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Brainwashing Moral Spiritual Sensitivity and Cancellation

Brainwashing Moral Spiritual Sensitivity and Cancellation

Brainwashing Moral Spiritual Sensitivity and Cancellation. By Neva/Gabriel RL.

Greetings from the Command!

We speak from Alpha Jerusalem (Mother Ship). We communicate directly at this time through Neva (Gabriel RL). Thank you for such a broadcast.

We broadcast our family on Earth, which, every day, has observed great movements happening on the surface, which have allowed you to go deeper in search of a truth more aligned with your souls.

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Certainly, in recent times, we have observed a large number of misinformations running through your communication networks.

These waves have even reached what we can call the Lightworkers community, and conflicts spread over who has the truth and who is right.

This is a time of unification. It is a time of calm and lightness, Family. This is the time of Truth.

Time to align with your purpose, than why you are where you are.

It is a time when what we call “shutdowns” of systems that are no longer compatible with the new frequencies that arrive will start to happen.

In this process, there is a lot going on in your environment.

You have suffered persecution, we know, but you have also received a lot of help.

We have tried to mitigate many of the effects of these persecutions, but, as we always say: we also depend on your support.

Brainwashing Moral Spiritual Sensitivity and Cancellation - Unity


Brainwashing Moral Spiritual Sensitivity and Cancellation


DNit Telegram Channel

1. About Brainwashing

During the 1990s, there were many Lightworkers who were brainwashed in certain etheric areas of the Earth and even in the physical environment.

Washings that were possible due to the openness given by these same workers due to some moral deviations.

It is not something we would like to talk about, but it is necessary for a deeper understanding of some situations.

In these washes, specific behavioral patterns were implemented to be activated in a given time, to bring an action plan that, in many cases, would trigger psychological outbreaks and patterns, such as sudden personality changes.

It is not for nothing that you have observed many negative movements of attacks and aggressions, not only in the community, but in several other environments.

Some of these deployed schedules have been activated.

These patterns mentioned above are just a few examples.

They cause beings to begin to lose their contacts with us and, immediately, they turn against us, in revolt.

In the near future, it will be common to see some members of the Ashtar Command incarnated accusing us or accusing any of our representatives on Earth or even losing their sense of ethics and responsibility before the Greater Plan, which was established before their incarnations.

At this moment, Neva (Gabriel RL) asks for passage to a dialogue with us. – Yes, listening and broadcasting.

Brainwashing Moral Spiritual Sensitivity and Cancellation - United In Light

United In Light

Brainwashing Moral Spiritual Sensitivity and Cancellation

Neva (Gabriel RL): It is challenging to be here, sometimes, because there is a lot of activity currently happening across the planet, both physically and astrally.

I have seen disharmonious attacks, especially on Lightworkers and Warriors of Light, who have been striving to do their best, right now.

I also see some other Lightworkers, really, losing a little sense of balance, ethics and seriousness.

– You, as a clairvoyant, will know it when you see it, and we know that you asked this question only for the development of this communication.

– The main people who attack you and or have entered this game of aggression come from three points in time, but especially from the times of Christ’s crucifixion.

These were Roman soldiers or some of the Pharisees who orchestrated Jesus’ crucifixion.

You know who they are and you also know that, in some cases, you are not allowed to publicly communicate your identities to avoid certain energies.

But anyone who encounters such energies and has the least amount of sensitivity will know and see that they bring those energies from old times.

And you, as a mirror, you end up showing them those shadows that need healing.

2. On Plagiarism And Ethical Violations

Neva (Gabriel RL): Could you talk about plagiarism, violation of moral ethics and things like that?

Yes, of course we are aware.

As we have said, there are many souls that have undergone certain washes due to moral deviations that have opened doors for, let us say, non-positive entries.

They are trying to stay in evidence, in a way, because their self-esteem is seriously undermined, no longer trusting themselves.

Therefore, they need to use such dynamics so that they can maintain themselves.

Obviously, certain movements that we could call “non-moral” do not align with the crystalline patterns that are being formed, but you, on Earth, have your laws that can support you in such situations.

Neva (Gabriel RL): Could you explain to the readers the difference between “being inspired by someone to do something” and “plagiarism”?

The difference is directly within the being.

When you are inspired by someone for something, above all, there is respect for the other being and you do not want to be him, but just follow his steps in an honorable and respectful way.

