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CFN Special Report 20 March 2024 - By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

CFN Special Report 20 March 2024

CFN Special Report – 20 March 2024 – By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

Because we are in times that are superb for self-reflection and review such as the pre-shadow of the upcoming Mercury Retrograde (which occurs between April 1st and April 25th), it is wise to have a review of the upsurge in radiation that is engulfing planet Earth and all of creation.

Positively-charging protons from our Sun as well as from outside of our solar system which are arriving due to a depleted magnetosphere are most challenging to handle.

This type of radiation ionizes or penetrates humanity and can cause damage to organs, glands, and tissues, and thus, every cell of these parts of the physical vessel.

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Mankind’s technological devices such as cell phones, computers, lap tops, micro-wave ovens, etc. are adding to the problem. Dangerous radiation causes sleep disturbances, anxiety, headaches, dizziness, heart palpitations, exhaustion, difficulty focusing, and more issues.

It has been scientifically proven, however, that dangerous radiation cannot penetrate through lead.

This is why medical technicians wear a lead vest when they are doing x-ray tests on patients, and the technicians also duck behind a screen.

For those persons who do not mind getting x-rays, only do so once every five years.

People who go from doctor to doctor on a regular basis and allow x-rays to be done to them, are aiming for diseases to arrive.

Some people, for example, have a heart doctor (Cardiologist), a kidney doctor (Nephrologist), a thyroid doctor (Endocrinologist), and more.

Each doctor wants his or her own set of x-rays to ponder a patient’s condition. Therefore, such patients are increasingly developing radiation poisoning leading to disease.

A further problem is seen with people who fly too much because they are consistently receiving radiation.

Many pilots and flight attendants develop cancer after several years of work.

A private joke among them is that they are “Radiation Workers”.

Customers on an overseas flight of approximately eight hours or more, are receiving an amount of radiation equal to receiving radiation in a medical facility everyday for a week!

So, for instance, if someone is on an eight-hour flight someplace and then flies for eight hours back home, he or she has received 14 days (two weeks) of radiation!

However, how else are people supposed to get from one long-distance place to another?

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Thus, advice is to wear necklaces and bracelets of either AMBER, AMAZONITE, BLACK TOURMALINE, HEMATITE, or SHUNGITE. Jewelry with any three of these would be excellent.

Carrying sizable pieces in a pocket is also advised.

This is also the case when we are not in flight and are moving through our everyday affairs because our planet is bombarded by radiation.

Many will ask: “So, if we are being pummeled by harmful radiation from the cosmos and from mankind’s technology, what is all of this LIGHT that is being constantly spoken about and our being re-birthed because of it”?

Humanity is indeed being re-birthed or transformed.

The mercy of SOURCE is that due to all of mankind’s misuse of free will that has resulted in the proliferation of dangerous technology as well as the depletion of the protective magnetic field around Earth, human vessels — inside and outside — are being made capable of handling electromagnetic frequencies by the crystalline particles in the physical vessel being multiplied and expanded.

Crystalline energy deals better with radiation than a carbon-based bodily system.

Thus, not only is the transformational process one whereby humanity is given the opportunity to elevate in consciousness, but they are also changed by the expansion of the magnetite (crystalline) particles within them, most of which at this time are in the brain.

This process has many of the same “symptoms” as those which have been identified relative to dangerous radiation exposure.

However, these “symptoms” are experiences of LIGHT ACTIVATION — not radiation poisoning. The situation is that the physical vessel takes time to make this harmonious change.

Changing too fast is also dangerous because of the sensitivity of the human body.

If, however, people continue to obtain technological equipment that is stronger and stronger in its output of electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) — like cell phones and televisions with more and more power — then they are interfering with the necessary transformational process.

Yet, they have the free will to do so. There are people who continually purchase the latest technological gadget advertised without caring about any of the information that an article such as this provides.

I know people who purchase new cell phones with higher and higher energetics every few weeks.

They cannot seem to stop themselves from wanting the latest and supposedly greatest technology.

They do not care about radiation, and in fact, do not understand it and seemingly do not want to; they just want the newest devices.

This is the “Technological Age” — the era of machinery and gadgetry and the era of “Artificial Intelligence” (AI).

Some of it works efficiently such as the computer I am using to type and to send-out this article around the world.

However, I am protected in the ways I have suggested to others in writings, seminars, and in consultations.

So, in summation, our planet and humanity is certainly being bombarded by unwanted EMFs, and the human body is sensitive to them. Therefore, certain substances must be used in order to be protected.

At the same time, SOURCE is sending transformative sacred energetics that will allow the human vessel to eventually not be harmed by what is currently potentially dangerous.

Thus, humanity is like being on a bridge between EMF output and SOURCE LIGHT. While on the bridge, the sensitive physical vessel must be protected until enough crystallization has occurred. For those who need a very simple metaphor, a baby needs its Mother’s milk before it can handle solid food.

Eventually, dangerous technology will be no more. Warnings have been issued to humanity in many ways. Deep research will prove this.

Just one of the warnings has been given in the book LETTERS OF EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL CIVILZATION: THE LAST WARNING by the Cosmonauts Dr. Marina Popovich and Dr. Lidia Adrianova.

They researched and deciphered over 250 crop circles around the world carved by the high-powered technology of beings from other planets.

The book discusses cataclysms that will befall mankind if certain actions are not ceased. One of these is that harmful radiation will occur brought on by mankind.

It also discusses earthquakes, tsunamis, the eruption of black holes, and much more. In terms of the crop circles, some humans have made them too.

However, the difference in those carved with human machinery and those made by ETs is that in the ones made by ETs, the plant life continues to grow and to thrive around the image.

However, with the ones made by humans, the plant life withers and is destroyed.

Warnings about mankind’s fall have been delivered thousands of years before the book by the Cosmonauts mentioned.

In the HOLY BIBLE, we find Yeshua’s statements of earthquakes in rare places and only being able to know the seasons by the budding of the trees and men becoming lovers of themselves (ego), etc.

One of Muhammad’s revelations was that: “The Earth will be pounded to powder!” Another one is: “There is a barrier you shall not cross!”

There are many discussions about the future and warnings dealing with mankind’s folly throughout the scriptures of the world.

Humanity is in the “NOW” of these revelations.

ETs have brought more, and this is not a version of a science fiction program.

SOURCE LIGHT is always at work to repair what mankind has undone.

However, mankind has work to do too.

Humanity is in what is being called a CYCLE OF CORRECTION.

More By Dr Schavi

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