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Codes Vs Viruses Part 2 - The Great Quantum Transition

Codes Vs Viruses Part 2

The Great Quantum Transition

Codes Vs Viruses Part 2 – By Lev.


It is sad to see the level of negative energy that humanity emits while so many Entities of Light, of all hierarchies, from different corners of the Cosmos, work tirelessly 24/7 to bring Gaia and humanity into the fifth dimension without major damage.

These are decisive times, and we must resist being shipwrecked in the 3D dimension, salvation is ahead of us, it is we who must move towards the 5D, the 3D energies have increased severely, and it is easy to fall into the trap. As you said; we have to control our thoughts if they belong to us, that is the most important thing to do every day. We should not be afraid of anything that belongs to 3D, being careful and taking precautions not to go back to 3D.


19/06/2021 at 8:05 pm

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So to advance take into account the mental, astral, and physical body in cleansing otherwise there is no release.

I have spent part of my life studying and plowing and I am very far still and especially more at present. I will be a little brutal in words. The astral body serves as garbage of actions etc… of the physical body.

By creating negative thought-forms we create larva scheme etc. That is placed on the astral plane we give them life and like any living being, he needs to eat, and drink. It is the physical body by the thought that provides him his food and he needs it more and more to grow when it becomes more an uncontrollable addiction that can push him to suicide.


19/06/2021 at 3:53 pm


At present, many of us have had days of joy, creativity, and energy-filled days often abruptly replaced by days of apathy, irritation, desolation, and even depression and hatred.

Sometimes sharp ups and downs alternate by the hour, especially if we react to the momentary impulses of our Ego.

This is how the numerous mental programs of the Archons operate. They are still trying to lower our vibrations to the old 3D level, preventing us from rising to the new 5D level.

Codes Vs Viruses Part 2 - 5D Vibes

5D Vibes

Codes Vs Viruses Part 2

DNit Telegram Channel


In our interpersonal relationships, these programs work like a virus of division. They bring confusion between loved ones, illusory resentment, angriness, and provoke accusations and mistrust.

The floor to one of the Light Forces’ ground team leaders:

“I recently encountered this at a meeting with other groups that were held in a mountainous area. On the Subtle Plane, it was attended by representatives of friendly space races. The topic of the meeting was the sharing of territories for the Lightwork on the planet.

On the first day, during a group meditation, a virus activation occurred. I then perceived it as taking the prints off our phantoms, as stealing information about the identity of the participants through the hacking of inner space.

Three hours after meditation, I began to dislike everyone around me, although before that it had been joyful and cool to see them. Now they were annoying. I wanted to be alone. And my close friend with whom I had come was especially irked me.

We lived in the same tent. As I looked more closely, I realized that he felt the same way. He wore headphones, didn’t look me in the eye, though normally we would have been joking, laughing, chatting, sharing our impressions of the day.

One of the most obvious symptoms was evident: a person under the influence of the virus avoids direct gaze.

I went to sleep in silence. I was saved by the fact that I know and am aware of my true state. It is light, luminous, and joyful. Realized what was going on, I began to see where the wind was blowing from.

I energetically cleaned myself and put a block on the manipulation of my consciousness. It was bright and good again.

Codes Vs Viruses Part 2 - Putting The Block

Putting The Block

Codes Vs Viruses Part 2

My friend “didn’t let go” until the following afternoon. I just waited for him to balance out a bit. We talked, cleaned up again. And, voila, the world was alive and colorful again.

But the whole time the meeting was going on there were resentments, grievances, and discontent. So Darkies who came from nowhere attacked us.

Clairvoyantly, we saw that everyone was hurt. Interpersonal relationships were on the verge of breaking down. Only an understanding and awareness of our inner strength helped us cope with the situation.

But still, I missed a few times the separation virus hits. When our energies come together, it allowed us to continue the meeting.

Archons don’t like it. They immediately activated the virus to attack, paralyze, and destroy us. It was a manipulation of consciousness and emotions in its purest form.”

Upon closer inspection on the Subtle Plane, the Lightwarriors saw that their bodies were penetrated by a network of a gray jelly-like energy’s capillaries. On the outside, it sparkled with gold.

Codes Vs Viruses Part 2 - Capillary Gray Energy

Capillary Gray Energy

Codes Vs Viruses Part 2

They cleaned it up, burned it out but saw that there were still sparks in the field looking like tiny particles. They did not contain any apparent grayness. When cleaned, they seemed harmless.

