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Bloodstained Iron Glance Operation - Part 1

Bloodstained Iron Glance Operation – Part 2

The Great Quantum Transition

Bloodstained Iron Glance Operation. By Lev.

Having completed the first part of the Bloodstained Iron Glance Operation, the Light Forces’ ground team returned home. They understood: to complete the task of the Galactic Committee they must do only one thing – to annihilate the hematite Matrix installed by the Black Archons in the Earth’s energy-information field.

Theoretically, the group could do it themselves, with their Higher Selves. They didn’t even need special access to the Causal Plane. The Lightwarriors even discussed specific sacred places in the mountains from where to complete the operation.

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The main thing that remained unknown was to whom exactly such a huge flow of vital energy, which the Dark Hierarchs were pumping out of the Earth with the help of iron glance fields and the entire parasitic system, was directed.

The Co-Creators and the Higher Light Hierarchs gave a hint, pointing in the right direction of the search…

At first, Lightwarriors presumed that the siphoned off life energy of earthlings goes to Mars, and from there to some end-user in the Galaxy, perhaps in the Black and Gray eons.

Bloodstained Iron Glance Operation - Mars


Bloodstained Iron Glance Operation

It turned out to be the opposite.

The entire parasitic and vampires’ system of the Black Archons worked for Earth. Mars served only as a transit server. It left a small portion of the vital energy in the System for those who extracted it and sent the bulk of it back to our planet.

The end-user was to be found on Earth. That’s the turn of events.

In recent years, the ground team has noticed a particular trend. The Co-Creators are engaging them to participate in those works and in those places where Lightwarriors have already conducted operations before. As previous ops’ continuation.

DNit Telegram Channel

This is normal. At first, only what the Source had planned should have been done, neither more nor less. Later, do the rest. Bloodstained Iron Glance Operation was a new proof of it.

Lightwarriors remembered that they had encountered the Mars problem several times before.

One such case was a joint operation with the Higher Light Hierarchy related to the Table Mountain planetary system. It was linked to a similar system on the Red Planet, which also has the Table Mountains.

Aha moment came as soon as Lightwarriors recollected the details of their op on Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa. They immediately identified the main end-user, whom the Black Archons, using iron glance deposits, were supplying with earthlings’ Life Energy.

Bloodstained Iron Glance Operation - Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa

Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa

Bloodstained Iron Glance Operation

Who demanded such colossal energy resources and could not provide for self?

The name of this Black being is Yaltabogaia. Hybrid of Yaltabaoth and Gaia.

Here we need to go back to the previous part of this post (Bloodstained Iron Glance Operation, Part 1, January 20, 2021).

Recap. When Dark Hierarch Yaltabaoth molded our 3D Earth, it was spiritless. And without Spirit, any creation would be unlivable.

He did not bring Spirit in, because did not possess it. Yaltabaoth was born by World Mother Sophia from the fallen Black Co-Creator of the Local Universe, in violation of the Source’s Highest Principles. Therefore the 3D Earth was a priori stillborn.

To animate the planet, Gaia’s Higher Self divided her Monad and brought one part to Earth, spiritualizing and animating her.

Bloodstained Iron Glance Operation - Gaia


Bloodstained Iron Glance Operation

After gaining access to Gaia, Yaltabaoth decided to create a supreme hybrid of himself and Gaia. The worst in hybridization history.

He used artificial insemination for this purpose. Its technology was given by the Black Co-Creator of the Local Universe.

They took segments of the Yaltabaoth and Gaia’s Monads to grow the hybrid. By then Gaia had been captured and held in the Mariana Trench Portal in the Pacific Ocean. Her Monadic fragment was taken forcibly, in violation of her free will. It served as an egg in which Yaltabaoth’s Monadic sperm was inserted.

All of this was then placed in the Earth’s wame. As a surrogate mother, she carried the fetus. It took place in the deepest point of the planet, in the Mariana Trench, the same place where the Black Co-Creator nurtured his Anti-Absolute, the Absolute Evil being (see – The Operation In Japan, Part 2, Disclosure News, October 7, 2020).

Thus Yaltabogaia (a combination of the two names), an entity of Higher rank, like Yaltabaoth and Gaia, was born.

She was bred personally by the Black Co-Creator of the Local Universe. Upbringing looked like training a dog, in an environment of Evil and Darkness.

