Birthday Of Sri Gautama Buddha - Dr. Schavi

Birthday Of Sri Gautama Buddha

Birthday Of Sri Gautama Buddha. By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

Sri Gautama Buddha, who many refer to as simply “The Buddha”, was born as Prince Siddartha in the nation of Bharata (India) in 563 B.C.E in some research accounts or in 480 B.C.E in other accounts.

However, it is agreed that he was born at a Full Moon in the month of May.

Thus, each May on the date of the Full Moon, his birthday is celebrated.

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This year of 2021 is particularly auspicious because the Full Moon of May 26th is also a Super Total Lunar Eclipse which will be visible all over the planet.

It is calculated to occur at 7:14 AM (EST [which should be adjusted according to individual time zones]) or 11:14 UTC.

Prince Siddhartha was said to have always thought about the life experiences of others who were not as richly blessed as he was, even though he was kept away from the disharmonies of earthly living as much as possible by the rules and regulations of how royals should live.

However, because he was such a curious, very meditative, and deeply thoughtful person, one night he told one of his personal assistants to prepare a horse for him to ride out of the palace grounds and into the surrounding villages.

As he traveled from place to place, he became alarmed and saddened by the poverty and illness that he saw.

Birthday Of Sri Gautama Buddha - Price Siddhartha

Price Siddhartha

Birthday Of Sri Gautama Buddha


After the luxurious lifestyle that he enjoyed as royalty, it was difficult to believe that what he was witnessing was real.

He made a decision to commune with the ethereal realm for answers to this dilemma, and he eventually sat in meditation beneath a fig tree.

He experienced many mental agonies during his meditation and even refused to eat. He became very physically diminished, but was strangely spiritually sharp and mentally alert. Eventually, one day he attuned in a profoundly heightened manner known as “Sruti” (“To Hear”) and was what is called “Enlightened”.

He became “The Buddha”.

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Birthday Of Sri Gautama Buddha - Boddhisattva With Cintamani

Boddhisattva With Cintamani

Birthday Of Sri Gautama Buddha


When people came upon him sitting beneath the tree and inquired as to who he was, his answer was “Aham Butasmi” (“I am Awake!”).

“The Buddha” is one of the world’s greatest “Rishis” (Sages”).

Some people mistakenly think that Sri Gautama Buddha and THE MEDICINE BUDDHA are the same. They are not.

Sri Gautama Buddha taught that THE MEDICINE BUDDHA is a vibrational field of energy which resides in each individual as his or her Higher Consciousness.

Thus, it is the LIFE FORCE of the DIVINE ABSOLUTE (SOURCE) in each person, and the Sanskrit term for LIFE FORCE is “PRANA”.

Birthday Of Sri Gautama Buddha - Medicine Buddha

Medicine Buddha

Birthday Of Sri Gautama Buddha


THE MEDICINE BUDDHA is depicted as a dark sapphire blue person sitting in the lotus position holding a vase of “Amrit” (“Immortal” healing elixir) in his left hand and a tall healing plant in his right hand.

When the MEDICINE BUDDHA mantra is chanted, a person’s oscillating life force is stirred-up and dormant healing frequencies are actualized which can work miracles.

Sri Gautama Buddha taught his followers how to chant the mantra given to him by SOURCE on a Boddhi Seed mala.

(Boddhi seeds are obviously larger than fig seeds, and people in Bharata always used them even prior to Prince Siddartha’s “awakening”).

A tree that has grown from the original seeds of the tree that “The Buddha” sat beneath is near a temple in Bodghaya, India and is surrounded by a large fence. People travel there to see it and to chant.

Birthday Of Sri Gautama Buddha - Bodghaya India - Bodhi Tree

Bodghaya India – Bodhi Tree

Birthday Of Sri Gautama Buddha


During his connection in meditation with THE MEDICINE BUDDHA, Sri Gautama received the following twelve vows of promise that THE MEDICINE BUDDHA said would be kept for all humanity who beckoned for aid:


To illuminate countless realms with radiance (LIGHT) to enable anyone to become a Buddha (“Enlightened”).


To awaken the minds of all sentient beings through the transference of LIGHT.


To give anyone the material needs he or she desires.


To correct all incorrect information and inspire beings to be on the path of the “Boddhisattva” (a person of “Enlightenment and Peace”) in order to assist others in their awakening.


To help people to follow a righteous path.


To heal all physical sufferings, whether they have been born with them or acquired them for whatever reason later in life.


To relieve those who are destitute in faith and hope.


To help people to achieve their desired afterlife in the infinite realms.


To heal mental afflictions.


To set the oppressed free from suffering.


To relieve hunger and thirst.


To alleviate harsh circumstances of poverty such as lack of wealth, food, clothing, shelter, etc.

There is a wonderful organization known as “The World-Wide Medicine Buddha Healing Circle” which can be contacted on-line that chants daily for anyone in the world whose name is placed in their listing, and people can also have their name listed as a person who will perform the mantra for the world.

Many miracles have been experienced by those who have been chanted for as well as for those who perform the mantra.

I am blessed to be one of the Directors of a Medicine Buddha healing circle in the USA.

We chant each Friday from our individual homes or offices.

THE MEDICINE BUDDHA mantra has been discussed previously; however, its three translations are given here again:

1.) “Salutations to the MEDICINE BUDDHA, the GREAT MEDICINE BUDDHA, perfectly liberated, who is auspicious.”

2.) “I bow to the Supreme Physician who removes illness, the King of Physicians, the Auspicious One.”

3.) “Oh, Divine, please remove the pain of illness, the pain of great illness; Oh, Great King, I go to the heights, and I now relinquish this prayer.”

Birthday Of Sri Gautama Buddha - Medicine Buddha Healing

Medicine Buddha Healing

Birthday Of Sri Gautama Buddha



On May 26th, for those who are willing, please chant THE MEDICINE BUDDHA mantra at whatever time is convenient for you. It would be most profound to chant it at the time of the Super Full Moon Lunar Eclipse.

If possible, obtain a “murti” (statue or painting—a depiction) of THE MEDICINE BUDDHA either for your altar or to sit in some place of prominence in your home. In Tibet, THE MEDICINE BUDDHA is known as “Sangye Menla”.

Birthday Of Sri Gautama Buddha - Sangye Menla - Medicine Buddha

Sangye Menla – Medicine Buddha

Birthday Of Sri Gautama Buddha


This is an aspect of SOURCE—not a separate entity. Sri Gautama Buddha was an advocate of the path he was born into—SANATANA DHARMA (“Eternal Path”)—all of his life.

However, as is the case with many Avatars and Sages, when they leave their physical temples, others create a different system and give a name that the original Avatar or Sage may not have provided.

This usually changes the teachings and rituals.

This is like when Yeshua Ha Messiah’s teachings have been labeled as “Christianity” when Yeshua was a Hebrew all of his life and traveled throughout the world receiving initiations onto other paths and teaching about them.

It was the apostle “Paul” (actual name “Paulus”) who gave the world the name “Christianity” long after Yeshua had departed the physical realm.

Thus, in the same manner, the term “Buddhism” has been rendered onto what was taught to us by Sri Gautama Buddha, and as earlier mentioned, a “Buddha” is someone who is spiritually elevated, who is awakened to and by SOURCE TRUTH.

Remember, Sri Gautama Buddha always said when he was asked who he was: “AHAM BUTASMI!” (“I AM AWAKE!”).




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