Co-Creators - Friendly Space Races. Part 3-2 - Lev

Co-Creators – Friendly Space Races

Part 3-2

The Great Quantum Transition

Co-Creators – Friendly Space Races. Part 3-2 – By Lev



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I was surprised to learn that there are one billion (!) Starseeds on the planet in physical form. I had assumed the number was in the millions. I had no idea the testing before incarnating was so rigorous, though I know many have not (yet) awakened to their mission or role. Sometimes I think it is enough just to hold the Light because that is still very helpful in these unstable times.

I am still fascinated by the “filter” that is splitting human consciousness into 16 different frequency bands. I wonder how long the “filtering” will last (or is it a relatively quick process?).

And what is likely to be the situation on the other side of the process? Will this be a permanent “sorting out” with the establishment of these frequency bands?
I assume this is a positive event, so those in the higher frequency bands will no longer share the same space with those in the lower, resulting in more resonance for all, and many different external “worlds.

Desert Flower

15/07/2021 at 3:11 pm

It is visible, so many Starseeds are lonely in life, they do not have a second half on Earth. It’s getting clearer and clearer. A very beautiful picture of connection with the spiritual (Star family). This is exactly how I imagine a connection with my spiritual team! Yes, after a small attack, the channel was turned off. Well, probably to gain strength.


15/07/2021 at 5:38 am

I am most curious how many Starseeds have completed this process on Earth if any? I understand if a specific number can’t be used… I can’t imagine the Dark and Light not knowing when an awakening of a Starseeds happens.

Son Goku

15/07/2021 at 1:38 am

Excellent news about arrival to 5D orbit, ending 3D evils, and the garbage they created.

There is also an Angelic army that descended directly from the Source. They do not bow to anybody. They participate in all battles against evils, in space and on the planet Earth. Nothing and nobody can take them down.

Son Goku

14/07/2021 at 10:58 pm

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Among incarnated on Earth, Co-Creators, or rather aspects of them, are the key figures, the architects of our reality, who gave birth to Earth and humanity.

They participated in all additions to this space project on various levels, and have now returned to see the results. Some of the Co-Creators are supervising the experiment all along.

Co-Creators Friendly Space Races - Earth's Co-Creators
Earth’s Co-Creators

Co-Creators – Friendly Space Races

Some of them created human bodies and today are engaged in medicine and genetics. Some were architects of Time-lines and Matrix programs, and work in science today.

Many come from other Local and Super Universes. They work on clusters of Galaxies and Constellations, Large and Small Sectors of the Greater Cosmos.

However, not everyone follows the initially chosen plans for incarnation on Earth. Some limit themselves to the role of Observers, remaining on the Subtle Plane.

The percentage of such Souls in physical bodies is very small – no more than 5%, but rather less than 1%.

Many high-level Souls are considered candidates for Architect’s rights, but not many get it.

Co-Creators Friendly Space Races - Architect

Co-Creators – Friendly Space Races

Many are called, but few are chosen, for the percentage of those awakened among them today is low.

In many cases, the Souls of the cosmic and Universal levels cannot remember their true (extraterrestrial) essence and purpose. It is necessary to maintain the balance of their personality so that the Ego does not get infected with the star sickness and superiority complex, or as part of their training program.

Memory, however, returns as new levels are passed. Galactic Committee’s efforts are aimed at helping them master these levels with the most open and informed consciousness.

There is also another level of incarnates who have hidden knowledge about the true nature of man and Earth experiments, its objectives, and possibilities. For various purposes, they conceal this information from earthlings.

This refers to Black Archons, Dark Hierarchs, and negative cosmic races. They still try to control civilization, save hierarchy, block progress, continue parasitizing the population, and cut off access to true information.

Among this group are individuals who can incarnate in certain families from life to life, who have “super” capabilities (for example, longer life), and who have access to extraterrestrial technology.

Co-Creators Friendly Space Races - Dark Pyramid
Dark Pyramid

Co-Creators – Friendly Space Races

A hierarchy of these now openly opposing each other clans also includes the cosmic and Universal levels. But this hierarchy is rapidly crumbling before our eyes.

That process accelerated after the former Local Universe’s Black Co-Creator and many of his Hierarchs – Lucifer, Kali, Lilith, Yaltabaoth (now – Yaltabael) returned to the Light Side.

Others, like Satan, are forbidden to incarnate on Earth. They are forced to remain on the Saturn’s Subtle Plane, one of their few reservations.

