Before During After the Event Part Three

Before During After the Event Part Three

Before During After the Event Part Three. Source Allison Coe.

All right, so next client next day, actually a very wonderful woman, she’s so cool, all of these clients are so cool but this one was super cool because I had accidentally double-booked her and she was so cool about it.

Anyway, her higher self said there’s a wave coming, a wave of light, it will affect everybody but not everybody will embrace it but everybody will see it.

To help more people embrace it they have to raise our vibration and hold it.

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She’ll see it coming and it will be here, she’ll know what’s coming she should embrace it.

She’s already connected to it, thousands and thousands of people are already connected to this energy and when it comes they’ll just be with it.

She just sees light and it talks about ascending to the new earth.

Won’t be too far after the wave, the light will still be on earth at that time, it’s not going anywhere so once the light hits it’s not leaving, it’s growing.

Allison Coe

Allison Coe

Before During After The Event Part Three

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Let’s see, she can take her family and her dogs to the new earth, they came here to be with her and the animals, specifically, they’re enlightened beings, all animals are and she sees another final wave of light in about four to seven years, it goes in waves.

Energy Coming In

Energy Coming In

Before During After The Event Part Three

We’ll rise to that energy, we’re rising above, a bridge will appear where people come and then more people will come later to the new earth.

It’s going to be a bridge to the new earth, she doesn’t work on the new earth, it’s peaceful, it’s bright, it’s flooding her with new earth energy right now and that feels peaceful light and really carefree and loving it’s freedom.

Animals and people live together on the new earth, animals are not eaten, money is not needed, she’ll be doing what she wants to do, she can create, you can create your own environment, you can create your space, you will look the same, she will look the same but lighter.

Humans will have a glow, more light, they don’t age the same because of the light, we stay healthy looking she can hold more light now and it will have an effect on her.

She can meditate every day and the more light she brings in, she’ll be able to hold it… She can pull in light all day long while she’s driving or working or doing anything.

If you feel a negative thought replace it with a positive thought, the more you do that the more light you can hold.

Human Glow

Human Glow

Before During After The Event Part Three

A couple of couple days later, let’s see, things are changing.

What was happening was unsustainable, things have to change, they will continue to change,people across the planet want the change.

This client is already experiencing the energy, the event is happening now for her, little by little, she won’t be shocked when the full energies come in, she’ll already be prepared.

She will be able to see and feel the energies. What she’s experiencing now is our miniature expressions of the big energy wave. It will be soon, within six months, time is not linear.

She feels it’s soon, it’s happening now, she’ll be at home with her kids when the bulk of it arrives, she will feel it, it will be different for everyone as far as assimilation time.

It will take her about six months to assimilate the energy, she needs to relax and let the changes happen. She set it up this way so that she wouldn’t have to worry. She’ll not be going to New Earth because for her this Earth becomes the New Earth, she’s going to stay here and watch it change.

At first that will be through consciousness, ascension is a rise in consciousness not simply the act of leaving a place.

Once her body is online fully, her elevated consciousness will be able to manage it more fully.

Her consciousness will be able to to use this body the way it should have been used.

It will be like she read the manual because these human bodies can do crazy stuff but we’ve been spliced and diced and controlled and manipulated and all this stuff.

She read the manual so she’ll know how to direct energies to create, to manifest, to use telepathy, she’ll need to rest, relax and Trust.

The communication will come at the appropriate time…

Now she’s asking about some future plans, like travel plans, if she should go and it said: it’s hard to make plans with all the changes.

They were warning her not to do certain certain travel that she had considered and it said it’s hard to make plans with the changes happening in the chaos, in the consciousness of the planet things need to settle down.

This is interesting because this has been a theme through many of my sessions, the client is bored, currently bored, not interested in anything, this has been a theme in many of my sessions.

So I’m asking about that, with the Higher Self yourself and it said: it’s designed for her to take advantage of this current state of boredom a little bit before the event.

Once she’s has the event there will be a flurry of action so it’s just there as a brief respite before before crazy increasing, cool stuff, before she reads the manual.

Ascending to Your Home Planet

With Allison Coe

Before During After The Event

With Allison Coe

Before During After The Event

With Allison Coe

Acending to new Earth

With Allison Coe

Acending to New Earth

With Allison Coe

Before During After The Event

With Allison Coe

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