Bloodstained Iron Glance Operation - Part 1

Bloodstained Iron Glance Operation – Part 1

The Great Quantum Transition

Bloodstained Iron Glance Operation. By Lev.

Before talking about the Bloodstained Iron Glance Operation that the Co-Creators and Light Forces’ ground crew recently carried out, the following preface necessary.

On December 21, 2020, an expanded session of the new Galactic Committee was held. It considered a petition for the admission of the Earth’s Logos – to the Logos Council and Humanity – to the Civilizations’ Council as members of the Galacom.

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Bloodstained Iron Glance Operation - Earth Logos

Earth Logos

Bloodstained Iron Glance Operation

Everyone understood that there was virtually no chance of accepting us. We absolutely do not meet their criteria (there are more than 40 of them!). Not a single one.

Which one?

For example, the planetary Logos must be self-sufficient in life energy; have no radioactive elements; maintain a high level of energy purity; have an ideal state of the planetary body, parameters of its orbit; have no karmic debts…

The requirements for civilizations are even higher. This is the case of social and state structure, freedom of movement around the planet, absence of wars, violence, bloodshed, abortions, extraction of non-renewable natural resources for energy supply, the inadmissibility of splitting natural elements for energy production, strict implementation of a single evolutionary program and much more.

Given the importance and prospects of the 3D Earth, and the role of Gaia’s Absolutoverse in forming the Axis to downward dimensions (to 2D and 1D), the Higher Light Hierarchs decided to “sneak” us into Galacom at least in the status of an associate member with a probationary period.

This was not an end in itself. Such a status OBLIGES the Co-Creators and the Higher Light Forces to give us GREATER ATTENTION, to systematically and TAKE CARE of our evolution, to help earthlings.

Melchizedek and Guan Yin vouched for us. The application to join the Galactic Committee has been submitted.

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Bloodstained Iron Glance Operation - Melchizedek


Bloodstained Iron Glance Operation

Galacom once again made a comprehensive study of the situation on Earth, and once again received a severe shock. Nevertheless, it gave us a chance. On one condition: earthlings must themselves eliminate the remnants of the global parasitic system of Black Archons on the planetary Subtle Plane. Without this, the way to Galactic Committee is closed.

The construction of a global parasitic system was started by the former Local Universe’s Co-Creator, who betrayed the Source and switched to the Dark Side. The fundamental principle of this System: the existence of one life form at the expense of others. Whoever lacks vital energy, or whoever hasn’t received it at all from their creators, is free to take it from whoever has it.

The parasitic system existed everywhere, in all eons. The top of the life energy racket pyramid was the central Black Sun, the core of the Antipleroma.

Today it no longer exists. But the System continues to function, in part, on the levels below, including Earth. It is built on the same principles of theft, forced taking of life energy.

The Black Archons actively implemented this System on our planet during the Cosmic Night and Kali Yuga. Our life energy is a tidbit for Black entities which need it to survive but do not produce it themselves.

For it, they instigated bloodshed, wars, human sacrifices, pedophilia, human trafficking, Satanism, tobacco smoking, alcohol abuse, drugs, gambling, casinos, and blood sports. Viruses and some bacteria, epidemics, and diseases, flies, and mosquitoes also were components of the sapping System.

All life substance taken away is a valuable commodity in the markets of energy-dependent Black beings. They created a huge network of pipelines and Portals for pumping out and transporting people’s vital energy.

Bloodstained Iron Glance Operation - Guan Yin

Guan Yin

Bloodstained Iron Glance Operation

​It was a mafia. Some of our life energy was resold by those at its trough to others who were not admitted to Earth.

On the Subtle Plane, the planetary parasitic and vampiric system functioned through the egregores. On the physical plane – through hematite (or iron glance).

Bloodstained Iron Glance Operation - Hematite (Iron Glance)

Hematite (Iron Glance) Fe2O3

Bloodstained Iron Glance Operation

It is a widespread mineral Fe2O3, one of the major iron ores. In Greek, “hematite” means “blood-red”. The name comes from the word “blood”. Hematite is the stone of the Black Magi.

Iron glace is one of the elements that form the Earth’s crust and is found everywhere. In the human body, blood is the carrier and accumulator of life energy.

