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Codes Vs Viruses - The Great Quantum Transition

Codes Vs Viruses

The Great Quantum Transition

Codes Vs Viruses – By Lev




I have noticed a weird, slightly unpleasant feeling a bit above the solar plexus area, in the center of heart level. Almost like you feel a sensation of “sinking” or something touching you there…

I can say what I can feel within and the process that is ongoing with me. It correlates with massive internal changes that “pour out” outwards. The energy is different, although it is normally still fluctuating from day to the day. The energy is much more refined, puts a much higher and much wider perspective onto all things. The energy is very calming and peaceful. There is a much bigger understanding on all levels that calms and reassures the direction.
Some purges come periodically in some months. Assuming it will continue and has the potential to stir up the things… however, these purges enabled a lot of the old to be released.

Without releasing of old, there is still stubborn clinging to old. I see close people to me living in one completely another reality. Yet, I cannot help them … they must help themselves first and foremost. It’s their choice.

I have a feeling that at one point, maybe one single moment, the humans will finally realize with every single part of their being that they are truly immortal, eternal and that every single positive experience they had is always within them. At that moment, they will collapse the old matrix completely, collapse the time constraints and collapse the illusion/delusion.

There will be a death of “death” and that will be a new beginning, which is the self-realization of original reality. At that point, none will be “late”, in a chase with time, in a chase with false matrix “ambitions”.


17/06/2021 at 8:29 pm

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I have been working internally for many years and I have always believed myself solid to neutralize destabilizing effects of energy. But in the last few days, everything is different, it costs me more, I have to lie down on the floor and take breaths, Yesterday I felt a presence of red energy visible in the sky and my head was spinning as if I was drunk, it was difficult for me to fix my look. It doesn’t scare me, it’s part of the game, I subscribe to what Daedalus says. I have the feeling that many times I am called to do these energetic works, what I call putting Earth, and I understand that it has nothing particular because I work with people.

The other day a lamp came on and I woke up, it happened without anyone touching it. The lamp was at the feet of Guan Yin, it was an extraordinary connection and I saw people saying goodbye, I have related it to the division of the souls…. I felt immense pain in part of them, bearing energy of selfishness, anxiety, and struggle for success or money had powerfully traumatized them, even in some cases they had made a pact to continue incarnated, giving their life force with serious damage to people who were around them, but especially to themselves. I relate it to the opening of the astral for a while, I suppose that allowing discrimination and that it gives rise to people to recognize their mistakes when I feel those things I know that part of my job is to put stillness, silence, and a great anchor on Earth, I have noticed that the people involved soften but unfortunately it does not last long.

I am well aware that the search for harmony has many modalities, in general, I usually feel ben, but sometimes when these experiences happen I am exhausted. It is true that in the last few days maintaining harmony is very expensive and I suppose it will grow even more by all the reports that you advance us.


18/06/2021 at 12:46 pm

I would like to confirm that many revelations are manifesting here around us, for those who have “eyes” to see it and open heart to feel it. My specific role is to hold the space of Unconditional Love and allow omnipotence to manifest itself. Sometimes a higher presence streams out of me, like some assistance of very high-frequency energies make adjustments to current or ancestors energetic fields and releasing old patterns, energy blocks, imbalances of many people around me if they allow and trust. This work is done on levels that are not visible to the human eye, which amazes me so greatly.

A very strong message about humanity came to me, which I would like to share: “This is not your CHOICE! REMEMBER, it’s not your choice! This is your DUTY! This is the greatest mission you have come for … to LOVE YOURSELF COMPLETELY and UNCONDITIONALLY. How dare you think that you can love something or someone without loving yourself completely and unconditionally?!”


16/06/2021 at 10:22 am

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Billions of people are experiencing severe energy overload right now. This phenomenon carries several layers.

One is Source reference codes, new space energies, and evolutionary attunements (including creative chaos energies).

Codes Vs Viruses - New Space Energies
New Space Energies

Codes Vs Viruses

Some of the symptoms include fire body activation, walking pain in the body, and many others.

There are also parasite programs that are introduced to make the situation worse.

Those with clairvoyance sometimes see such a picture on the Subtle Plane. The night city, with its glowing lights, is densely shrouded in a gray mist. The sky is dark with thick clouds, from which balls of mud, the size of a ball, and fall to the ground.

There is so much mud everywhere, and it runs down in big drops. And above the clouds shines bright Light. These are the energies and golden codes that are coming into the planet but are having a hard time getting through the dirt.

