Between Hammer And Anvil - From 3D To 4D And 5D - Lev

Between Hammer And Anvil

From 3D To 4D And 5D

The Great Quantum Transition


Between Hammer And Anvil – By Lev

Why does it seems to many commenters on Disclosure News’ posts that the 5D scenario is only for a selected few, and not for the rest of us?

Because they refuse to see that there was a separation into two equivalent processes, which go simultaneously and do not depend on each other. Moreover, they do not affect each other’s results, because they are coming in parallel from different forces and independent spaces.

One process is the withering away of the old dense-material 3D Matrix, the winding down and active termination of all its programs and scenarios that are still active.

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Between Hammer And Anvil - Active Termination

Active Termination

Between Hammer And Anvil

This is causing intense tensions that have risen sharply in 2022. Growing exponentially, tensions are destroying everything that can no longer be lived in: politics, economics, education, culture, the social order, the ownership of natural resources and energy sources, the choice of our values and paths to further development.

In the near future it will only intensify, and all of us will have to live through it.

Another process, going on in parallel, is the work of the new, 5D Matrix, its more tangible manifestation on the world stage and in the lives of each of us.

Before, on this planet, we were alone, and only in three-dimensional density. We were boiling in our own juice, in heavy low frequencies, with our programs of control, suppression, and lawlessness. All other multidimensionality was behind the curtain, somewhere far away, in an invisible Cosmos. And we ignored the Laws of the Universe.

Now the situation has radically changed at the highest level. On Earth, right at this very moment, there is a visible and active manifestation of the “neighbor” – the highly developed 5D.

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Between Hammer And Anvil - To 5D

To 5D

Between Hammer And Anvil

The neighbor didn’t come alone. Ahead is the compromised buffer service of the fourth density. Behind, are the sixth and seventh dimension spaces. All go with their worlds and laws.

They have already put Earth into a multi-dimensional and multi-level mode. With different inhabitants, nature, weather, friendly mutual cooperation. Our millennia-long ISOLATION IS ENDED FOREVER.

And we will have to adjust to this process synchronously. The entire program of life on Earth is completely changing. Energies, tectonics, climate, mineral, plant and animal world, our Subtle Bodies and physical corpus – DNA and RNA, cells, composition of blood, lymph, bones are being transformed.

Rebuilding of all living is going in a natural way, fed by new, high-frequency quantum inflows to the planet. Earth intensively absorbs them, accumulates and radiates outwards.

All of us are between a hammer and anvil. From above, Cosmos (hammer), comes liquid Crystalline Light. From below, Earth (anvil) doesn’t lag behind. It radiates counter energies, vibrating at the unprecedented before super vibrations of the fourth and fifth dimensions.

Between Hammer And Anvil - Hammer and Anvil

Hammer and Anvil

Between Hammer And Anvil

We are sandwiched between two counter forces interacting with each other, but with an important difference.

It’s as if we were in a steam cooker. From below, we were heated, brought to a boil, split into constituent elements, but the lid was not removed. We were not allowed to change our density, from liquid to gaseous or plasma. We were not permitted to leave the pot, forcing us to return to the concentration camp 3D over and over again.

Now the situation is different. The Law of Free Will and Choice Freedom has started working completely. Simultaneously with the increase of vibrations (temperature of water in the pot), the lid began to be lifted. Or rather, we raise it ourselves, now we can do it.

Timelines are being separated on 16 vectors. New Portals for perception are being opened. Each of us, by our frequencies, prepares our events, the environment of our survival and the possibility to develop further.

When our vibrations reach the tipping point and begin to radiate higher frequencies, at that same moment the 5D Matrix will activate our Body of Light.

Between Hammer And Anvil - Body of Light

Body of Light

Between Hammer And Anvil

This is the key to the instantaneous destruction of all remaining three dimensional programs, and the Transition into the higher freqs space of the fourth and fifth dimensions. In an instant, it will change our future path.

This is why many have started to form the structures of Light so actively in recent months: a Crystalline Body is forming around the body. Light is preparing for manifestation.

Co-Creators and Higher Light Hierarchs are speedily preparing us for the Transition into the fourth dimension. 

Each reality selects the candidates according to the consonance with its frequencies. The Transition, that began in 2021, continues in 2022 not in masses, but in groups and individually, according to the readiness of each of us.

Now the situation on Earth is moved to the emergency state, requiring close attention and intervention. In September, 2022 events will accelerate to the Light Side. The situation is historical, watershed.

And what happens to those who don’t want to raise their vibration?

Unfortunately, no one will be able to remain in the old 3D world. Even if we hold dense energy (thoughts and emotions) of the third dimension for some time, it will not be possible to exist on the old frequencies now.

To survive, we will have to adjust to higher vibes and evolutionary challenges. Life will be completely changed. There is no turning back. What has to go will be a total fiasco on every level.

Between Hammer And Anvil - Higher Vibes

Higher Vibes

Between Hammer And Anvil

So how do we change? To begin with, it is important to observe our conversation with ourselves. Every time we talk about an unhealed wound or trauma, we re-activate it in our emotional, Spiritual and physical bodies.

When we talk or think about an old problem, we perceive it as if it is happening right now. Since our subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between a current experience and a past memory, for all intents and purposes the trauma or negative experience happens NOW.

When we reactivate old painful memories, our thoughts, words and emotions create negative karmic energy that we unknowingly project into our future.

This karmic energy manifests in more painful experiences similar to the original situation. In other words, when problems arise without resolution, a karmic cage or pattern is formed.

