Cintamani Stone Ethic Metals

Cintamani Stone Ethic Metals

We are getting close the arrival of strong energies from the Galactic Central Sun that will connect with the Planetary Energy Grid of which the Cintamani stones are one of the components, the capillary part.

Having a Cintamani Stone with you keeps the connection with this Galactic Energy Grid constantly open and a copper jewel is ideal for all this.

The jewels made by combining the Cintamani stones with some metals respect the shape of each individual stone and enhance its energetic power. For this reason, every jewel is unique and unrepeatable. All prices include Worldwide Shipping.

Powerful Healing Energy Of Amber - Cintamani on Baltic Amber Collection
Powerful Healing Energy Of Amber - Baltic Amber and Cintamani Stones
Translucent Cintamani 3 Grams on Copper
Powerful Healing Energy Of Amber - 2.5 Grams Translucent Cintamani and Baltic Amber
Cintamani 10 Grams Silver - 23-6-2020
Opaque Cintamani 2,5 Grams on Copper Spiral
Cintamani 12 Grams Pure Copper Wire
Pietre Cintamani 2 Grammi Montate in Filo di Rame Puro

Cintamani Stones 2 Grams on Pure Copper Wire
Dimension of the Stone 1,5 cm.
Silk lace included.
We can mount on request any Cintamani Stone Size

Cintamani Stone Ethic Metals

We can mount  your Cintamani Stone using specific Metals with high purity characteristics:


It amplifies and spreads the energy charge of the minerals that surrounds and therefore the most suitable for mounting the stones. Copper stimulates the dream activity and the world of the unconscious imaginary, develops the imagination, facilitates the free expression of emotions and generates love for beauty for all creatures.


Silver is the color of spiritual and physical abundance, it favors love, dreams, sensitivity and peace. It holds the positive energies of the stones, so it is suitable as a frame to make jewels.


Born from the union of copper and zinc, Brass is strongly catalyzing. It has a color very similar to gold, without having the cost and especially the historical-cultural background. It is lighter and allows us to create jewels of great effect and with a low cost.

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