Co-Creators incarnated on Earth include Wanderers. They play the role of Portals and Guides to higher worlds.

The work of such Wanderers is routine and three-dimensional. But they do the most important thing for us today – EXPAND OUR CONSCIOUSNESS.

Co-Creators Friendly Space Races - Expand Our Consciousness
Expand Our Consciousness

Co-Creators – Friendly Space Races

Wanderers appear in our lives as men at just the right time and shift all our attention to them, and to their topics. They take over our thoughts and reformat our system.

We often don’t even realize it. We are their friends, or only read their blog, but it’s not just a blog. It’s a Portal site. If need be, we’ll meet, and be activated in person by them.

It is premature to describe the details. But it can be confirmed that a giant, multidimensional network of these luminous entities exists and is increasingly active today, holding tension and streams of information across this network.

Around these people-Portals, others are magnetized and connected to the system of receiving information.

There are Energy-Portals, Info-Portals, Love-Portals, and Light-Portals, all of which are entities.

At certain geographical locations, these Portals are recharged. So far, the potential of expanded consciousness is only accumulating. There is still no required minimum of 10% of earthlings that have steadily entered the 4th dimension.

Co-Creators Friendly Space Races - Wanderer-Portal

Co-Creators – Friendly Space Races

The system has been in operation for a very long time. But as we approach the point of transformation of the current civilization, it has required considerable strengthening.

The activation of new live Portals began on a large scale in 2008. By 2012, the main squad entered the ops. In 2021, this is already a global Hierarchy of Portals with many different divisions.

This Hierarchy conducts jewelry and implicit work among us in the sense that seeing everything – it is still impossible to say it all since we choose the rhythm and fullness of our transformation.

Being-Portal is not a kindergarten teacher. It is not authorized to oversee our development. It does not guarantee our success in enlightenment, nor does it directly guide us by hand.


We Have To Go Our Own Way

Information is wound up in our heart chakra, depending on who is the human Portal. All other chakras serve as supporting structures in this case.

When the functioning of a particular chakra is disrupted, our internal work on one heart chakra becomes unsatisfactory and often fails.

So we have to harmonize all of them. It best protects us from diseases and pandemics, attachments to society, desire to rule (this is the sixth chakra), and other negativity.

Co-Creators Friendly Space Races - Our Chakras
Our Chakras

Co-Creators – Friendly Space Races

Otherwise, the energy flows of the Source are blocked to us. Or we are so distorted that we cannot withstand these radiations.

Today, it is the only way to supply the necessary flow of quantum energy from one power system to another. Apply point-by-point, without building energy corridors.

Such corridors are erected by civilizations of Arcturus, Andromeda, and other Star races. Their Portals are artificial, pure technogeeks.

But man was created after the image and likeness of the Source as a living Portal receiving Divine Radiations directly into our chakras. Initially, they were not separated – we had a single Radiating Body. Now we are on our way to restoring it in its entirety again.

Another category of Co-Creators incarnating on Earth is those we used to call Angels.

Co-Creators Friendly Space Races - Angels

Co-Creators – Friendly Space Races

These High Entities were directly involved in the building of Earth’s civilizations. Today some are embodied as humans on a par with the Pleiadians, Siriusians, Andromedians, Argorians, and other friendly cosmic races.

Like other Star civilizations, on our planet, they have families, clans, and groups.

At first, the Angelic Beings were limited to the role of Curators rather than direct participants in Earth’s events. For example, in Atlantis, it was expressed in the development of genetic models.

They began to directly participate in everything, and to incarnate as humans, not so long ago – since Ancient Egypt. They wanted to do it before, but Highest Co-Creators did not give permission, because they stuck to their plan of human evolution.

In brief, the plan looked like this.

First, the Earth was created. Then the Earth’s consciousness was developed as an experiment.

Then Star Souls began to come to the planet, making up 35% of the population. After that, old and new Co-Creators started to come back, about 1-5% in total. About 60% are purely Earthly Souls. In general, these proportions remain today.

Co-Creators Friendly Space Races - Star Soul

Star Soul

Co-Creators – Friendly Space Races

Now as that scheduled cycle is ending, and the Fifth Race is being replaced by the Sixth, Co-Creators and Star Souls are completing their task here. But they can’t leave the planet and earthlings yet.