Between Hammer And Anvil - Karmic Cage

Karmic Cage

Between Hammer And Anvil

Each time this karmic pattern materializes in real life situations, we re-experience the original wound and the current pain at the same time. When this happens, it is a great opportunity to heal the past wound by healing the current wound.

Unfortunately, when the problem is reactivated, instead of using it as an opportunity to heal, we react by pressing the wounds with alcohol, food, medication, the Internet, television and a long list of other distractions.

Unhealed problems are stored in our bodies until we let them go. The body acts as a repository for emotional wounds. But it takes its toll, especially when problems have accumulated over a long period of time.

The accumulation of wounds in our body weakens it and causes illness, depression, fatigue, stress and weight gain. But our body is ready to release the problems the moment we are ready.

When an untreated problem is reactivated, there is no need to suppress it.

It is better to take the time to finally heal it. This means feeling our emotions and allowing the problem to move on to healing.

Once we first allow ourselves to fully experience these emotions without resistance, we will know from Nature which path to healing is right for us.

Wounds need to be healed. We are not meant to waste our lives fiddling with past problems and hurts. Unhealed problems weigh us down, lock us in stress and prevent us from consciously creating. Only our personal problems keep us from realizing our greatest potential. Holding onto problems limits us and limits our ability to reach the top.

Between Hammer And Anvil - Reach The Top

Reach The Top

Between Hammer And Anvil

Because of the shifts occurring due to the high frequency energies coming into the planet, it has never been easier to let go of old problems. Now they are emerging to the surface to solve them.

That’s why many of us face familiar problems. Wounds want to heal and problems want to get rid of, but we have the last word. None of this can happen unless we are ready and willing. The Universe listens to us carefully and waits patiently.

And as a parting to the journey, here is a little parable.

– Master, – one day the disciple asked, – why there are difficulties that prevent us from reaching the goal, deviate us from our chosen path, and try to make us admit our weakness?

– What you call hardship, – the Master answered, – is in fact part of your goal. Stop struggling with it. Just think about it and take it into account when you choose your path.

Imagine you are shooting an arrow. The target is far away, and you cannot see it as the thick morning fog has descended on the ground. Do you fight the fog? No, you are waiting for the wind to blow and the fog to clear.

Between Hammer And Anvil - Everyone Chooses His Bow and Target

Everyone Chooses His Bow and Target

Between Hammer And Anvil

Now the target is visible, but the wind deflects the flight of your arrow. Are you fighting the wind? No, you just determine its direction and make adjustments by shooting at a slightly different angle.

Your bow is heavy and hard, you don’t have the strength to draw the string. Do you wrestle with your bow? No, you are training your muscles, pulling harder and harder each time.

– But there are people who shoot with a light, flexible bow in a clear, windless day, – the disciple said angrily. – Why it is that only my shot meets so many obstacles in its path? Is the Universe resisting my forward moving?

– Never look at others, – smiled the Master. – Everyone chooses his bow, his target and his time for the shot. For some, the goal is to hit accurately, for others, the opportunity to learn how to shoot.

The Master lowered his voice and leaned towards his disciple:

– And I also want to tell you a terrible secret, my boy. The Universe doesn’t care about you. It doesn’t resist anything and it doesn’t help anyone. The fog does not descend on the ground to hinder your shot, the wind does not begin to blow to steer your arrow away, and the hard bow is not made by the archer to make you realize your weakness.

All of this exists on its own, regardless of your desire. It is you who has decided that you can hit the target accurately in these conditions. So, either stop complaining about the difficulty and start shooting, or tame your pride and pick an easier target. A target, which you can shoot at point-blank range.

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Operation Air Matrix – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

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Shield And Roadmap – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

The strongest and most reliable personal protection is our constant staying in the Light, the shield of our high frequencies, which reliably safeguards from ANY negativity. It is for this mode that all the Darks’ technologies, described in Duel, Part 10, are programmed.

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Duel Part 10 – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

As Disclosure News previously detailed, the Dark Pole didn’t resign self to total defeat in Duel of Worlds on 15-16 December 2022 (see DNI, Parts 1-9). Darks are well aware that the download of the new Earth’s Causal Matrix? scheduled for March 23, 2023? will hasten their death.

Tightening Grip – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Tightening Grip – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

On January 13th, 2023, at 09:57 AM CET, via Shambhala, came the latest update from the Argorians’ space fleet. Here is its brief summary. On the Subtle Plane, the field of purple quantum flows GRASIMO changes the structure of the Terrestrial Hologram. At the same time, 5D plasma is synthesized in it and negative and spent 3D information energy and matter are neutralized.

Operations In Iran – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

Operations In Iran – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

The complete replacement of the planetary Causal Matrix, in which the info-energy accumulates, forming events, is a complex and lengthy process. It includes deleting and cleaning some files, and downloading new ones that contain software and codes of Time, energy and matter of elements and elementals for 5D.

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Our Noosphere – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

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Eight Waves – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

The Karmic Duel of Worlds on December 15-16, 2022, between Light and Dark Forces (see Disclosure News, Duel, Parts 1-9) didn’t delay the Transition of the Local Universe from the old, dual, to the new, fourth stage of Light. And Earth follows it.

Duel Part 9 – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Duel Part 9 – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

On 1st January 2023, at 04:23 PM CET, via Single Hierarchical Channel, Co-Creators conveyed the following new info. According to the results of the Duel of Worlds on December 15-16, 2022, the Supreme Evolutionary Committee of the Galactic Committee made a number of important decisions. It adopted a roadmap for the establishment of a new planetary formation. Geographically, it will be so far only on the territory of the Northern Hemisphere.

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