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Bifurcation - From 3D To 4D And 5D - Lev


From 3D To 4D And 5D

The Great Quantum Transition

Bifurcation – By Lev


We’re moving away from the 3D grids as planet Earth and ourselves are inundated with the high intensity and frequent light. We also have negative A.I/beings/entities trying to keep us connected to these grids, and they’re incredibly aggressive in their nature. They try to take over your body and mind. I think they’re targeting light workers and those they take a disliking to. They want to harvest our energy to sustain themselves. They’re dying. Everything’s becoming decentralised now, they’re losing control. More and more of us have become dissatisfied, even sick with how our world is. The ascension is here.

Spying monkeys human battery

21/07/2022 at 09:34, Bifurcation

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Because of all that has happened in just the past 2 1/2 years many people have become much more of their spiritual self and that is the way we should keep going. Spiritually we are in end cycles (Kali) and Biblical times for instance. 3D>5D. Current events are the witnessing of the old coming down. The Light wins but you will see more of the old devolving in the coming times before you see renewal. We will be challenged.


21/07/2022 at 03:10, Bifurcation

I notice many people think there was some kind “sudden cutoff” of “normality” from beginning of 2020 onwards. While it would seem like this on the surface level, I think it’s that there never was normality, it was just that as our awareness expands and eyes open more and more, we see and feel things we haven’t seen and felt before. It’s a clear, but subtle sign of massive individual change.

The internal, individual changes are actually instant happening, a single moment. Just we dont perceive it here like that, we perceive it as a slow process that takes years. But even if we try to reminisce some of our past changes, we could usually find that sudden and abrupt moment …
I am of inner understanding that noone has ever died, that nothing was ever lost, and in this extreme reality we only get distorted look regarding that. Sadly, we do feel real pain and suffering… but at one point, we will come to realization of infinity and eternity of all life, and love. And at that moment, everything changes in a blink of an eye.

We go through a process of “prelude” for this. It’s not a mind process or habit, a routine. What is happening already is colossal, but so subtle on many of us. Many do not even see the change, or aren’t aware of it, thinking it’s not there. Many look only on external happenings as their “measure meter” – and ironically, now when it has already begun to collapse externally for some time, many of those focusing only on external are even feeling fear, because they think the “normality” will return. There NEVER WAS NORMALITY…
We gave too much tangibility, importance and unchangeability to illusionary reality like 3D. We became mesmerized with small, unimportant and trivial things. And now were getting a final lesson.


20/07/2022 at 15:12, Bifurcation

I have thought a lot in the past about what the future on Earth will be like, and since it is a Universe of free will, everyone will make a personal choice about which direction to take. The Higher Forces of Light do not make the decisions for humanity; they emanate the Light that points the way to salvation. God perhaps gives a sharp and obvious sign to mankind to awaken it from its deepest lethargy, in the form of a harsh and abrupt reaction from Gaia or the Sun, for example a too-hot Solar wave. Or a volcano that will fill the entire earth’s atmosphere with thick smoke for a few days until humanity sees the light of the sun.

Who will rule, the Light or the darkness? The Light of course, but the darkness will be there as long as there is free will, even if the unseen dark ones have almost finished their mission on Earth and will leave, the human dark ones will remain, but not on this blessed Earth, but somewhere else in the infinite Universe, in a place with vibrations suitable for them. On Earth 5D they will not survive. Love and Peace.


21/07/2022 at 10:43, Bifurcation

You can clearly see, that the darks ones are doing everything they need to do to drag humanity into the abyss/negative time line and they started doing this in March 2020, visible to me. Unfortunately, people do not wish to see it, generally speaking.

Recently, I have come back from my Motherland to UK and I noticed, that people there are at the same level of consciousness as they used to be ( I’m not surprised, at all), even they are not happy with the current local or global situation.

So, my conclusion is, the bifurcation on the mental/conscious level has already happened. To awaken asleep ones we need a Miracle.

Many people I used to talk to (in both countries), they always denied what I said or laughed at me considering me a haunted or a madwoman telling stupid things, some used to be aggressive. Fortunately, I am at such a level of awareness, that I am able to discuss this subject not using emotions. So, I don’t really care what they think about me, just had passed the information I had to convey, that’s all.

Let us take care of ourselves, our loved ones, the hypnotized ones and our Mother Earth. Let the lazy ones, zombie, bio-robots, etc. remain where they are. We are not able to save everyone. Well, lots of people do not wish to be saved at all. Peace Love Harmony to Everyone.


20/07/2022 at 07:47, Bifurcation

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Indeed, simultaneously with the stage of global cleansing (see Disclosure News, Blind Spot, July 19, 2022), right before our eyes, the bifurcation phase is already beginning not only on the mental/conscious level, but also in the System and space/time as a whole.

The culmination of this phase will be the achievement of a critical threshold, immediately after which the final part will come: the passing through Bifurcation Point.



