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Change Of Nature - Clif High

Change Of Nature

Wash, Rinse, Repeat

Change Of Nature – Clif High

Wash, Rinse, Repeat.

There is your consciousness, and everything else.

Your consciousness is the ‘you’ that is understanding these words, but not the being that is reading them.

It’s a little bit complicated.

You are Consciousness. Everything that is not your consciousness, that is, everything of which you may become aware, is Nature.

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Change Of Nature - You Are Consciousness

You Are Consciousness

Change Of Nature

So all the atoms, dust, and other grit in this Matterium is Nature. All of Universe, and all the beings that are in it, are Nature.

All these things are not your consciousness, and you may, should circumstances permit, become aware of them.

You are consciousness, trapped, bonded to Nature. Your body is Nature. Your brain is Nature.

Your mind is consciousness dancing across the electrical Nature of your brain and body.

Every thing you perceive is Nature. Including other consciousness also bonded to Matter as other beings, of all sorts.

All this is the Nature in which your Consciousness exists in its never ending flow of awareness.

All of this Matterium is powered by the Pulse of Time (22 trillion per second).

That existence, and awareness, is so powered, provides a design pattern that may be discovered in all things. This is the Change of Nature pattern.

The Change of Nature pattern directly derives from the Time Pulse which is what drives the Wooble, the primary magnetism of Universe that first glues together, then destroys Nature as it is perceived by your consciousness.

Your mind, though ephemeral, is dependent on the supporting matter of your brain to exist. This necessarily limits your mind, especially in its operating speeds.

These speeds will always, necessarily, be slower than that of the 22 trillion times per second continuous creation and destruction of this Matterium.

Thus your mind tricks your consciousness into perceive your experience within this Matterium as ‘real’.

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Change Of Nature - Consciousness And Nature

Consciousness And Nature

Change Of Nature

We can acknowledge that the Matterium is an illusion, an artifact of our minds, and leave other aspects for another discussion at another time, as the current object of our subjective awareness is the Change of Nature.

Nature changes in patterns that are, like all in this Matterium, sub-harmonics, in form, and enumeration, of the Pulse of Time itself.

This is to say that we find the Change of Nature Pattern, replicated constantly, at all levels of scale within our perception.

We see this pattern emerge in the price action of any commodity from stocks, bonds, cryptos, foods, metals, energy…everything.

The same fundamental pattern drives all that we perceive as the patterns of ‘trading’.

The Change of Nature pattern is found within Time itself.

Kozyrev, first, and foremost, but not the last, discovered that all demonstrations of any form of Causality, that results in Change (Irreversibility), will always follow the same pattern in structure, and in its expression.

Change Of Nature Perceived

Change Of Nature Perceived

Time creates this Matterium as a Pulse that puts energy into our Existence.

This Pulse expresses itself within the Matterium in a self-same similar manner to its own manifestation, in that it imparts all energy into the Matterium as a form of a pulse, though at suitably smaller levels of the sub harmonic built around the 22 trillion times per second continuous creation of our ‘reality’.

All energy expressions within this Matterium will necessarily reflect the originating Pulse of Time.

This is true from the vibrations of the tiniest particles, to the movement of the biggest waves, it is all reflected as harmonics of the Pulse.

As Kozyrev discovered, the Time Pulse has a particular pattern that may he described as “building, threshold, change, then decreasing oscillation to stability in order to repeat the cycle”.

If you think about it, you will recognize this building tension, then threshold, then the perception of Change in everything you do, and all that you encounter, and of which you become aware.

This was the pattern noticed in my linguistic work of the last 35 years. A pattern that expressed that I described as “building tension”, threshold, then “release tension language”.

It’s all the same. The same design pattern that repeats billions of times per second in the vibration of the nucleus of the atom, and the nearly imperceptible movement of the galaxy; it builds, reaches a peak, then releases into a new state.

Thus is Change of Nature perceived.

At every step of the process, at every level of scale, once a threshold has been crossed, the building tension is released into change that can be described as Causality achieving Irreversibility.

At that point, Change has occurred, and cannot be undone.

