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Children It’s Happening

Children It’s Happening – Pleiadian Collective. By Kabamur.


There are several more medical ships in addition to what is seen on MSM. The ones not on camera are the places where the children have been.

Some children have been separated and are being treated in NY and places where cameras are not allowed.

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These were sex slaves and they were freed by soldiers. There have been in underground tunnels around many areas in the US as well as Italy, Spain, China and other countries.

These countries knew that POTUS was aware of these operations but the Darkest kept him covered since he took office so he would not make this a priority. NOW he is.

​The plan by the Dark was to release the virus, kill as many as possible, to avoid focus on the children as well as the depopulation, while conquering the US.

To take our freedom as we died.

White Hats globally know what is happening.

Some people working on it are PRETENDING to assist, and are interfering with distribution of masks, ventilators, testing and equipment.

Children It's Happening

Children It’s Happening

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​This is why only a small part of the country has been tested and rest wait.

The virus is real and deadly, and it will take a long time to perfect a vaccine. We will be told many times they are working on it.

Everything POTUS has been saying is to prevent panic about the virus. None of that is fake.

POTUS is FURIOUS about the children and babies being abused.

Many of the children can’t speak and have been injured severely inside and out.

Many arrests have already been made. Soldiers are being sent to assist and are ready and armed for outbreaks of violence.

Q’s drops about Martial Law are only for the possibility of chaos & violence. This isn’t necessarily going to happen.

The reasons for people to remain indoors are about both the virus and public safety in the event of violence.

It’s happening, but what we’ll see is unclear.

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