So, you don’t lose your own individuality.

Having him as an example for your own journey of life and existence is wonderful!

As long as you don’t lose your personal identity, of course. You need to preserve your individuality.

In plagiarism, there is certainly a non-moral energy and a non-positive intention behind supplying the other because it does not have its own basis.

It is very much linked, as we said, to low self-esteem and the violation of the Moral Law.

When some being needs to copy/plagiarize the other, it means that they have reached a state of very high lack of self-esteem, often becoming blind – which makes it difficult to have an ethical view.

It is a kind of “drunkenness” that, in many cases, feeds extraphysical beings with similar behaviors.

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And then you have many disincarnated people who spent their lives plagiarizing and disrespecting authors of legal works in an attempt to maintain a false image.

This image was, in fact, supported by constant external drains, since these beings were not able to manage their own energy yet, due to the lack of empowerment and the ability to see the innate creativity inherent in each being.

In this way, those inspired and those who plagiarize are differentiated: those inspired walk on their own legs and, believing in themselves, value their own potential and honor those who inspire them.

The plagiarist shies away from moral responsibilities, constantly speaking with escape energies so as not to face his responsibilities.

He is almost always in a state of denial of the accusations he may receive from the legal authorities of his world who are competent to confront them in their actions, even if the evidence is irrefutable.

There is always an escape, as they have lost the moral capacity to recognize such slips.

In these states, a lot of trained help is really needed to lift them up in order to regain their self-esteem.

What is inspired is honored and honors the author.

The plagiarist has disinspired, and is looking for a mask that he considers good so that he does not have to dive into himself and resolve internal situations.

3. Stay Centered In Your Hearts

In general, Neva (Gabriel RL), it is important not to lose focus in any way, because, in these current times when humanity on Earth has gone through great challenges, it is exactly when Light and centering are most needed.

You have been through a delicate year, and you are coming out of the oppression of recent times.

In the midst of it all, the remaining dark forces are trying to make the mess they can to confront our incoming forces.

Brainwashing Moral Spiritual Sensitivity and Cancellation - Centered In Your Hearts

Centered In Your Hearts

Brainwashing Moral Spiritual Sensitivity and Cancellation

Recently, we entered with our ships, more in the low orbit of the planet, and those that even tried to hide in the plasma planes dared to shoot at us, which, inevitably, activated our ultra defense field, “striking” such shots and disintegrating the attackers of the physical and plasma plane.

They were captured in a spiritual zone and taken to psychological treatment for loving confrontation with the moral deviations committed, as they will need to bear the responsibilities of their free will.

Many of you hope that a savior will come to get you out of “Crisis A” or “Crisis B”, a leader to remove you from the prisons you have recently been subjected to.

We have to say that in no way will there be a single human being responsible for such liberation.

The Creator would not discharge such responsibility on the back of a single human being, especially in these times when many psychological imbalances are so present due to the pressures of the past year!

Know that there will be an alliance and it is fully aligned and psychologically prepared for such an effective liberation action.

In fact, action that will trigger movements that will lead you to further expand your consciousness and, consequently, achieve your own liberation from this point.

Brainwashing Moral Spiritual Sensitivity and Cancellation - Unity

United In Light

Brainwashing Moral Spiritual Sensitivity and Cancellation

Know that we at Ashtar Command are responsible for primary actions and, when authorized, we will advance by sending emails and alerts to all our allies on the surface so that they, in turn, also make their personal contacts.

Similar to a snowball, many events will occur quickly in various sectors of the Earth such as Politics, Science, Religion and General Communications.

The sequence of events like / how / when will happen, obviously, is strictly confidential.

But, be sure of one thing: you will know internally when that moment is activated, because you are also directly or indirectly part of this movement of liberation and elevation of the vibrations of the planet.

Reconnect with your inner wisdom, your inner Love and your soul family.

It is important that you are respected, above all.

That you take care of yourselves as a species, that take care of your nature, of the people around you, that you preserve yourselves and avoid conflicts.

Certainly, we know that the attacks you suffer sometimes, because anyone on Earth would be upset, even us, if we were on Earth, considering the great energetic tangle in which you are.

But, we speak to you and to all the other Lightworkers who have faced something similar: your mission is to enlighten. Only that.