It would be possible when Earth by joint efforts will become a self-developing platform. Only after that, the Higher Entities could go further. And the planet will be a platform for us as new Co-Creators who will gradually take the place of Angels and other Star races for other platforms in the lower dimensions.

The main task of earthlings is to develop higher. For Star Souls – to develop earthlings and, in parallel, to develop themselves, outside of our influence.

And for Co-Creators – to develop Star Souls, and us, and themselves. These are three different levels, parts of a fractal that are nested within each other. The higher the Being, the more points of attention it has, and the more missions run.

If Co-Creator of any level fails here, he cannot go any further. This is considered a defeat.

In such cases, he will pass into the category of observers only. He will not be able to engage in cosmic creativity.

Until we, as wards, evolve to a certain level, the ability of Co-Creators to move forward is very limited.

There are two other special groups of Wanderers who travel through the Super Universes. Some are Actors, linking matter and consciousness, and others are Observers.

Observers simply monitor and study. Actors are rearranging and correcting this or that deficiency to keep the whole system in balance and to make it work properly.

Space Races - Fractal


Co-Creators – Friendly Space Races

Before sending the Observers and Actors into the new reality, the Highest Hierarchy of the Greater Cosmos pumps energy-information flows into this reality to understand it.

Namely: what are its ability to interact with matter, and the level of knowledge; where and in what Universe interaction is possible; how and on what the work of this or that Universe and civilization is built, and etc.

Co-Creators Friendly Space Races - Into New Reality

Into New Reality

Co-Creators – Friendly Space Races

Every civilization has a Higher Self (HS). The Higher Self of civilization has its HS or being, which is the bearer of all memory and knowledge of the civilization. This living library has its consciousness and decision-making ability.

Each Higher Self gives a basic package with knowledge of its civilization to Observer or Actor. That is, they receive basic packages of all Higher Self of all civilizations existing in this reality.

Observers and Actors have the knowledge and memory of all the Universes they have previously immersed in and done work there, as well as the memory of all the scenarios applied.

It allows them to understand where this or that action will lead, both as a single evolving being and as an entire civilization later on. All Universes and everything in them are connected. The decision of one affects the others and, subsequently, the whole.

Embodied on Earth after receiving databases of it and our Local Universe, Wanderers do their job. Observers monitor what’s going on, Actors maintain balance, order, and correct our impacts on all other Universes.

As we expand the consciousness/awareness of our evolving Souls, Wanderers give us access to a database of the worlds from which they came.

Co-Creators Friendly Space Races - From The Worlds They Came

From The Worlds They Came

Co-Creators – Friendly Space Races

If they merge with our consciousness and body, to which they are assigned as caretakers, we begin to fully understand the current and strategic tasks they are undertaking. And we become valuable assistants to all Co-Creators and their Galactic Committee.


As of July 15th, 2021 at 9:45 AM CET, Argorians’ crafts continue to relocate Earth to a new 5D vibration orbit (see-Operation Bottleneck, Part 2, DNI, July 12, 2021, and Starseeds Friendly Space Races, Part 3-1, DNI, July 14, 2021).

Spaceships successfully pass the dissecting filter space. The movement on the course is normal.

The separation and sorting out of Time-Space’s spent elements by vector guides, that create the necessary vibrations and wave changes, continues.

On Earth, the rotating magnetic fields of the 4th dimension remove unnecessary energy. The interaction of the force fields strengthens the outer protective shell made of red energy ERMA. This sphere is necessary for the safe relocation of the planet.

Tracking stations on the Moon and its neutrino double provide cosmic energy inputs to match the six-dimensional field quantum structure.

A new ERMA energy field starts to condense with the initial formation of the 6D fractal in which the further the planet’s transportation will take place. Change of vibrations and wave structures is controlled by the Moon’s repeater.

Co-Creators Friendly Space Races - Erma Energy Of 6D Fractal

Erma Energy Of 6D Fractal

Co-Creators – Friendly Space Races

All distortions in the Time flows are quickly corrected. Argorians again warn of drastic changes in our consciousness. Cleanup will accelerate. Squadron ships continue to take on board human Souls.

The cutoff filter works smoothly, and steadily. A great deal of help is provided by Co-Creators who control the Milky Way’s core.

Argorians’ ships are preparing to enter the next cascade stage after leaving the dissipation filter. Resistance energies will increase that will affect the Earth situation. The news will follow.


(To be continued)

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