It is the Irreversibility manifesting from Causality that removes any possibility of any form of “Time Travel”.

It can be seen that this Matterium creates Change that cannot be undone, that may not be reversed.

Thus if Time Travel, in a corporeal fashion could exist, then Change itself could be reversed, and this violates a key structural element of this Matterium.

Further, the nature of the Matterium existing only 1/22 trillionth of a second at an instance, then being destroyed to be recreated, also prohibits the idea of corporeal time travel.

Irreversibility is one of the primary operating mechanisms of this Matterium. Without it, our existence ceases.

THE point of this Matterium, and all your experience in it, in all your lives, is for Consciousness at the Universe level to discover if it can create ‘Novelty’.

Consciousness, being all, being Universe, has a difficult task in creating conditions that would allow for something ‘new’ to come into existence.

That is, something ‘new happening’, that Consciousness, itself, would not know about prior to its appearance.

Think about it. This is the ONLY difficult task that Consciousness faces. The only area in which it could fail.

Of course, if you think about that deep enough, you realize that even failure, at this level, is ‘novelty’.

Consider that if Change could be undone, then everything that possibility could happen, may happen eventually.

Thus no novelty…if it can happen, and eventually will happen, no surprise, no ‘shock of the new’. No ‘rush’ for Consciousness as ‘surprise’ happens.

This is the Realm of Change. Created by Universe that Novelty may be explored. A key attribute within it is Irreversibility.

Without irreversibility, you would not learn. Your brain has to have irreversible acts, at a biochemical level, in order that it many change to support the Changes that occur in your mind.

All acts, and all Change that emerges after a threshold is reached, must be irreversible in order that true Change should manifest.

After all, if it can be reversed, it is not Change. Thus, no time travel, no potential can exist for the ‘undoing’ of some Change that has already achieved the threshold of manifestation.

It is this attribute that necessitates that, Time as the powering aspect of this Matterium, may only flow in ‘one direction’.

You are an embodied (bonded to matter) consciousness.

You are down here, in this Matterium, to muck about in the grit, in order to create as much potential for novelty as you may.

And you are constantly, continuously, being subjected to, and expressing, irreversible actions.

These happen to you as the trillions of biochemical processes that form your material body manifest the building of energy up to a local threshold, then the emergence of change, at that local level into the Matterium.

Your body is a walking manifestation of constant irreversiblility right up to the Big Irreversibility that we call Death, wherein a threshold is reached, and the energy of consciousness is no longer bound to the matter of your body.

Time can only ‘flow’ in one direction. Life is living, self-witnessing, testimony to this.

Mostly, Life is too busy to notice any of this.

It is interacting with the Nature here in the Matterium to the point that its ‘local consciousness’ gets too occupied to pay any attention to the larger issues of its own irreversible path through what we laughingly call Life, Here in this Matterium.

Even our own awareness expresses the building, threshold, release seen in the Change of Nature pattern.

First there is a small ‘pressure’ on our mind, our sense of a ‘something’ is disturbed, gently at first, then with rising pressure until it breaks into our conscious awareness, and Aha!…..look, it’s a ….whatever, but the thing is to notice how it is that you become aware of it.

This same pattern is repeated with all aspects of your awareness in this Matterium as it is an artifact, and a sub harmonic of how this Matterium comes into existence 22 trillion times per second.

Change Of Nature - Greater Awareness

Greater Awareness

Change Of Nature

How we wake in the morning, how we become aware that our butt itches, how we reach orgasm, how we learn, how our blood pumps, our liver, and spleen work, how our guts move food, how your hormones build until emotion manifests, all of it, all of our body’s entire life is governed by this pattern….building tension, threshold reached, release of tension. Then repeat from that plateau.

It is this way for all of our physical universe here in this Matterium, this pattern dominates. From the smallest motion of the atoms, to the largest waves of collective actions moving through Humanity, it is all an expression of the same pattern.

There is building tension, then a threshold is reached. Then there is the release of that tension as Causality manifests into Change through Irreversibility.

Then we go on. Wash, rinse, repeat.

Remember this over these next few days of manifesting Irreversibility.

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Serf Up! – Clif High

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