Viewed the System by clairvoyance, and by the information received from the Higher Light Hierarchy, the ground crew learned that iron glance is the storage for the violently racketeered life energy of maimed or murdered people.

Then it is directed through nodal points, intermediate servers to the main dispatch hubs – hematite deposits on Earth.

These are Virginia and Shepherd, Missouri (USA), Otjosongati (Southwest Africa), Elba Island (Italy), Azegur (Morocco), Lorraine Iron Ore Basin (France), San Christoph in Saxony and Wölsendorf in Bavaria (Germany), Miterberg in Salzburg (Austria), St. Gotthard (Switzerland), Sarum (Norway), Naxos Island (Greece), Bihar, Orissa and Madhya Pradesh (India), Minas Gerais (Brazil), Mayari and Moa (Cuba).

The largest deposits are in El Mutton (Bolivia), Hamersley (Australia), the Kursk Magnetic Anomaly (Russia), and Kryvyi Rih (Ukraine).

Bloodstained Iron Glance Operation - Lorraine Iron Ore Basin (France)

Lorraine Iron Ore Basin (France)

Bloodstained Iron Glance Operation

There are also local mini-Portals, which are not part of the global hematite network but used for the same purposes. These are the Mayan pyramids, Baalbek, Palmyra, Megiddo, Manakaama, Gebekli Tepe, Babylon…

They were all points of gathering and draining of life energy. Rivers of blood were spilled everywhere. In Palmyra, Syria, there are even channels hollowed out in the stone for the bloodstreams where it flowed from the murdered people.

All blood-hematite traffic is structured and zoned by hemispheres like a cellular network. Where the Life energy flowed from these hubs – the ground Light Forces did not know at first.

Hematite is not a native element for our planet. It was not originally present in the deposits or the Earth’s Causal Matrix. It appeared much later.

How did this happen? And where it was coming from?

The iron glance was brought in from Mars. It was deployed by force, as the main element of the parasitic system created by the Archons and Dark Entities on Earth.

For any element to appear on a planet, it must first manifest in its Matrix or on the Causal Plane. Only this guarantees its stability, preservation, and that it will not mutate after materialization.

The Black Archons did not have access to these spheres. They introduced hematite to Earth in another way.

Of all the minerals on the planet, iron turned out to be the only one suitable for this – by its structure and properties, large and scattered deposits all over the planet. And most importantly, through them, Gaia receives the Life Energy from the Cosmos.

The rest was a matter of skill.

One of the large iron ore deposits, where the Solar Plexus of the planet is located, was hit by the Archons with a point energy strike through the Mars’ Logos.

Bloodstained Iron Glance Operation - Archons' Point Energy Strike

Archons’ Point Energy Strike

Bloodstained Iron Glance Operation

The strike was not strong enough not to destroy the Earth’s vital center. Rather, it was a distraction. While Gaia and her Logos were recovering, they were unprotected. Like a human in the first minutes after a gut-punch.

It is what the Black Archons needed. At the right moment, they fired the hematite Matrix into the Earth Logos through this iron ore deposit. And then they flooded it with blood. Like a virus, the energy-information implant, spread through the Matrix of iron across the planet.

Soon, an iron glance was firmly fused with the Earth’s body. Although it never made it to Gaia’s Causal Plan, its Matrix gained stability and quickly materialized in the form of a mineral. Thus the infrastructure of the hematite parasitic-vampiric system appeared on the planet.

The Martian impact caused a wound and then a hematoma. The Earth is a living organism and is capable of self-repair. The hematoma began to dissolve, to heal, but new blows followed. This was causing Gaia a hell of a lot of pain.

The Archons tried to keep this place and other hematite deposits in a state of hematoma, an open wound. To do so, they staged wars, bloody conflicts, and sacrifices there.

Lightwarriors went through several fields to work on. They considered it as an exam before the Galactic Committee to demonstrate their ability to figure out the problem on their own, to outline solutions, and to execute them. And in the shortest possible time.

In clairvoyant viewing, they saw the same picture everywhere on the Subtle Plane: from many places on the planet, rivers of blood flow into the iron glance deposits – the life energy of people who were violently killed. Then it fills a large reservoir, and from there it is redirected to someone.

