, and feelings of superiority on the part of many.

Yet, even this eclipse portal, mirroring the one hundreds of years ago, is only a taste of what has been brewing for thousands of years prior.

Step by step, eon by eon, era by era, so-called “humanity” has been moving further and further away from its DIVINE “imprinting” like a seemingly sophisticated computer system that “thinks” it can work alone without receiving its power from a wifi connection.

Even these connections are not possible without the electromagnetic currents created by SOURCE in a time continuum that only SOURCE knows, for human timing is artificial in so many ways but necessary for planetary daily functions.

What we do, what we develop, what we experience in the functions of the timing is what determines how we elevate and re-gain our connection to SOURCE.

In other words, how we “begin again” within our planetary home after the “Commencement” is important.

Eclipses require both release of the old and stepping forward into the “new”.

This particular eclipse is not just about what we may need to release from a few months or a few years ago, but what must be eradicated from many eons and ages of wrong thoughts, feelings, words, and actions which have contributed to the build-up of the confusions in the “Now”.

Human beings around the globe are scattering and tossing about lost in a turbulent sea of their own making—“Kali Yuga” (“Age of Chaos”) at its most disturbing.

By December 29th of 2021, Jupiter will move into Pisces (Tropical Zodiac), and Neptune, which governs Pisces, will move into direct motion in that same sign on December 2nd of 2021 after having been retrograde since June 21st of 2021.

Commencement! - Pisces



Jupiter’s message is opportunity for expansion, higher consciousness, new philosophical frameworks, and Neptune symbolizes potential spiritual development.

By the spring or autumn of 2022 (according to the hemisphere where people reside when the Sun moves into Tropical Aries or Sidereal Pisces on March 21st ), a keener focus will exist dealing with how humanity has collectively chosen to live—to learn more fully of its opportunity to move into multi-dimensionality and crystallization or to cower in continual reliance on disharmonious disordered states of being.

Do we journey to the “Cosmic Auditorium” for “Commencement”?

This “Eclipse Portal” is a “course review” of long-past time frames so “study'” still must be done.

We are preparing for our walk out into a new “Now”—an eventual “Golden Age”.

It is long in its coming, but it will arrive. It is the proclamation of SOURCE.

In the “kindwhile” (instead of “meanwhile”), let us seriously think about how we want our world, our planet, to look and to be.

We have been given more power in our individual and collective consciousness than we realize.

We already have lots of LIGHT within us, and it is steadily still building throughout our DNA.

Commencement! - Eclipse Portal

Eclipse Portal


We can either cut-off the LIGHT or we can empty-out old cellular debris so that greater LIGHT can soar through us.

We are free to choose.

This “Eclipse Portal” is an opportunity for a better “do-over”.


Please consider joining THE MANTRA MOVEMENT. Details can be found in the article of this same name.

Those who recite the mantra daily and who invite others to do so are LIGHT AMBASSADORS.

Let us "LIGHT-UP" our planet with LOVE, PEACE, and WELLNESS on all levels.

Much Love to Everyone!

Commencement! – Dr Schavi M Ali

The Mantra Movement

Let us "LIGHT-UP" our planet with LOVE, PEACE, and WELLNESS on all levels.

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The Super-Charged Lion’s Gate Of 2020

The Super-Charged Lion’s Gate Of 2020

he “Lion’s Gate Portal” this year is one of the most powerful of tune-ups that will occur, and it will symbolically be held open by a powerful lion situated on each side of it. In ancient times, the “Neter” (“Divine Force of Nature”) known as “Sekhmet” was a lion-headed Goddess who walked thru “Geb” (the name for Earth in Kemet) destroying the toxicity of evil.

Neowise Streaking Thru The Sacred Skies

Neowise Streaking Thru The Sacred Skies

As cosmic events continue to occur–many of which will astound traditional scientists and cause them to scratch their heads and look wide-eyed in wonder– those persons who are attuned to the “Divine Symphony” and who are also registered in the “Cosmic University” as advanced students, will be the ones who will encourage even the traditionalists to release their often know-it-all egos and to realize that they indeed do not know everything about space after all.

Galactic Activation Portal Opens

Galactic Activation Portal Opens

There are many cosmic portals, many of which overlap with each other. On Monday, July 13, 2020, begins a ten-day “Galactic Activation Portal” which will end on Wednesday, July 22, 2020, just before the “Galactic New Year’s Day” on July 25th. which is often referred to as “The Day Out of Time”.

Earth Gaia Pole Shift

Earth Gaia Pole Shift

Many scientists (both traditional and those who are more spiritually-focused) have stated in meetings and in published documents that a planetary shift is imminent, and the seeming erratic movements of what is more commonly known as the “Schumann Resonance” (which is more accurately expressed as the “Energy of Consciousness Currents” and as the term “Power”), attests to the preparation for the planet’s coming zero point energy field and then a pole shift.

After-Effects Of The Eclipse Portal

After-Effects Of The Eclipse Portal

The first three eclipses of 2020 have occurred: Lunar June 5th, Solar June 21st, and another Lunar July 4th or 5th (allowing for time zone differences). Another set of three eclipses will occur in the autumn, giving us six in total which is extremely rare to happen in one year. Besides these eclipses, there was the Summer Solstice, and there have been solar flares, coronal mass ejections, cosmic waves, comets, and the retrogradation of several planets.

Dna Enhancement Thru Sound And Light

Dna Enhancement Thru Sound And Light

Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) is a transmitter and receiver of SOUND AND LIGHT just as is “Mama Earth/Gaia”, and thus, DNA contains codes of information which do not just deal with our earthly physiological, mental, and emotional make-up as received from our ancestors and current parents; rather, it also contains HIGHER KNOWLEDGE of the celestial realms which allow us to connect with our HIGHER SELVES, our SOULS, which is our Divine heritage.

Powerful Blasts Of Light – A Reminder Of The Transformative Times!

Powerful Blasts Of Light – A Reminder Of The Transformative Times!

As of this report, we are just a few days from the Lunar Eclipse of July 4th or 5th of 2020 according to individual time zones, and we have reached the mid-point of the year. We have had two other eclipses already: a Lunar Eclipse on June 5th and a Solar Eclipse on June 21st which also established a new “Galactic Time Sequence”.

Understanding The Original Yogas

Understanding The Original Yogas

The Sanskrit word “Yoga” translates into English as “Divine Union” which refers to being yoked to the ABSOLUTE, to SOURCE, to which we are always attuned via our Higher Self, the Soul. Endeavoring in adherence to the “Yogas” is a lifestyle–not a periodic ritualistic practice during a special time or for a quick fix during the course of a day. The original “Yogas” are the root from which many other “Yoga” systems have been created in modern times.

Time To Focus On Illumination

Time To Focus On Illumination

Prepare for much to occur in the weeks and months ahead. Be leveled-up along with Earth/Gaia. “She” is expressing lots of elevated frequencies and amplitudes. Sometimes “She” has a quiet few moments, but most of the time, “She” is very active with higher energetics in the inner and outer fields–the magnetics and geo-magnetics. These are amazing times!

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