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CFN 11 April 2024 - Energy Update - By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

CFN 11 April 2024

Energy Update

CFN 11 April 2024 – Energy Update – By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

NASA has reported that a solar filament erupted from our Sun on yesterday, April 10th, but it has had no affect upon Earth.

The Sun – Last 48 Hours

CFN 11 April 2024 – Energy Update

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The report from NOAA, however, indicates that the planetary magnetosphere — the protective magnetic shield — is enveloped once again in dense electron and proton particle plasma, and much of it as per usual, is arriving from outside of our solar system and moving into the far side of the magnetosphere, and thus, into our planet.

With solar winds traveling at approximately 480 km/s, when normalcy is between 300 and 400 km/s, the high winds are assisting in the pushing of the electron and proton plasma into our planet.

So, even though the solar filament eruption did not directly hit our planet, the particle plasma is definitely having an impact.

Weather around the world is testifying to the strength that particle plasma has as it mixes with the planetary electromagnetic energy, and the combination activates planetary inner and outer fields — especially activating its vibrational frequency and amplitude — commonly known as the “Schumann Resonance (SR)”.

Storms are pummeling through several southern states in the USA and up into the northeastern states. Yesterday two black-outs of information were shown on the SR chart of Tomsk, Russia — the one that is followed by major science organizations and institutes world-wide.

It is believed by numerous researchers that when black-outs occur on technological equipment, it is because cosmic energetics are too powerful for the equipment to work adequately.

Strong cosmic energy can affect smaller devices such as cell phones, lap tops, and televisions as well larger and more sophisticated devices such as huge scientific and industrial computers, factory machinery that produce vehicles, air flight, etc.

Humanity tends to insist most times that something is amiss within the devices themselves, and they attempt to fix the problem, not realizing that the problem is originating within highly-charged cosmic events.

There are, of course, times when equipment dysfunction is indeed due to human error or a problem within the technology itself that may need replacing; however, the cosmic factor cannot be left out.

During the height of an Eclipse Portal, which is the two-week period between a Lunar and a Solar Eclipse, cosmic events can be extremely powerful.

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A Solar Eclipse Portal actually opens when our Sun reaches the sign that the eclipse will occur in, and the Total Solar Eclipse Portal opened on March 19th when our Sun moved into Tropical Aries and Sidereal Pisces.

The height of it, of course, was on April 8th when the Total Solar Eclipse occurred.

Our planet and humanity is now adjusting to, acclimating to, and recuperating from, the intensity of that Total Solar Eclipse which shadowed much of the USA, Mexico, and Montreal (Canada).

The entire planet, however, was affected by the energy—not just the areas where totality happened. With many orbs in the fiery Tropical sign of Aries (Sun, Mercury, Chiron, Venus), much of humanity is desirous of moving ahead on various projects and plans.

However, with Mercury still in retrograde until April 25th — which has been a constant reminder — it is best to hold-off on thrusting forward just yet because if this is done, the plans will not work-out as desired and usually have to be done all over again.

Thus, any seeming success is only temporary. Everything will change later or be completely cancelled.

Thinking about goals and objectives is fine. Just do not move forward on anything major.

On April 19th (the 20th in some other time zones), Jupiter and Uranus will make an exact conjunction in Tropical Taurus and Sidereal Aries. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and beneficence (when deserved), and Uranus is the planet of electricity, surprises, rebellion, and revolutionary ideas.

For those who have their natal charts, they should observe where these two planets will be in alignment, and this is the astrological house where the characteristics of these planets will deliver their energies.

Although the exact planetary alignment will be for only about an hour, the extent of their energies is long-term—for many months to come.

This is how all of the planetary positions work. Even though they have specific positions in certain signs for a particular period of time, and for that period, events may be very pronounced, there is an overlapping of planetary energetics such that the vibrations carried by the planets together create a concert of earthly happenings.

Keeping up with each planet’s energetics is important, but also knowing that they all work together is a key component of cosmic knowledge as well.

Further, understanding the Tropical as well as the Sidereal “spiritual” Astro-Physics — Cosmic Science — is major.

For a few days more, people will be recuperating physically, mentally, and emotionally from the Total Solar Eclipse on April 8th as they also continue to be inner-reflective due to the Mercury Retrograde.

Tune into your HIGHER SELF — your SOUL — the DIVINE.

Do not allow yourself to be pushed, prodded, or coerced into doing what is really not necessary. Because of fiery Tropical Aries energy of the planets mentioned above, many people are restless and will seem to have a need to be on the go-go-go, doing, doing, and doing — especially in the Western world. Yet, all of that going and doing will be unfruitful.

Allow SOURCE LIGHT to flow to you and through you more easily.

Consider whether or not you are elevating in consciousness to super-conscious levels.

What is your proof?
How have you been steadily changing and growing in knowledge and wisdom?

You can only answer these questions when you are still and meditative.

Also, do some Yoga. Take walks. Play your tuning forks and Tibetan singing bowls around your auric field.

Have conversations with people who are continuing to elevate in consciousness — not with those who are filled with chaos and confusion who do not want to really hear your advice but merely want to use you as a sounding board about their problems.

Do not allow them to disturb your nervous system — especially if these are persons whom you have endeavored to assist in the past who, regardless of your attempts to help them, they just cannot seem to “get it together”.

Thus, one of your lessons may be in letting go. If you know that you need to let ago but cannot seem to do so, think about why you are reluctant.

We are in amazing times on planet Earth, and by the end of this year, much will have changed.

Pluto, the planet of dynamic transformation — sometimes in overwhelming ways — has been in Tropical Aquarius and Sidereal Capricorn since January 21st of this year of 2024.

However, from September to November of this year it will retrograde back into Tropical Capricorn and Sidereal Sagittarius. Then by the end of November, it will be in Tropical Aquarius and Sidereal Capricorn until the year 2044!

The only word that can be used to express the enormity of planetary changes that will have occurred by that time is WOW!

Learn of the past and learn of the present. They are messages of the future.

Become both spiritually and intellectually astute.

You can do this!

You are made of the substance of the stars!

Allow LIGHT to come to you and soar from you.

Have a wonderful, self-reflective, peaceful, perfectly healthy, happy, loving weekend!

More By Dr Schavi

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