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Color Light Channels - Pleiadians Message

Color Light Channels

Pleiadians Message – June 8 2017

Color Light Channels – Pleiadians Message. By Gabriel RL.

The Pleiadians asked to report that Blue and Violet Color Light Channels are being installed on all the planet at this very moment, in order to accelerate the process of “Karmic Liberation.”

This will trigger situations, for some, a little agitated, because the karmic processes still “dormant” will immediately come to the fore.

Naturally, soon after, you will strengthen your ties with those with whom you have more “complicated” Karmic Ties, in a lovingly and comprehensively way.

Awakening of the Karmic Processes

Awakening of the Karmic Process

Color Light Channels – Pleiadians Message

The intention is not to create confusion, but rather to accelerate certain processes that will trigger more rapidly the rise of the Planet as a whole.

Some more psychically sensitive persons will be able to see the “installation” of these Color Light Channels throughout the Planet, like lightning coming down from the sky and settling on the surface.

Very grateful, always. Gabriel RL

Arcturian Message

Humanity Ready to Overcome the Illusion

Message from Anka the Rptilian

Reptilian of the Light

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