Ten years earlier, we had already gone through something similar. Then, the question was: Harvesting or the Great Quantum Transition? That is, removing the entire Fifth Race from Earth and settling it from scratch, in a completely cleared place, with a new civilization, or helping maximum number of earthlings in the Transition from 3D to 5D, who are ready to undergo a difficult and extremely painful inner transformation for that.

The Absolute chose the second solution, and there were many reasons for it, connected not only and not so much with Earth and earthlings.

In a short period, important events were coincided. A complete turning around their rotation center made the Local Universe (goes full circle in 8.64 billion years), the Milky Way (2 billion years), the Solar System (225-275 million years), and Earth (26 thousand years), bringing them to the next step of evolution.

Bifurcation - Local Universe

Local Universe


The Local Universe has terminated the stage of duality, i.e. continuous testing and stimulation of development by maximum aggravation of polarities.

For the Absolute (which wasn’t a dipole at that time), it was the third Local Universe, a project in which she knew herself and her creation in all its extreme manifestations.

The Milky Way, the Solar System and Earth were just one of a great many proving grounds where duality tests were also conducted.

They reached the peak during the last Cosmic Night, filled of endless space wars, the seizure of planets, enslavement and often the destruction of all their inhabitants.

Bifurcation - Milky Way, Solar System, Earth

Milky Way, Solar System, Earth


Now the situation is different. The Absolute became dipole and rose to the next level of the Hierarchy. The Local Universe is quarantined, cleansed of the remnants of duality, and is preparing for its fourth version.

The Cosmic Night is over. The Solar System and Earth are approaching the Cosmic Daybreak, in the zone of direct and full visibility of the Source and Its radiations. They are already coming to our planet in powerful streams, mercilessly burning out with high frequencies EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE who emit low vibrations.

No matter how fantastic it may sound, but the earthlings have also radically changed. This process was especially accelerated after the feat of Christ.

Bifurcation - The Feat Of Christ

The Feat Of Christ


Despite all the events of the last two thousand years, a huge number of people are ready for the next level of development, unlike the previous four Races, which had to be destroyed.

From the summer of 2021 to the present day, almost two billion men have entered 4D and 5D, and this transition continues.

Positive changes in the Local Universe, our Galaxy, Solar System and on Earth have also become possible thanks to THOUSANDS of Light Forces’ ops on physical and Subtle Plane. What DNI narrates is only the smallest part.

At each stage of this gigantic path, Earth and humanity passed through the phase of accumulation and the onset of changes through the period of bifurcation, and the culmination of the final turning point.

Such was the day of December 21, 2012, after which a great and irreversible Change of Matrices began -3D to five-dimensional.

Bifurcation - To 4D And 5D

To 4D And 5D


So what exactly is this process? What is the difference between the first phase and the second, and the next? How long they last? What does their change depend on?

As earlier DNI noted, during the Transition, the Bifurcation Point is preceded by the zeroing phase of the existing System, its finale, Blind Spot.

This is where we are right now. The old 3D Matrix is rapidly destroying, and the new 5D is being completed. As a result, the two polar systems coexist, burdened by WWIII on physical and Subtle Plane.

The next stage is the phase of Systemic Bifurcation. This term comes from Lat. Bifurcus, that means forked, and is used in many spheres to denote qualitative rearrangements and metamorphoses of various objects when changing the parameters on which they depend.

Bifurcation - Forking



With continuous changes in parameters, cascades of bifurcations (rearrangements) may occur. This is one of the typical scenarios of transition from one state to another in physical, biological, social, economic, and other systems where there is a sequence of bifurcations.

Up to the breaking point (bifurcation), the system has one path of development; its behavior is completely predictable. Bifurcation is a catastrophic leap, a conflict breakdown, a node of interaction between fluctuations and irreversibility.

Examples in various systems can be: bifurcation of rivers – the division of the riverbed and its valley into two branches, which later do not merge and flow into different basins; in medicine – the division of a tubular organ (vessel or bronchus) into two branches of the same caliber, extending to the sides at the same angles; in mechanics – the acquisition of a new qualities in the movements of a dynamical system with a small change in its parameters; in time/space – stratification into several timelines, each of which has its own events.

Bifurcation - Fractal Bifurcation

Fractal Bifurcation


The bifurcation point is the moment when the system turns from one into another, but with new qualities (parameters). This is the time of critical instability at which the system is rebuilt, switches to one of the possible ways of further development.

In people’s lives, the situation could be either one or the other. This is the moment when a person can easily choose one or the other, to act or not act, to do one thing or another, after which there is no return to the past.

Bifurcation is not an instantaneous event, but a time-consuming process of cardinal restructuring of the system, in the course of which the further path of development is determined.

The Bifurcation phase is divided into three stages. In first, the system is still stable due to its adaptation mechanism. In the second, it stops working. Instability and chaos are growing. The system can no longer exist in its former mode and capacity. At some point, a fracture occurs in it (the bifurcation point), and a new self-organization begins. In the third stage, the changes are ordered.

The characteristics of the second stage of social bifurcation are: disorganization of relations in all spheres, revision of life values, tension, contradictions, conflicts, wars, and crises that determine the fate of society and civilization as a whole.