Having reached reproductive age, Yaltabogaia became the natal-creative Matrix for demonic entities and Black civilizations of the highest level in the Galaxy, for she could give birth to her kind, i.e. possessing the Monad. They were humanoid creatures, in fact, a new version of man.

Later, Yaltabogaia has moved to one of the most sacred places on Earth. In ancient times there was an Abode of Shambhala of the planetary Light Hierarchy.

It is located at the site of modern Cape Town, in South Africa, on Table Mountain.

Before the Black Archons invaded Earth, Table Mountain served as the center of the Life Flower Temples network, supplying the planet with the Source’s vital energy. In general, Africa used to be a prosperous and plentiful land of the Light Hierarchy. There were many cities, developed infrastructure of industrial and cultural centers…

The Black Co-Creator injected into Yaltabogaya’s uterus the Thin-Material version of Intelligence he created. It matured in her into a finished form that began to be used to give birth to even more advanced demonic Dark civilizations.

Bloodstained Iron Glance Operation - Yaltabaoth


Bloodstained Iron Glance Operation

That’s what they’re called, the Yaltabogaia’s Civilizations. For millions of years, staying inside Table Mountain and Devil’s Peak, she has been giving birth to more and more Monads of demonic races. The scary thing is that their homeland is our Earth, and their Monads contain aspects of the Black Co-Creator of the Local Universe, Yaltabaoth, and Gaia!

In addition to the vital energy of the earthlings, the Black Archons used the energies of the Earth’s Logos, the Elements, and the Oceans to feed the monster. But even this was not enough.

Bloodstained Iron Glance Operation - Ancient Africa

Ancient Africa

Bloodstained Iron Glance Operation

Yaltabogaia needed more and more colossal resources of vital energy. She could not synthesize it herself. The Black Sun project became a supernumerary life source for her.

There is a constellation called Table Mountain in our Galaxy. It is located in the Southern Hemisphere. It was discovered in the 17th century by French astronomer Nicolas Louis de Lacaille.

At one time, the Archons took over the twelve Star Logos of this constellation and linked them with Earth’s Table Mountain in Cape Town.

They became a powerful pump, siphoning out life energy from the cosmos and on Earth for Yaltabogaia. It was also the first step in turning these Logos into Black Suns.

The entire system of hematite deposits, the Table Mountains on Earth, Mars, and the constellation of the same name served only one purpose: to give birth to new generations of Black extraterrestrial civilizations, to provide them with vital energy in the eons and on Earth.

The 12 Stellar Logos mentioned above were sacrificed to Yaltabogaia, so they are commonly referred to as the Twelve Sacrificial Logos. Each had its projection on Table Mountain in Cape Town.

People have unknowingly called the 12 peaks of Table Mountain the Twelve Apostles, which, of course, is not true.

Bloodstained Iron Glance Operation - Peaks of Table Mountain the Twelve Apostles

Peaks of Table Mountain the Twelve Apostles

Bloodstained Iron Glance Operation

The Martian Face and the Face of Yaltabogaia on Cape Town’s Table Mountain (Devil’s Peak) are identical. The Table Mountains of Earth and Mars are a single energetic whole connected on Subtle Plane.

Before the last Cosmic Night, the Co-Creators used the Table Mountains of Mars and Earth for a big Galactic experiment. On their basis, they wanted to create in our Solar System an energy center corresponding to the Milky Way sub-center.

It was the spectrum of Pleroma’s energies that were to turn into the Earth’s natural elements. They could materialize only partially and haphazardly. These are diamonds, precious metals, precious and semi-precious stones, gems. There are still a lot of deposits of them, especially in southern Africa.

After Mars and then Earth was invaded by the Black Archons, Dark and Gray civilizations, the Table Mountain system was rebuilt to supply energy to Yaltabogaia. The second most important element of the parasitic system was the hematite deposits on both planets.

But Yaltabogaia was eliminated in a Higher Light Hierarchy’s special operation involving a ground team.

During it, Lightwarriors discovered that Devil’s Peak of Table Mountain held the creation Matrices of all the Black extraterrestrial races born by Yaltabogaia. Moreover, these were functioning Matrices. There was also an incubator in which the eggs matured, from which the Monads of the new higher Black civilizations appeared later on.