For many years, there have been flows from the Source to Earth, raising the vibrations of the planet and people, accompanied by the inevitable “lifting up of the sludge from the bottom” (resentment, anger, envy, pride, etc.).

A critical mass has now been reached that requires working out and complete cleanup. Further energies are impossible.

Higher Light Hierarchy sends energy codes (or reference codes) to humanity through guides to help burn out and process the accumulated dirt.

Codes Vs Viruses - Energy Dirt
Energy Dirt

Codes Vs Viruses

These codes activate inner reserves, inner forces, inner Light. What is called the activation of the fire body is a manifestation of the reference codes, essentially our purification.

Dark entities that are behind the distortion of the original Matrix and Source system codes on Earth are not interested in our change toward Light.

For them, it is the loss of feeding troughs – financial on the physical plane and energetic on the Subtle Plane. They have created a mental program based on reference codes and Gray Fog cells (fear virus) and pass it off as a pandemic.

Darkies in each country have codes for this virus program. They use them to code the program for themselves so that the local egregores have access and control, variability of symptoms, and others.

Reference codes come to us in response to inner call when our Spirit awakens. The pandemic program clings primarily to any fear (like attracts to like) and to the clutter of our Soul and body.

On the Subtle Plane, the fear virus in many people’s bodies resembles oil and is capable of taking human form. It is not an individual entity but part of the collective mind.

Without contracts or contracts, the virus comes to those people who allow it themselves. It operates on the principle: why not if no one forbids it.

Codes Vs Viruses - Viruses

Codes Vs Viruses

The implementation of programs and reference codes occurs in different ways:

  • Only reference codes come in and, depending on our inner work on selves, the symptoms can range from inconspicuous to fire-like;


  • In the case of unworked fears, both kinds come. And then it also depends on our inner workings, on our ability not to succumb to fear. The stronger the fear, the weaker the defense, the more power the virus program gains;


  • Only the virus program comes in.
Why do we not accept reference codes, but only the virus program? It’s because of our absolute unpreparedness because all of our channels for receiving energies are clogged by the corks.

Does death always come if only a virus program goes in, or is there a chance of survival?

There are always chances. If we completely reconsider our lives, if full awareness comes and our Spirit awakens, then we survive.

If we do not accept what is happening, continue to cling to old beliefs, blame the others and Universe for what is happening to us, the chances of survival decrease.

To accept the new, it is necessary to destroy the old. Some are not ready to receive new energy, new information: their bodies and Souls can’t.

It is not possible or even reasonable for them to stay here any longer. They leave to return soon in new bodies. This is not karmic retribution. They are given a chance for positive evolution.

Codes Vs Viruses - Leave To Return Soon
Leave To Return Soon

Codes Vs Viruses

Under the influence of the new reference codes, dormant genes and polymorphs (cells capable of changing shape and function) are activated in our bodies. They trigger symptoms according to our psychology.

But it’s not that simple. The virus program pulls symptoms from the egregores, collective thought-forms created and pumped up by the emotions and thoughts of hundreds of millions of people. There are a couple of other very important points.

Our body has a memory of all viruses and infections. In the human genetic code, viral genes account for 7%. We activate those of them which are necessary at a particular moment to work through certain psychosomatics.

The “pandemic” program works similarly, triggering those viruses and infections that are most active in us or correspond to our psychosomatic condition at the time of its work (adenovirus, herpes, etc.)

Codes Vs Viruses - DNA Memory Of Viruses
DNA’s Memory Of Viruses

Codes Vs Viruses

Interesting results were obtained by doctors examining people on a bio-resonance testing machine. This machine detects past infections, which ones have been there recently.

It eliminates the possibility that the infection will go undetected after the quarantine period has passed.

It turned out that all the patients who had been to the doctors after the disease with confirmed Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Delta tests did not have even a hint of them. The standard viruses were there.

The second point is that some people’s cellular memory of the ancient virus is activated.

These were the times when the Dark Hierarchy created a virus that wiped out a huge number of people. For them, development after a certain level is associated with the fear of death. For others, who were involved in the development and spread of the virus, – with the activation of self-destruct programs. For further development, they need to work out the old fears.

Reference codes in this case help to process and burn these fears. But sometimes the “pandemic” program is also connected which activates the ancient virus itself and pulls up the symptoms from the egregores.

All egregores are stuck in the planet’s noosphere, in the layer of the collective unconscious, or the astral. This layer has long been occupied by Dark Forces and civilizations.

Codes Vs Viruses - Egregore

Codes Vs Viruses

Why do they need it?