But the problem is that, under certain conditions, this nastiness unfolds out from these sparks, permeating the whole man’s body.

Dark Forces spread the separation virus in the form of spore sparks. They are dormant until activated. Many of us are carriers of such spores.

Unobtrusively, the System embeds them into our energies, each one clinging to something deeply personal. As long as the virus is latent, just staying in our bodies, we can live. When the System activates it, anger and aggression immediately erupt in us.

It’s hard to get rid of spores. That’s why the spore-sparks don’t burn out because it glows. It is not recognizable as Evil.

Spores don’t need to be purged from our field. The original energy in them is very strong. In its natural form, it is a gift. You just have to reboot your program. Re-flash what’s been re-flashed.

It means establishing a new law within our cells, at the level of DNA, chromosomes, and the whole body.

It is important to understand (as always) what emotional hook we were caught on. How separation came about in our relationships.

Codes Vs Viruses Part 2 - Chromosomes


Codes Vs Viruses Part 2

Once we understand the “intention” of the spark, simply reprogram ourselves with positivity on all planes. And continue to shine the bright light that restores our energies and unity.

It is important to do this purposefully but very carefully, avoiding attempts to get rid of all the negativity in one sitting.

Imagine your body as a vessel of water in which various clots of stagnant energy and sometimes accumulated dirt are floating.

These can be resentments, fears, hatred, envy, lust, anger, greed, and other negative emotions that are still not fully worked out, i.e. are not curbed and require our attention, ideally each individually.

While the flow of energies in the body is calm, clots and stagnation usually cling to the organs that signal to us urgent tasks through psychosomatic illnesses.

We can work through them in a measured mode, gradually clearing our system, giving ourselves and our bodies time to readjust and adapt.

And then many of us joyfully decide to activate cleansing, i.e., to run a powerful flow of energy through our entire system, disregarding the blockages.

Some think that this way they can “flush out” everything unnecessary from self. But what will happen in the end? We will end up with all our problems surfacing at once and demanding an immediate audience since we have declared our readiness to solve them.

Codes Vs Viruses Part 2 - Flush Out Everything

Flush Out Everything

Codes Vs Viruses Part 2

At the same time, all the aches and emotions explode like grenades, and showdowns with loved ones erupt, and the release of hormones with all the ensuing consequences.

Our primary defense is and continues to be, mindfulness. If we realize that we are rejecting a part of ourselves or a loved one, we will reflect before we jump to conclusions and will not rush to immediate decisions. That always helps.

Such conditions don’t always have to be weeded out. Our body will cope on its own if we don’t feed the virus.

The analogy with the birth of the Universe, the Gray Fog, or the egg and the sperm cell is very appropriate here.

At one time, Co-Creators allowed the existence of Gray Fog as a catalyst for evolution. Then the rejected aspects of our Souls and other mutation woofers and technogeeks began to mingle with it.

Initially, Gray Fog works like a scavenger hunt: either we evolve and find ways to heal when illnesses, blockages, and breakdowns arise, or become lazy, rotten, low, and pedigree to others. It’s all honest.

Like Gray Fog, the separation virus also has a sleeping effect, and as such is actively used by the System. On the Subtle Plane, it programs us as follows:

– Keep your head down, live quietly;

– You need governors; without them you’re nothing;

– Don’t go against authority, don’t ask unnecessary questions…

The further process is similar to the behavior of a fertilized egg. Its division begins, and the organism develops from micro to macro. The spore spark gradually unfolds its field structures, organs, nervous system, etc.

This process is manifested as fractals for single-celled organisms as well as for complex bodies, families, genera, nations, civilizations, Galaxies, and Universes.

Codes Vs Viruses Part 2 - Everything Is Fractal From Micro To Macro

Everything Is Fractal From Micro To Macro

Codes Vs Viruses Part 2

If at the stages of conception there is no synchronicity between individual cells and organs, if they cannot work through minor tasks and disagreements in their embryonic phase, then the development of the whole organism is impossible.

Nature has mechanisms to detect such incompatibilities and mutations. The fetus is rejected not only through the “fault” of individual cells (a genetic malfunction), but also due to the parents’ unwillingness to accept a Soul that is too different from them in vibrations.

In other spheres, this can manifest as aggression or un-readiness of the environment to accept a new being, idea, concept (inquisition, witch hunts, conspiracy, esotery), or the desire to distort the originally pure evolutionary impulse beyond recognition (religions, crypto-currencies, energy practices).