Bloodstained Iron Glance Operation - Rivers Of Blood On Subtle Plane

Rivers Of Blood On Subtle Plane

Bloodstained Iron Glance Operation

The only thing the Lightwarriors could not establish at the preliminary stage was the end-user. And there was no time to track it down. They could only see that the vital energy was going from Earth to Mars, to the receiving Portals of that planet. But, of course, it was not the final recipient.

When the Lightwarriors arrived at the observation deck of the quarry they had been assigned to work in, to their great surprise, the energy-information background there was completely neutral. Neither positive nor negative.

On the Subtle Plan, the Co-Creators showed Lightwarriors (and they felt it) that the Earth secretes a special regenerative etheric substance in the place of a wound that cannot heal. The mining of ore in the quarry does not let it.

Its counterpart is human serosanguinous fluid. It is a yellowish fluid with a mixture of blood, which the body secretes to heal injured tissues and body cavities.

The Lightwarriors planned to carry out Earth healing work on the site of the main quarries and ore bodies. More specifically, they wanted to create a new “skin” in the etheric field on the affected areas by installing there the Crystal Matrix.

The Crystal Matrix is a gift to Earth of the higher Crystalloid civilization. It is a positive race that independently evolved to the level of 12-13D.

They have been invisibly present on Earth since the beginning of its evolution, helping it in everything. The main purpose of their presence is to collect and analyze information and develop theoretical models of planetary Logos crystallization similar to the Earth’s Logos.

They keep broadcasting crystal energies adapted to our reality to the planet, which have a beneficial effect on the Earth and people.

Some time ago, the Earth’s Logos underwent Crystallization. Much of the credit for its success goes to the higher Crystalloids.

Bloodstained Iron Glance Operation - One of the Chrystalloids

One of the Chrystalloids

Bloodstained Iron Glance Operation

Lightwarriors have crossed paths with them before. While working in one of the anomalous zones where lightning constantly hit, they participated in the healing of local necrosis of the Earth’s skin caused by systematic burns from the bolts.

That’s when the ground team first applied the Matrix of higher Crystalloids. They applied their tissue to the affected area of the Earth, and it quickly and completely recovered. This successful experience Lightwarriors decided to use at the hematite deposits as well.

However, when the team members arrived at the site, they discovered that all the work they had planned to do there had already been done before them. It was not difficult to determine by whom.

During WWII, at the same time as the ground war, there was a decisive battle between the Light and Dark Forces in the Cosmos for influence in the Local Universe and control over the Earth. The Light Forces won, and that determined the fate of our planet.

Immediately after the end of the war, the Higher Light Hierarchy began eliminating the hematite parasitic system on Earth. But the holograms that showed the team the violent, bloody removal and transport of human life energy turned out to be past events.

The Co-Creators simply demonstrated how the System functioned earlier. And in the present, none of this happened anymore.

Bloodstained Iron Glance Operation - Christ-like Being

Christ-like Being

Bloodstained Iron Glance Operation

From May 1945 to May 2015, the Higher Light Hierarchs worked upon the Earth and with this field, specifically the Angelic System and the Group of Christ-like beings. They treated, healed the planet, brought out the wayward souls, etc. This work lasted for exactly 70 years!

But then why did the Co-Creators bring the Lightwarriors to this place? What was the team’s mission? It was obvious that the group was brought in for something else since all the cleanup work had been successfully done before them.

The Higher Light Hierarchs confirmed that one of the directions of the team’s work was to create a segment of crystal skin on a huge area of the Earth’s surface. The iron glance Matrix was going nowhere, and this problem had to be solved.

Not only did the Lightwarrior not do the basic work, but they didn’t even understand what it was all about. They continued to meditate, to think, to search for the answer. There was no help from above.

Intuitively, the team members felt that the main thing here is related to the Life Energy of the Earth since this place is the Solar Plexus of the planet, the Amrita Bowl, the Life Chakra.

As often happens, the hunch came by association.

The Lightwarriors recalled that a few years ago they were conducting another operation a few hundred kilometers from this location. It was related to the dramatic episodes of the war between the Light and Dark Forces during the last Cosmic Night.

The background is as follows.

On the site of that previous operation, initially, at the creation of the Earth, there was one of the most important Portals related to the Earth’s life support. Namely, the Portal of Gaia’s Life Energy was created at the birth of the planet.