The consciousness of each of us born on this planet has access to the unique magical powers of Gaia and the Sun. Any consciousness can materialize anything using these powers.

They are subject only to our consciousness – it is so inherent in the birth of consciousness here in our world.

Magic is the property of people and only them. It is these properties of human consciousness that interest the creators of egregores.

They have always tried to keep our consciousness in the noosphere of the planet. Hence, they are trying to “fleece” our consciousness, to put different programs and hooks on us. The purpose is not to allow us to go to higher frequency levels of understanding and evolve.

Today the Galactic Committee and friendly space races are actively cleansing the astral plane. This includes destroying the egregores and saving us from falling into this layer at the end of our physical life.

Many energy attacks on us are lessons to work through which we attract but seek to avoid at all costs.

Codes Vs Viruses - Energy Attack
Energy Attack

Codes Vs Viruses

Just as a kid tries to hide in the closet from his parents to avoid an explanation for eating chocolate, so adult uncles and aunts can have a mania of pursuing enemies and a desire to bedeck themselves with amulets, runes, spheres, and magical stones.

By protecting from any minor external influences, we deprive ourselves of the lesson here and now, thereby postponing it to the future and multiplying its excess potential, for we will have to go through it anyway.

It makes more sense to gradually work through our weaknesses, emotions, beliefs, and character traits that attract unwanted situations into our lives than refuse to interact with external stimulus-teachers if we still have not learned the lesson.

It’s better to work through it gradually on simple events than to be constantly in an armored cocoon of “protection from negativity. In this way, we attract even more dodgy “aggressors” who fulfill their function in the teacher’s ecosystem.

We must remember: the world is our reflection, what is inside is outside. We shape our reality with every thought and word.

The more we fear and try to defend ourselves, the more the world will give us visual lessons on the law of resonance, until we begin to take responsibility for ourselves instead of shifting it to external forces and circumstances that are supposedly beyond our control.

Similarly, our character, beliefs, attitudes, genetics, developmental level, attachments, relationships with the world, etc., affect the symptoms and complications of the proverbial “pandemic”.

Those who suffer in the first place are stubborn people who are not ready to accept change, who are angry, who do not value their life or the life of others.

Codes Vs Viruses - Not Ready To Accept Change
Not Ready To Accept Change

Codes Vs Viruses

If our body is clogged up by taking all kinds of drugs over the years, the flow of energies in the organs is disturbed; there is a lot of congestion in the channels, and a high probability that we will have complications.

There are times when a person’s body is so clogged up that the virus has nothing to latch on to. In such cases, the person will go away for other reasons – cancer, heart attacks, strokes, etc.

Many people are being devoured energetically by egregores. Especially by the egregores of money, sex, careerism, etc. leaving less energy for selves, and recovery.

The viral program’s global purpose is to feed the Big Pharma and System egregores, powering them financially and energetically. That is why governments are so actively trying to sow panic to draw in as many people as possible. This is an attempt to get the flock back into the dying egregores.

The System seeks to prevent changes. No one wants to leave their lofty perch. Fear and anger are built up. People are deliberately pumped up with these emotions.

On the Subtle Plane, one can see a dark vortex beneath the planet where the energies of pain, suffering, and fear flow down. But on the global level, even Darkies work for overall development. A prime example of this is how positively people change when they are on the brink of life and death.

Codes Vs Viruses - Dark Vortex
Dark Vortex

Codes Vs Viruses

Is the virus actively process our karma?

Reference codes – yes. Viral programs – no. The latter squeeze the maximum out of us, through our fear, pain, and suffering, financially and energetically.

If behind the reference codes is the Higher Light Hierarchy, supervising the Great Quantum Transition, behind the viral program are the Archons and Dark Forces, remaining on the astral, etheric and physical planes.

Therefore, codes and viruses work differently. The reference codes will be fully in effect when a critical mass of people who have worked out their clutter and are capable of accepting new energies is reached.

A virus program will work as long as it has something to cling to. The more we get rid of our dirt, blockages, and fears and increase our awareness, the less the virus program will cling to us because there will be nothing to cling to.

Talking about timing makes no sense. The Co-Creators are doing their best. But it all depends on us.

Codes Vs Viruses - Co-creators Help
Co-Creators’ Help

Codes Vs Viruses

That’s why it’s so important to regularly check our thoughts and emotions to see if they belong to us. We need to weed out embedded thoughts. Constantly check ourselves for fears, thank them for the lessons, and let them go.

Fear is a guardian that has been forced upon us. It’s time to send it back to its creators.

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