Besides, the common field of Yaltabogaia and Table Mountain held the full reserve gene pool of the Reptilian and Animal Black civilizations.

All of this was destroyed along with the entire Thin-Material structure of the Table Mountains of Earth and Mars as transmitter Portals. The hematite component of the parasitic system as a whole was eliminated by the Angelic system in 1945-2015 (see Part 1).

What should Lightwarriors have to do now? How to close the chapter on the Bloodstained Iron Glance Operation?

The conclusion was the same: eliminate the hematite Matrix at Earth’s Subtle Plane.

Red Fox or Crater Agate with Planes of Hematite, Chubut province, Argentina

Red Fox or Crater Agate with Planes of Hematite, Chubut province, Argentina

Bloodstained Iron Glance Operation

For the operation site, the group chose the sacred Power Place, where the Primary Life Cell Temple, known as the Sun Temple, is located.

The team members understood that their task was to destroy the informational Matrix of hematite, not the mineral itself. After consulting with each other, they asked the Co-Creators to place the Matrix in their Subtle Bodies for annihilation.

And so it was done. The Co-Creators divided the Matrix into parts, and each Lightwarrior took as much as he could annihilate.

By their previous experience, they had prepared for the worst. But surprisingly, the liquidation of the hematite Matrix went for everyone without severe discomfort. The reason was that it was not Causal, but only energy-informational.

Still, the group felt that the operation was incomplete. They wondered how the iron glance would behave next. Unlike Martian, Earth’s hematite has a great magnetism. It was this property that the Black Archons used to pump out on Subtle Plane the rivers of blood, saturated with vital energy.

Assessed all possible solutions, Lightwarriors chose the following option. And that is: in place of the destroyed Matrix over the hematite deposits to install Mandalas and Light Matrices with a powerful counter-field.

The search for an op’s suitable location began. The ground team leader had in mind such a spot in a mountainous area. Earlier, the group planned to build the World Mother Sophia Temple there.

In the past, it was a sacred place, one of Gaia’s natural Portals. In the time of Atlantis, the Foundations Harmony Temple was located on this site.

Bloodstained Iron Glance Operation - Foundations Harmony Temple

Foundations Harmony Temple

Bloodstained Iron Glance Operation

Lightwarrior decided to visit it again and test for the op’s suitability.

Everything was the same as before. A secluded place was full of female energy, soft, but very strong. Beautiful view of the sky…

But there was an interesting sequel.

As the group leader was returning to his car and sitting under a juniper tree to meditate, a local Keeper, an ordinary-looking cat, came out to him. He sat a few feet away from the Lightwarrior and stared at him with a keen, penetrating gaze.

The man continued to meditate, and the cat looked at him. Then suddenly he stood up, came even closer, about a meter and a half, and began to go to the cat’s toilet. Getting things done, slightly buried its property, and went away…

The group leader had a lot of experience with Keepers in the bodies of animals and birds that guard sacred places. The hint was quite transparent. There is negativity on this spot, and it must be cleaned up before it can be worked on.

It turned out that way. Clairevoyance’s viewing confirmed that previously there had been ancient settlements, including necropolis. Energy-informational traces of Black-magic rituals were also clearly traced. An Archon’s incubator and a large number of ebon capsules in the form of eggs were found on the Subtle Plane.

After clearing the place with Absolute Light, the group leader made telepathic contact with the Keeper to thank him for the warning. The cat turned out to be a Pascat. They are a race of intelligent feline inhabitants of Sirius A. On Earth, they play an important role in the planet’s transformation, taking over some of the negative energies of humans.

After listening to the Lightwarrior and asking a few questions, the Keeper advised against carrying out the op there. Instead, he suggested conducting it from a field of iron glance, albeit a small one. And said that in the forest nearby, there is a whole hematite mountain. And one can even drive an offroader to its summit.

Bloodstained Iron Glance Operation - Pascat


Bloodstained Iron Glance Operation

The group immediately began to pack for the trip. They got into two jeeps and hit the road. The pathway up was very narrow, branches scraped all the cars, but the team made it. Then walked through the woods and there they were, on top of the mountain.

There the Lightwarriors talked the situation through and distributed the tasks. They decided to install in the Earth’s field the Pleroma and Absolute Matrix, the Gaia Aspect, and the Matrix of Higher Crystalloids (described in Part 1).

