Bigger Energies: Increased Upgrades! - By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

Bigger Energies: Increased Upgrades!

Bigger Energies: Increased Upgrades! – By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

Solar winds are flowing between the upper 500s into the 600s kilometers per second (km/s) as we approach Wednesday, June 15th, 2022.

Solar flares are in the early “C-Class” levels with a coronal mass ejection having exited from our Sun and sending activations to our planetary field.

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Neutron counts are still listed as being “High”, and the “KP Index” is registering Earth/Gaia’s fields as being “Unsettled” (“KP” listings, as a reminder, are either “Quiet”, “Unsettled”, “Storm”, or “Severe”).

The magnetosphere is surrounded by huge pressing-in plasma particles.

Magnetosphere Pressure 15 June 2022

Bigger Energies

Heat advisories have been given for 25 states in the USA with temperatures being in the 100s with great humidity, and such temperature highs with potent humidity are unusual for this time of the late spring season just before summer commences and have not been experienced for many years.

Other nations are also experiencing unusual weather occurrences. As our planet spins and wobbles on “Her” axis as “She” (along with the entire solar system) soars through the Photon Belt at the beginning of the complete vortex which has a total of 12 vortices, planetary molecules are spinning faster in the cleansing process that is occurring to creation, and a clearer path is being made for the reception of greater LIGHT to enter for upgrading of planetary DNA.

The same holds true for plant life, animals, and humanity because what Earth/Gaia experiences, creation upon “Her” experiences as well.

Also at work, of course, is the Great Central Sun which gives “direction” to the Sun of our solar system, which then sends the message to Earth/Gaia, and then into our nervous systems and throughout our physical vessels.

When cosmic energies are larger, when they are more intense, the upgrades to our DNA and the clearing-out of our cellular records is more enhanced.

We must remember that evolution (not in terms of Darwinian theory) occurs under pressure. There are codes implanted in our DNA like seeds planted in soil, and they are “sprouting”.

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There is yet another phenomenon to consider as we journey through the transformative “re-birthing”, and it is brought to us by the Cosmic Scientist Philip Sedgwick, and it is known as THE GREAT ATTRACTOR.

It is believed that this is a point in the cosmos that is larger than the “Milky Way Galaxy”, and it holds a mass of over 1,000 trillion Suns!

Bigger Energies - Milky Way From  Antarctica

Milky Way From Antarctica

Bigger Energies

Our solar system is hurtling towards it a 2.2 million kilometers per hour.

It is a massive electromagnetic field of radiation, and its gravity bends LIGHT.

It is a huge energetic force that is behind what is called the ZONE OF AVOIDANCE.

Other scientists feel that it is perhaps a large super cluster of galaxies.

It sends forth tremendous streams of LIGHT into planetary and human consciousness and is a powerful transmitter of information.

The information is sent into our mitochondria–the information receiving aspect of our DNA that resides in each of our trillions of cells.

This is not a “Black Hole” or the results of super novas— exploding stars.

It is a phenomenon that is completely different and is still being researched.

What, however, is the ZONE OF AVOIDANCE?

Could it be the “Thirteenth Zone” spoken of by the Bulgarian mystic Peter Deunov (1864-1944) who received numerous Divine prophecies about our planet’s future?

Bigger Energies - Peter Deunov

Peter Deunov

Bigger Energies

He has been discussed previously, but for purposes of serious review for many and as new information for others, here is what Deunov once taught: “Our solar system is now traversing a region of the cosmos where a constellation that was destroyed left its mark, its dust.

This crossing of a contaminated space is a source of poisoning, not only for the inhabitants of Earth but for all the inhabitants of the other planets of our galaxy.

Only the suns are not affected by the influence of this hostile environment.

This region is called THE THIRTEENTH ZONE. Our planet was enclosed in this region for thousands of years, but finally, we are approaching the exit of this space of darkness, and we are on the point of attaining a more spiritual region where more evolved beings live.”

Is this, therefore, the spiraling-up to another era—another “Yuga” (“Age”)—as the Vedic scriptures teach?

Is this another manner in which to discuss the “Twilight of Kali Yuga” (“Age of Chaos”)?

Deunov further stated: “The Earth is now following an ascended movement, and everyone should force themselves to harmonize with the currents of ascension.”

The “currents of ascension” as labeled by Deunov seem to be the intensified cosmic events of our “Now”—a “Now” that has been many eons in the making.

Here are three very enlightening verses from the famous and very voluminously large EMERALD TALBET penned by Tehuti who was also known as Thoth and who lived in Kemet at the time of the last of the cataclysms of Atlantis which happened in 10,500 B.C.E. (Its previous cataclysms were in 50,000 B.C.E. and in 28,000 B.C.E. In 10,500 B.C.E. it sank completely, and survivors fled to Kemet on the continent of Alkebu-lan):

    1. “All of creation is transformable.”
    2. “All upon Earth is alterable.” (The word for “Earth” in the ancient Medu Neter language, which was called “Hieroglyphics” in Greek, was “Geb”).
    3. “There are three states: Creation, Continuance, and Transformation.”

Many thousands of years later, LEAVES OF MORYA’S GARDEN, received by Nicholas Roerich (1874-1947) who traveled to Tibet for knowledge, says this:

    1. “Those evolving in consciousness will see and sense LIGHT around them as a sign of the presence of spiritual energy, i.e., the presence of the Divine.”
    2.  “The Spirit is perfect only when it is conscious of the cosmos.”
    3.  “The knowledge of ancient times has returned to Earth, for the dawn of civilization was in the East.”