Bifurcation - Men's Bifurcation

Men’s Bifurcation


This is where we are right now. In the second stage of the bifurcation period, but we have not yet reached its critical point, although we are steadily approaching.

It will be a new moment of Truth, the most dangerous and tense period in the history of our Fifth Race. How it will be expressed in world events, and when exactly, remains behind the scenes for now.

Under the impact of powerful cosmic energies on the day of the autumn equinox on September 23, 2022, and the winter solstice on December 21, much can become clearer. There is a strong possibility that the current backup 3D Matrix will be completely deactivated, and the new 5D will be up and run at full capacity.

Bifurcation - Powerful Cosmic Energies

Powerful Cosmic Energies


If this happens, the world will begin to change even faster. As of July 23, 2022, the stabilization of the 4D field and the number of people with a high-frequency level of consciousness of the fourth dimension has reached 66%.

More by Lev

The Global Crystals Operation – Part 2

The Global Crystals Operation – Part 2

In the Physical and Multidimensional Plans, it is jointly conducted by the civilizations of Pleiades, Arcturus, Andromeda, Sirius, Lyra, and from other constellations. The purpose of the joint Global Crystals Operation is to fully activate the entire crystal network of the Earth. During the Cosmic Night and the Archons’ invasion, it was partially mothballed or worked at a minimum level.

The Global Crystals Operation – The Great Quantum Transition

The Global Crystals Operation – The Great Quantum Transition

On September 26-29, 2020, the Light Forces ground team conducted the new operation. Its main task was to restore one of the most important crystalline structures on Earth, to create a planetary Matrix and Space Axis on its basis. What was the reason for this need? Why did the High Light Hierarchy put on the group to do the Global Crystals Operation? To answer this question, it’s necessary to go back to the events of Cosmic Night again.

At The Multidimensional Door  |  Q&A With Lev

At The Multidimensional Door | Q&A With Lev

We are not only a physical body. We are the energy for our bodies. Thoughts, memory, consciousness, soul, spirit, all this is us. What happens to us when the heart stops and the flesh dies?

The Light Forces Ops In Mexico – Part 2 – Great Quantum Transition

The Light Forces Ops In Mexico – Part 2 – Great Quantum Transition

Even on the way to Tulum the Light Forces’ the ground team sensed what a terrible place they would have to conduct a new operation. Some of them became hysterical and had severe heart pain. Others shed tears… The reasons became clear on the spot… Tulum will forever remain in the memory of the team members as one of the most terrible places on Earth where they conducted their operations. It was through Tulum that many Black Archons were incarnated.

Light Forces Ops In Mexico – Part 1

Light Forces Ops In Mexico – Part 1

One of the most important operations of the Light Forces’ ground team was the destruction of the Black Archons’ infrastructure in Chichen Itza. From there, the DFs were going to seize power in the Local Universe and to eliminate its Co-Creators. The core of the combat infrastructure was the Mayan pyramid system. With this complex turned into giant vibration cannon, the Dark Hierarchy planned to first deliver a fatal blow to the Local Universe’s Logos.

Helping Alpha Centaurians – Great Quantum Transition

Helping Alpha Centaurians – Great Quantum Transition

Here is information about the Light Forces’ ground team’s new operation on September 19-22, 2020. For security reasons, the terms are the same – localization and names are not disclosed. Brief background about the location of the operation… Before the invasion of Earth by the Black Archons and reptilians’ space fleets 12 thousand years ago, in this place was the Intergalactic City of Light.

In And Out Of Matrix – Part 2: Out Of The Black Archons’ Matrix

In And Out Of Matrix – Part 2: Out Of The Black Archons’ Matrix

Archons are low-vibrating entities that often take the form of thought-forms. When they move into a person with the same freqs’ emotions and thinking, they completely take over his/her consciousness and behavior. They give their victim, their creative imagination, the freedom to choose what they create, think, and say. But always within the strict limits of the Archons’ needs. The problem is that people are not in control of their thoughts and therefore are creating a reality that is more of a home to a bunch of Archonic parasites than it is a paradise for human beings and other forms of sentient life.

In And Out Of Matrix – Part 1: To The Black Archons’ Matrix

In And Out Of Matrix – Part 1: To The Black Archons’ Matrix

The entire space of our Super Universe is filled with energy waves – longitudinal, transverse, and spiral. These waves create elementary particles. Particles are part of a wave in compressed form. They are formed by the vortex rotations of the waves. As a result of changing the vortices’ parameters, different types of matter are formed. One of them is invisible dark plasma. It fills the Super Universe by 95% and is predominant in it.

The Islands Of Light Restoration – The Great Quantum Transition

The Islands Of Light Restoration – The Great Quantum Transition

The information came about the Light Forces’ ground team operation on September 10-13, 2020, which I want to share right away. As before, the location and names are not called for security reasons. All work was carried out on-site and remotely from other regions and countries. What were the goals and objectives of the new operation?

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