CADI-IL Ancient Master Pleiades 1 Blue Galaxy

CADI-IL Ancient Master Pleiades 1

CADI-IL Ancient Master Pleiades 1. CADI-IL is the Ancient Master of the group “IL” a group of beings coming from the Blue Galaxy System a part of Universe still unknown of Earth.

The Blue Galaxy is a wonderful system, not a spiral galaxy like the Milky Way with a magnificent Blue Sun in her center.

CADI-IL the Ancient Master belongs to the Family of “IL” and they main skill is in DNA. His purpose on out System  is to assist the restoration of our manipulated DNA, restoring its original essence.

Some of the components of the “IL” family are already present on Earth Surface, one of which is our beloved IUD-IL.

IUD-IL with the protection and guidance of CADI-IL has the task of dismantling the negative Lower Astral Planes of the Etheric sectors where many nefarious genetic experiments were carried out.

These experiments were cloning, manipulation and violation of the original DNA, intermixing and blends of experience and similar.

Seven Wise Men Arrived with Their Wives from the Pleiades - Indus Valley

Seven Wise Men Arrived with Their Wives from the Pleiades – Indus Valley

CADI-IL Ancient Master Pleiades 1

The Seven Pleiades

The Seven Pleiades

CADI-IL Ancient Master Pleiades 1

CADI-IL represents the Master Councilor and Mentor of the IL group.

His life span cannot be measured in Terran terms, the number of year are immense.

He is one of the Masters that contributed to the humanoid beings from the Pleiades system.

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