Those resistant to this Light will attack you fiercely, for the Light exposes their shadows, and it is inevitable that they will try to defend themselves.

Just do your job of enlightening and leave the rest – these conflicts and problems – to us.

We also have our means to lovingly but firmly neutralize the influences of these energies and the entities that use people as puppets.

These puppet people feel exhausted after attacking someone, and, as a result, they are drained by the entities that used them as suppliers of their food.

We expect the perpetrators of these attacks to read our messages and leave the role of food producers for the arachnic and parasitic entities that feed on them.

In the meantime, they promote, in many cases, their “cancellations”.

A large mirror is active, and the truth of what really needs to be healed will be shown, drastically.

Brainwashing Moral Spiritual Sensitivity and Cancellation - Unity

Earth/Gaia Vibrational Frequency

Brainwashing Moral Spiritual Sensitivity and Cancellation

4. Sensitivity and New Gaian Standard

It is important for you to know: no soul that continues with such distorting and aggressive behavioral patterns will be able to see the new glow of Gaia that is being born, as they will be accompanied by us after their disembowels and taken to the recovery zones in other world systems, with Love and respect.

Such worlds that are compatible with their still aggressive vibrations and already incompatible with the noble vibrations of the rising Earth.

It is a great moment of sensitivity as well as an increase in your sensitivity.

Observe those who genuinely convey our messages and those who wish to impersonate us through transmitting devices that do not maintain their high moral conduct.

The latter make such crystalline communications impossible, opening gaps for interference from entities not aligned with the highest purposes of our Federation since they are linked to patterns of thoughts and beliefs that exclusively serve their particular wants.

Know that our aligned channels are never violent, never disrespectful and/or promote bad behavior, but rather convey Love, truth, wisdom and luminosity, not only in words, but truly as a positive whole field.

The most sensitive souls perceive our most subtle vibrations and, even if we have to be hard in some of our communications, we will always emit and have printed Love in our messages in edifying transmissions.

You will know, dear ones! Even more now that you are returning to your angelic natures, and with them, your sensitivities have increased considerably.

It will no longer be so simple to deceive them with good words and a smile, as in the past.

Today, you feel the vibration. You even feel if the message is really ours or from the person’s mind, or even from some entity with not pure intentions trying to pass us by.

You now know!

We are finishing our broadcast hoping to have collaborated a little more with our information.

We want you to be free, free of your own fears. Free from your pain. Free!

We are your Family from space communicating directly with all who really want to hear us.

We are the Ashtar Command.


Brainwashing Moral Spiritual Sensitivity and Cancellation

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More by Ashtar

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Greetings, Family!
It’s good to be here one more time. Another year, another cycle of learning, dear ones! Another creation of magnificent potential for the new window that opens. Yes, you have created it! You have moved the forces that created that potential. Your efforts as Workers and Warriors of Light were the fermenter, the ideal seasoning that brought them more strength, more Light, more wisdom, more awareness! More sure that the year that starts is a year of great potential, a great cycle. Year of opening and closing cycles. Welcome to the new year that will soon knock on your doors! Welcome to the Year of Potentials! Welcome to the Year of Cycles!

The Courageous The Point is The Knot – Ashtar

The Courageous The Point is The Knot – Ashtar

Greetings, Family!
Many movements in your lives, dear friends, brothers, Lightworkers and Torchbearers have illuminated the path of earthly humanity. One, in particular, that could be the master word that defines each of you today is “courage.” Courage should be synonymous with “You“, of every one who reads me now. In order to do what you do, how you do it, and to be willing to do what the Heavens have asked for, you have to have a lot of courage. In many lives you succumbed in the storms, but have always been reborn, have always shown the determination that is only seen in well-seasoned and experienced souls in turbulent environments!

The Security and Resilience of The Lightworker – Ashtar

The Security and Resilience of The Lightworker – Ashtar

It’s good to be here again for a message. You have been the ones who have ensured that this entire process of transformation of your planet occurs safely, and as peacefully as possible. It is always good to talk to you, even if it is to emphasize matters previously dealt with. When I say “as peaceful as possible” I mean that through your dedication, meditations and loving gestures you have prevented certain movements from those brothers who do not want their expansion. And even if negative movements occur, know that your commitment to safety at this time, has ensured that these more negative movements are minimized.

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