When Dark Hierarch Yaltabaoth moulded our 3D Earth, it was spiritless. And without Spirit, any creation would be unlivable.

He did not bring Spirit in, because did not possess it. Yaltabaoth was born by World Mother Sophia from the fallen Black Co-Creator of the Local Universe, in violation of all the Source’s Highest Principles. Therefore the 3D Earth was a priori stillborn.

Bloodstained Iron Glance Operation - Yaltabaoth


Bloodstained Iron Glance Operation

To animate her, Gaia’s Higher Self divided her Monad and brought one part to Earth, spiritualizing and animating her. But it was not enough for the full functioning of her Logos. Life Energy was also needed.

The Earth’s Logos could not generate it. There was only one option left: the principle of the nuclear reactor.

For this purpose, Gaia additionally singled out her aspects stuffed with the Life Energy and packed them into a special Crystal. It was inserted into the Earth’s core and fed it with the necessary vitality throughout its evolution.

The situation is comparable to a battery-operated mechanism, where the battery was Gaia Life Crystal. Or an analogy to a nuclear reactor, where Crystal was used as nuclear fuel rods.

In the Cosmic Night, during another battle between the Light and Dark Forces, the Black Archons dealt a devastating blow to the Portal. The explosion destroyed part of the Life Crystal. There was a critical drop in its power. By the way, it should have enough energy reserve till 2012, plus 5-7 years. That is, by today it was virtually gone.

The Co-Creators instructed the ground team to resuscitate the Crystal. To do so, the Lightwarriors channeled a Gaia Ray through them, filled with her aspects. Vital fusion was fully restored.

But the transition to full self-sufficiency of the Earth with its Life Energy is far from complete. What is now done is what the Gaia critically needs for the Transition Period. 4D/5D Earth Logos will complete the restoration.

Now everything was clear to the team members. So, what did they have? Gaia’s Life Crystal, the location of the Amrita Bowl, center of the Earth’s hematoma… The Black Archons’ main Martian strike came here…

Bloodstained Iron Glance Operation - Godess Amrita With Bowl

Godess Amrita With Bowl

Bloodstained Iron Glance Operation

Here is the main reason – a blow to the center of the Earth’s Solar Plexus, to insert the iron glance Matrix and establish a planetary parasitic system.

But it wasn’t that simple.

For some time, this territory was controlled by the Light Forces. They learned of the impending Martian strike and managed to remove from the planetary Amrita Crystal its core, the most sacred part of the Goddess Monad.

On the Subtle Plane, the core was hidden somewhere around the hematite deposit. The Amrita Crystal was partially destroyed and later in some way restored. But without the core, there was a critical loss of its power.

The Light Forces extracted from the her main Temple some segments, fragments of the Amrita Crystal, and placed them on the Altars of Life that were founded in this area.

They generated the lacking vital energy the Earth needed. But during the Cosmic Night, the Black Archons and Dark Hierarchs desecrated the Altars with necro-energy and blood of sacrifices, which abundantly saturated the iron glance.

Where was the evacuated and hidden core of the Amrita Crystal?

The Co-Creators hinted at this point to the ground team. It turned out to be a sacred place on the territory of the local Monastery.

Bloodstained Iron Glance Operation - Co-Creators


Bloodstained Iron Glance Operation

The core of the Amrita Crystal was indeed there. It was well camouflaged with necro-energy, a burial mound, and a cemetery that survives to this day. Even the dead were buried inside the Monastery, not outside, as was the custom then.

Now there, on top of the main necropolis, a chapel was built. The Angelic and Christ-like host, the Co-Creators did a good job here as well. Everything was clean, everything was cleaned up!

But that’s not why the Lightwarriors were brought there. At the personal request of Goddess Amrita, the Higher Light Hierarchs granted the group leader access to the core of her Crystal.

They instructed him to put the core into his multidimensional bodies, ascend it from Earth, and give to Amrita to return it to her Monad. This operation was successfully carried out by Lightwarrior from the top of the burial mound in the Monastery.

It was the main purpose for which the Co-Creators by the ingenious way brought the ground team to this iron glance deposit.

But they carried out only the first part of Bloodstained Iron Glance Operation.


(To be continued)

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