The team members were divided into three groups. Each entered a specific substitution Matrix above over a particular iron glance deposit.

They chose the largest ones, through which the positive energy dome will cover all other hematite fields.

The Matrix of Higher Crystalloids was placed above over the Kursk Magnetic Anomaly. Absolute-Pleromial Matrix – above over hematite deposit in Australia. Gaia’s Matrix – above over the Bolivian iron glance deposit El Mutún.

It is exactly what the Galactic Committee expected from Lightwarriors. The Matrices installed by the ground crew were important additional conduits for the powerful Source’s energies coming to Earth with the start of the New Galactic Year.

They completely blocked the iron glance mechanism. After the destruction of Yaltabogaia, the only consumers of the earthlings’ vital energy, which was pumped out by this parasitic system, were the Archons and their entire planetary elite horde trapped on Earth.

Thus, another energy life support structure was knocked out from under it. The dismantlement of the 3D Matrix is in full swing. Many of its structures have already been destroyed, and it will still take some time to remove the remnants.

Bloodstained Iron Glance Operation - 3D Matrix

3D Matrix

Bloodstained Iron Glance Operation

In the end, a few info of last weeks, days, and hours to round out this post.

Since the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021, the liquidation of the parasitic heritage on Earth has accelerated. The Thin-Material energy has completely stopped coming in for Archons and their bred elite.

Coarse and dense energy for them is still generated only on Earth, but the valves are closing for it as well. At the expense of humanity, they can’t live long. Planetary nucleus transmutation is underway. Parasites are beset from all sides.

The Earth endures the enormous pressure of changing planetary phases. And people bear hard these epochs change.

Many problems have opened up like an abscess on the body. The immune system is taking the fight. And it is given reinforcements from everywhere.

The Co-Creators and Higher Light Hierarchs do not intend to lose humanity, its experience, skills, and resilience that they have gone through. They are helping to streamline the energies of turbulence.

The former Black Co-Creator of the Local Universe, who has returned to the Higher Light Hierarchy, actively helps earthlings. On Subtle Plane he pulls Dark and Gray parasitic energies onto himself and annihilates with his fire.

He feels responsible for his past deeds, so he works to the limit. Recently, he was again on the verge of disintegration, sacrificing his Pleromic Body, but the Light Forces ground crews supported and rescued him with their Radiant Bodies.

The new Curators of Earth, the Galactioms (dipoles created by the Logos of the Milky Way) send additional streams of Galactic Light to the planet to unravel and streamline the chaos. They are tasked with collecting and transferring to other planets what did not fit the Earth.

Bloodstained Iron Glance Operation - Galactioms


Bloodstained Iron Glance Operation

There are technologically advanced planets and races in the Galaxy that are evolving along their evolutionary path. They are not familiar with decadence, rivalry, and war. They have expressed a desire to remove the program technical files and some of Earth’s rulers – “for re-education”. They are confident that they can rewrite their programs to solve problems positively.

For these races, it is an experiment. They want to make sure that their technical civilization is sound. They will take from Earth the Dark curators and programmers. The latter have already consented because they feel they cannot survive on Earth when Source’s energies are coming.

They will take with them technical documentation and files, without which it will be impossible to live in human bodies on new planets. The hosts will not take anyone in physical bodies, only the Matrices, to breed the same clones on their planets and stuff them with positive programs.

The host races are confident that they would hit it off. They have already had such experience and good results in their systems. That’s why the Galactic Committee permitted this operation.

By doing so, its participants will gain constants that are important to them. And help the Earth get rid of the technical programs that have begun to take over humanity.

Higher Light Worlds of the Local Universe

Higher Light Worlds of the Local Universe

Bloodstained Iron Glance Operation

For biorobots and clones, there are two options left: to disappear altogether on Earth or to continue developing at the other end of the Galaxy under the guidance of advanced civilizations.

Black Archons’ technical programs will be extracted from the humans’ DNA.

All high military technology will and is being removed from the planet. It will prevent destructive wars and plans to unleash them.

New information will follow.

More by Lev

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On 26 March 2024 at 01:30 LT, in Baltimore, a Dali container ship flying the Singapore flag hit the automobile bridge Francis Scott Key on the main route between New York and Washington.

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