The above are just a mere few of the thousands of teachings we are blessed to receive which are throughout the many paths that connect us to the supernal realms.

They are worth our concentration as cosmic forces climb to heightened vibrational frequencies where there is faster and brighter LIGHT that we must adjust to as we are physically, mentally, emotionally, and also spiritually re-attuned to SOURCE which is described in part by the great Vedic “Gayatri Mantra” as being SELF-EXISTENT, ABSOLUTE CONSCIOUSNESS, ALL-PERVADING, and GLORIOUS LIGHT”.

Let us pray, meditate, and study well because our understanding of LIGHT depends upon it!


The “KP Index” has just been rated at “Storm” level, and a coronal mass ejection is currently underway causing geomagnetic storming—powerful activations to our planet’s inner and outer fields.

Bigger Energies - Actual KP Index

Actual KP Index

Bigger Energies

Cosmic Update 10 May 2022 - Mni Wiconi -Life Giving Water

A Special Call from our Canadian Family

Please join with the Indigenous People in prayer ceremony on June 21st, 2022 for the healing and restoration of our "Mni Wiconi" ("Life Giving Waters") on our planet.

Chief Arvol Looking Horse, the "19th Keeper of the White Buffalo Pipe" has stated: "I humbly request a time from each of the two-legged [human beings] in this world to send a prayer to heal our precious earth and balance of Mni Wiconi to be restored".

He has further taught that many messages from the four-legged animal world indicates that mankind is at a crossroads.

Thus, this is yet another wonderful opportunity for us to gather in whatever we can in our homes and offices for connection to the GREAT SPIRIT/INFINITE PRESENCE/SOURCE.

Let there be PEACE among us all.

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The Dark Of The Moon – Dr Schavi

The Dark Of The Moon – Dr Schavi

Ancient teachings are that twenty-four hours prior to the arrival of a New Moon is “The Dark of the Moon”, and like planting seeds in rich soil, it is the most perfect time in which people should “plant seeds” for their needs and desires. This can be done in a variety of ways.

Cosmic Update 26 June 2022 – Energetics Traveling Still Higher – Dr Schavi

Cosmic Update 26 June 2022 – Energetics Traveling Still Higher – Dr Schavi

On Sunday, June 26th, 2022, solar winds are chaotic, and in the early morning hours have pushed out at the enormous rate of “714.4” kilometers per second (km/s) down to “636.6” km/s, up again to “671.1” km/s, and now at 10:23 AM (Eastern Daylight Time), they are registering “648.0” km/s. Neutron counts (cosmic rays) are still “Elevated’ as they have been for many days, but the “KP Index” has shown initially the level of “Unsettled” but is now rated as “Storm”. Our planet’s magnetosphere is enveloped in dense plasma particle density.

The Power Of A Prayer Mala – Dr Schavi

The Power Of A Prayer Mala – Dr Schavi

The word “mala” translates from Sanskrit into English as “garland”. In Tibetan Sanskrit, it is known as a “threngwa”. In Catholicism it is a “rosary”. Muslims use “Dhiker” beads. In ancient Medu Neter (the Kemetic [Egyptian] priestly language), it was known as a “sha-sha” which translates as “luck”.

Cosmic Energy Picking Up Speed! – Dr Schavi

Cosmic Energy Picking Up Speed! – Dr Schavi

Heading closer to next Tuesday’s New Moon (June 28th or Wednesday, June 29th according to time zones), cosmic events are rallying up. The “Power” (“Schumann Resonance”) chart is showing a blast of “54” while the magnetosphere chart is also indicating that solar winds are a mixture of slow to medium to fast with plasma density pressing-in and surrounding Earth/Gaia and continuing to build since early morning.

Post-Solstice Update! – 6/22/2022 – Dr Schavi

Post-Solstice Update! – 6/22/2022 – Dr Schavi

Solar winds on the day after the arrival of the Summer and Winter solstices are traveling at just a bit over 486 kilometers per second (km/s), and neutron counts remain in the “Elevated’ status. The “Power” reading (“Schumann Resonance”) of Earth/Gaia’s vibrational frequency and amplitude is “48” which is not enormously high in this “Now”, but it is certainly far above the ancient “normalcy” of “7.83”.

Solstice Symphonics! – Dr Schavi

Solstice Symphonics! – Dr Schavi

The Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere and the Winter Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere has officially arrived with our Sun having reached its zenith—its highpoint. In the North, June 21st will be the longest day of the season, and in the South, it will be the shortest day. Our Sun will begin to send its bright rays more powerfully to the Southern Hemisphere, although we will not detect any substantial shortening or lengthening of days or building of coolness or warmth in either hemisphere for many weeks.

Soaring Into The Solstice! – Dr Schavi

Soaring Into The Solstice! – Dr Schavi

As Earth/Gaia heads into the Summer and Winter solstices on Tuesday, June 21st, 2022 (arriving at 5:14 AM Eastern Daylight Time), our Sun is sending powerful wind currents at almost 600 km/s (kilometers per second), and a huge plasma filament is surging back and forth that is as long as the distance between our planet and the Moon. These filaments usually thrash back and forth and finally slam onto the Sun’s surface and then explode sending out its strong plasma throughout the solar system and into our planet’s magnetosphere often activating quakes and storms.

Friday Cosmic Update – Dr Schavi

Friday Cosmic Update – Dr Schavi

As of 03:02 Universal Time (UT), solar winds are traveling at 621 kilometers per second (km/s). This is far swifter than they have been in several weeks! They have been in the upper 400s and the early 500s, but not in the over 600s for quite some time. Solar flares are “C.5-Class”—almost about to touch the “M-Class” range.

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