The Blessing Of Comet Swann

The Blessing Of Comet Swann

The Blessing Of Comet Swann. By Dr. Schavi M. Ali.

“Comet Swann” was detected on March 25, 2020, by the “Solar Heliospheric Observer” space craft (SOHO), and it will make its closest approach to Earth/Gaia on approximately May 12, 2020.

It will be able to be seen with the naked eye soaring thru our galaxy.

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It is the brightest comet to grace the cosmos in many years and has a very long bright tail that is exuding hydrogen as it soars thru the cosmic realms.

Hydrogen is the lightest element in the periodic table (which most of us studied about in high school and college) and is the most abundant in the universe which houses the “Milky Way Galaxy” in which Earth/Gaia resides.

Hydrogen is essential for life, and partnered with oxygen, we have life-giving, oxygen-sending, cellular hydration-filling water!

Blessing Of Comet Swann - Solar Heliospheric Observer

Solar Heliospheric Observer

The Blessing Of Comet Swann

On the material level of human existence, hydrogen has been used for rocket fuel, automobile fuel, ultraviolet lamps, hot air balloons, and unfortunately, for destructive bombs.

However, in the spiritual sense, the hydrogen of “Comet Swann” is sent to us as a blessing.

What does this mean exactly?

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“Comet Swann” will move into the ionosphere of our planet, and the ionosphere is from 50 all the way to 600 miles above Earth/Gaia’s surface.

An “ion” is an atom or molecule with an electrical charge, and thus, spiritually-speaking activates the thought process or the consciousness while emotive responses are activated by magnetics of the planet’s inner field.

Remember, thoughts are electrical frequencies, and feelings are magnetic frequencies.

We think a thought about someone or something, then have a feeling about it, and together, thought and feeling create a response in word/and or action–and thus, a material experience manifests.

Blessing Of Comet Swann - Positive Ions

Positive Ions

The Blessing Of Comet Swann

“Positive Ions” carry high-frequency radiation; whereas, “Negative Ions” have low-frequency radiation.

When “Positive Ions” are in the geomagnetic (outer field) of Earth/Gaia, the cellular memory of the human physical vessel can become confused as it attempts to regulate and balance the high vibratory energetics.

On the other hand, “Negative Ions” actually have harmonious energetics because the low level of radiation is easily and slowly capable of being handled by the human body, mind, and emotions.

“Negative Ions” assist in the transformation of humanity from its primarily carbon-based state to its crystalline re-birthed formation.

We are thus assisted in becoming more “Photonic”.

A “Photon” is a quantum amount of LIGHT with no mass.

The amount of LIGHT that each individual receives is predicated upon his or her ability to connect with the super-consciousness of the Higher Self–the Soul–an aspect of the Divine which has consciousness, intellect.

And immortality.

Blessing Of Comet Swann - Photons


The Blessing Of Comet Swann

“Comet Swann” is releasing into Earth/Gaia’s ionosphere the type of ionic power that will assist creation in leveling-up gradually to faster and brighter frequencies so that alignment with greater LIGHT is possible because the kind of ions it carries also reflect radio waves.

Think of cellular memory as radio waves transmitting past and current “programming” of both traumatic events and happy ones.

It is the trauma that we want to release from cellular memory “programming” with its slow vibration of energy, and it is the happier times that we wish to hold in our “records” which have higher energy.

Thus, “Comet Swann” will help in the on-going necessary cleansing and illumination process which is so vital as the world moves thru the “Global Retreat” that has so much of humanity still “sheltering-in-place”.

All comets carry particular types of ionization, but “Comet Swann” is sending us a message with its enormous brightness.

It joins the cleansing aspects of plasma waves, solar flares, co-interaction regions, super-novas, and all of the other cosmic energetics which are orchestrated by us as the “Energy of Consciousness Currents” (ECC) spirals up and down just like the Vibrational Frequency and amplitude of Earth/Gaia.

Blessing Of Comet Swann - Photonic


The Blessing Of Comet Swann

Interestingly, as the “sheltering-in-place” has deepened, reports are coming in that the air, water, and soil of our planet is actually cleaner.

This is obviously because fewer automobiles and trucks are traveling along the streets and highways, and airplanes are also flying less in the skies.

Yes, many people are complaining about economic crisis as major and minor businesses attempt to survive. However, humanity must understand that a huge price has been paid for its insisting on so-called “modern technology” and constant destruction of Nature for purposes of building grand structures and poisoning water, soil, and air with chemicals.

The ECC was becoming lower and lower. The mercy of SOURCE has arrived.

In the midst of a horrible pandemic has come the message of either choosing to elevate beyond mere material focus and instead receive Divine attunements.

Of course, humanity must have certain business ventures and modern devices (used responsibly) in order to advance civilization forward.

However, the health and beauty of Earth/Gaia should not be sacrificed in the process. Otherwise, karmic consequences will appear.

Blessing Of Comet Swann - Swan


The Blessing Of Comet Swann

Even though the letters in “Swann” have a long scientific phrase, think of a lovely, graceful gently gliding “swan” (without the extra “N” of course) as it moves across a lake or pond.

It represents peace and relaxation.

“Comet Swann” is bringing us that peace and relaxation as hydrogen flows into the ionosphere where mingling with oxygen will cleanse the greatest element in the human physical vessel–WATER– upon which the SPIRIT moves!

Our cellular memory, our records of thousands of years, will receive more LIGHT.

Making Miracles – Dr Schavi

Making Miracles – Dr Schavi

Every path has its own holy texts, rituals, spiritual beliefs, and daily practices. There is one SOURCE which is the anchoring in all of them. This is like agreeing to meet for a scrumptious meal at a certain restaurant, and everyone travels a different road to get there.

The Power Of Melanin And Our Ancient Roots – Dr Schavi

The Power Of Melanin And Our Ancient Roots – Dr Schavi

Melanin is a photo receptor, a receiver of LIGHT, and it is a door through which LIGHT enters the human physical vessel via various sensory organs. With sunlight, the “God Particle” (pineal gland) releases into the bloodstream melatonin which effects melanin production in many sites throughout the body temple.

The Great Alignment Of Sound And Light Transmission And Reception – Dr Schavi

The Great Alignment Of Sound And Light Transmission And Reception – Dr Schavi

On Wednesday, October 20. 2021, our galaxy known as the “Milky Way” comes into alignment with its closest galactic neighbor—“Andromeda”—which is approximately 2.5 million light years from Earth/Gaia. This is significant because this alignment occurs on the same day as the height of the Full Moon of our solar system in the sign of Aries in the Tropical Zodiac and Pisces in the Sidereal Zodiac both of which signify, in brief, “new leadership”, “new information”, and “higher spiritual understanding”.

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