As a rule, there are no real reasons for the negative states in most cases, or they are amplified many times by our Ego.

If we react to the impulses of viral programs negatively, it in many cases manifests in us as a deep distrust of the surrounding world, loved ones, and ourselves, up to the point of paranoia. As a consequence, a struggle begins within us, with all around, and the stereotypes imposed by the System are inflated.

A good example is a so-called tolerance that generates numerous scandals and rifts between groups of different opinions.

From a low orbit on the Subtle Plane one can see how different programs affect the Earth. They have access to almost all humans, building not only a vertical connection with humans but also many horizontal connections.

All people are like neurons and batteries. Different programs are operating – of egregores, State, and corporations… All are interconnected, being parts of the parasitic Archon System.

Codes Vs Viruses Part 2 - Viruses Programs

Viruses Programs

Codes Vs Viruses Part 2

All who are at war with their fear often receive a backlash instead of balance and healing.

The fear virus creates illusions not only on the physical plane but also on the Subtle Plane, shaping our perceptions, distorting information, exacerbating differences.

For many of us, these mental programs overshadow the voice of reason and intuition, our Soul and Heart.

What helps? To rest in Spirit and Love, allowing them to enter and spiritualize our lives. If we increase our frequency by them, the fear virus and its programs die.

Most importantly, we have to stop fighting them.

Codes Vs Viruses Part 2 - Fear's Virus

Fear’s Virus

Codes Vs Viruses Part 2

How to trace mental programs on the Subtle Plane, on the personal level, and in events?

On the Subtle Plane, they are embedded through our chakras, mostly in the upper part of the body. In space, they can look like a transparent gel and varying density fog or technogeeks and psycho-energetic structures similar to a neural net.

The main points of concentration of mental programs are large cities. Powerful dissemination comes through the MSM and the Internet. But the primary conductors are we, not wanting to change and continuing to feed them.

It is important to understand that some stagnant and uncomfortable energies come not so much for attacks (as we usually perceive them to be) as for reminders of themselves.

If in the past we have encountered the above-described manifestations, it means that we have already had contact with them in other incarnations, and now they come as a test for our stability. And in some cases – to heal us.

The main varieties of mental viruses are the fears of poverty, illness, death, and loneliness.

It is for these buttons that the examiners push so that we finally realize that our fears are illusory, everything is in our hands.

The core programs themselves are forming autonomously. But often their seeds are nurtured by us if we are unwilling to recognize the destructive aspects of our thoughts and emotions.

Codes Vs Viruses Part 2 - Mental Viruses

Mental Virus

Codes Vs Viruses Part 2

On the one hand, viral programs work to activate the fears listed, to divide and suppress our will. On the other hand, they work on the awareness of internal stagnation, suppressed emotions, and beliefs.

So they allow each of us to better understand ourselves and change if we wish, thereby removing their influence and letting fear go away.

Programs work for the constant interference of our Ego, giving it food for resentment. Our Ego likes to divide into “good and bad” and look for enemies.

It is not just subject to fears. Sometimes our Ego is under their slavery.

Soul and Spirit do not experience fear and are mostly unaffected by mental programs. For Spirit, fear is simply a play option; for Soul, it is a catalyst for growth.

If we build our reality out of Love and Soul, it is much easier for us to get rid of the virus of fear. A simple intention is enough in such cases.

As soon as the intention goes through our Ego, destructive structures are connected a fee is charged.

Codes Vs Viruses Part 2 - Our Ego

Our Negative Ego

Codes Vs Viruses Part 2

If the intention comes from our Soul and Heart, it is realized without cost, as a gift for sincerity and depth of awareness of life.

By our Heart, all unnecessary things are easily sifted out. When the Heart is used, what is called magic unfolds: a completely new and clean path is opened from old impurities.

In some cases, provocative events are shaped intentionally. We have to learn to keep track of them.

For example, we may be traveling with a loved one in the car and start an argument on the spot, for no good reason.

It is important to remember that any sudden outburst of indignation is precisely a provocative impulse. In these cases, we must simply let the situation go, react differently, withdraw internally, or remain silent.

We should not look for enemies but rather carefully monitor our destructive emotions, beliefs, and external irritants.

There is no place for fear, conflict, and war in the new 5D space. It is based on Love, peacemaking, and understanding. This is why there is so much pressure on us now to work through these fears.

How not get caught on the hooks of mental programs?

Codes Vs Viruses Part 2 - Not To Be Hooked

Not To Be Hooked

Codes Vs Viruses Part 2

Everyone has a choice of how to behave in the provocation, either to fall in vibration or to raise it. We can beat ourselves up, withdraw from people, become scandalized, or go on a personal war with those we don’t like.

Or we can calmly deal with the situation and overcome it, not allowing our exuberant Ego to block the urges of Soul and Spirit.

The more we show pure intention, kindness, and Love, the stronger and more invulnerable we become.

Fear and similar energies cannot harm us in and of themselves but they can attract unwanted events and states to us. In many cases, fear passes easily through body relaxation, creativity, meditation, and breathing practices. Pumping up willpower and intention with physical activity is also very useful.

Fear begins with our thoughts and emotions. If we are full of anxiety and negativity and are not willing to work out them, they will manifest on the physical plane in the form of exacerbation of chronic diseases, or provoking new ones.

Any illness or ailment is a signal from the Soul about our behavior.

Each of us now has a choice: to see our irritation, our lack of energy, or our anger as a reason for self-destruction and struggle, or to change the situation in a constructive way. Look at it not from the perspective of the tired and resentful Ego but the perspective of the Master of this reality, the Spirit and the Creator.

Our unrestrained Ego always thinks it is the only right one, lives in duality, and blames everyone for what is happening, only not to look inward and not to take responsibility for itself.

We should not feed intrigue, drama, feuds, passions, and other mental programs with our attention to them. This will stop us from attracting the programs of the old 3D Matrix.

It is better to be independent peacemakers and creators. Let the old go out of our lives into the past, opening a new space. Thank reality for the experience, let go of fear and separation.

Codes Vs Viruses Part 2 - Opening A New Space

Opening A New Space

Codes Vs Viruses Part 2

Nothing just happens. There are reasons for everything that lies in us.

If the egg is broken by force from the outside, life stops. If the egg is broken by force from within, life begins. All great things always begin from within.

Each of Us Is The Master of Our Reality.

More by Lev

Upsurgence – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Upsurgence – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Co-Creators and their ground team carried out new joint operation. It became the next stage of the deep transformation of the planet and a continuation of the previous ops of the last months and weeks

Self-Sustained Growth – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Self-Sustained Growth – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

In addition to the hints on inner work that Lightwarriors ground team recently shared, the exceptionally rich palette of October energies brings many new opportunities for our self-sustained growth and perfection. It is only important to properly tune in and use the stelliums’ emissions, which form this month planet’s power weather.

Karma Infection – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Karma Infection – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Ground team shared their personal technique of how they are cleansing from karma infection and prevent its new forming in selves. Perhaps their experience and hints will be useful to someone.

Our Past – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Our Past – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

What to do when we willy-nilly receive someone else’s karma, which infects us directly or through Earth, when we become single whole with it. That is, we received a code for direct access to the planetary Causal Matrix, participate in the rehabilitation in its reality, and inevitably take into ourselves ALL karmic stuffing into its field of people and inhumans.

Counterattack – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Counterattack – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

On the night 10-11 September 2023, Dracos and Reptiloids, an alliance of the most irreconcilable NAA, inflicted a series of powerful blows on the new Earth’sy Logos, Al-Terra-Gaia, with which Co-Creators replaced the destroyed old one.

Ops In Syria And Lebanon – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

Ops In Syria And Lebanon – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

The main objectives of Lightwarriors’ ops in Syria and Lebanon were the removal on their Subtle Plane of the negative legacy of the former Local Universe’s Black Co-Creator, his son Yaltabaoth and their Hierarchy, when they run Earth and earthlings. At the global level, Higher Light Hierarchs and their ground team will need a lot more time and efforts to stamp out the things of 3D past.

Timing – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Timing – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Four months have passed since through the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse Portal on 05/05 at 05:05:05 the new Earth’s Logos was activated. 08.08 at 08:08:08 through Liongate’s Portal, Co-Creators syncrinized Al-Terra-Gaia’s Logos in 14D with Local Universe’s Logos core.

Ops In Egypt – Part 3-1 – Lev

Ops In Egypt – Part 3-1 – Lev

Operations described below are parts of others. The new ones were unique in many ways. They struck at the roots of modern Black Nobility that go back to the distant past of this State, Atlantis and the Local Universe. The failure of one Co-Creators’ project helped the success of another, no less important – the Egyptian egregore’s restoring.

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