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Before During After The Event - Part One

Before During After The Event

Part One

Before During After The Event – Part One. Source Allison Coe.

I’m Alison, the hypnotist here in Portland Oregon and I get lots and lots and lots of information from my clients through their hypnosis sessions.

Before I give you this information I just want to say please use your own discernment when you’re hearing this information, don’t believe everything you hear.

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When I give you information is when I see a pattern so this is not my informations, this comes from a higher energy, so when we’re getting things like dates or time frames please take it with a grain of salt.

These are not my predictions, I don’t make predictions.

So, let’s see, mid December is when when this one started.

The client experiences the event firsthand, the higher-self came through and the client sitting and during the interview portion… I just don’t know what to believe

I don’t know what to believe, there’s so much different info available…

Allison Coe

Allison Coe

Before During After The Event

Cintamani May 2018 Half Price

When the Higher Self came through he took her to the Event, this is speaking through her… She’ll be at home, she’ll be awake, she’ll be looking out the window, she’ll be watching it come at her, it’s all different colors and it looks like a wildfire, like smoke, colored smoke, rolling in and then it’s several miles high, it’s going to lay her down…

Everybody’s gonna need to lay down, she’s going to be vibrating it’ll be affecting everything physically, it will not just affect humans but the whole planet.

It goes through everything, it looks iridescent, like colored cellophane, like rainbows smoke… Anyway the higher-self says it looks scary, it’s so overwhelming… People’s natural instinct will be to stare, some will tingle all over and vibrate like her… Vibrating, and so it’s vibrating and changing her emotionally, physically, mentally, on all levels.

She looks the same, not much older because I was trying to understand asking, does she have more gray hair? The answer was: she looks pretty much the same.

Leap to 5D

Leap to 5D

Before During After The Event

She said… I can’t tell if it’s permanent, the earthly changes, so I’m asking okay let’s get a broader perspective… What are some of the earthly changes?

She said people are stunned, it takes a while, nobody does much right away, everyone is laying down, energy is coming from the south.

When she sees it approaching, she’s in the Pacific Northwest not too far away from from Portland and she’s seeing it approaching from the south from her house… So she says, I think everyone’s going to completely freak out, I see people running in the streets… Now she’s switching perspective to what she seems… They’re really scared.

So let’s see, it will come in the day, in the afternoon in the Pacific Northwest, so where we are it’ll be during daytime in the afternoon.

It changes everyone, she’ll be moving on to 5D and the New Earth, the Solar Flash is a precursor to moving into the 5d, it’s instantaneous, then all it takes is a little bit for her to be able to sit, up the sky is lavender and an iridescent color, she knows something is different, she will stay on the Earth but it will but the Earth will be in 5D.

The wave hits, she’s in her house, colors changes, it takes a little.

Then it keeps trying to to give information about this event and what people will experience.

This energy is gonna be moving through people and then it’s gonna stop them in their tracks so people come out of their houses just standing in the streets.

Afterwards it’s the very very beginning of 5D, it takes some time, some processing time, some senses will change right away and some will take a bit.

She’s vibrating really hard and has to lay down, she’ll have new abilities after her body processes the energy and I said: well anyone be in danger of the wave energy, could some die?

The higher self says… If you can’t handle it it’s better to just move up and out of the body, move on and come in later if you want, if the body can’t handle it then the consciousness should move out and come back later…

Not everyone will be there in the fifth there’s not everyone on Earth, they departed during the wave, they don’t die… They don’t die, this is so interesting.

They don’t die, they go elsewhere, they go to ships.

So I asked, what’s the deciding factor between them handling it or not? She says the choice of handling it or not, whether or not that individual feels that they can handle this energy or not that’s the deciding factor.

The ships will be in the upper atmosphere, it’s like the people need a break and that can come back if they want, it’s a temporary assignment, a reassignment, some go some stay.

Things will be so different and then her self says they will come down after the light flash finished to teach… It’s the same Earth, they teach everything because we’re so behind.

They get us up to speed and I said do they speak telepathically or what? She said they speak our language.

Are they gonna like rule u, will they rule us? She’s like, no they’re not gonna rule us.

Then I asked about the transition to the New Earth and she just goes, okay, we’re all ready, so the Earth is already 5D.

Mother Ship

Mother Ship

Before During After The Event

Everything is just so pretty, it feels like in the New Earth everything is sparkling, even in the areas we’ve destroyed we get help to fix it, pretty nasty areas, we get help, they’re helping us now.

They’re helping us right now, cleaning oceans now, they’ve been doing it for a long time, cleaning up our messes but we’ll be able to do much more after this event and after we work hand-in-hand on a conscious level.

Asked about the currency change and what will happen after the flash… The flash is synchronized with our consciousness, the currency change is something people have been working on this a long long time so all the groundwork has already been laid but the catalysts it’s the flash.

Thousands upon thousands of people who have done the work already.

This was in December and I was asking, you know when do you see this happening and she says soon, very soon… But it’s something that will happen, say, between three and six months? Very soon.

Later the client said she heard March.

I said are there any precursors to the Event, things that we could do? Yeah more turmoil, more unhappy people, more work, more unrest but no real signs, no real other signs, and she says: tell people about the wave so they don’t get scared, they may not believe you all right, whatever I said, I don’t care.

This it’s not for everybody, it’s something that aligns and resonates with you, if not then maybe you’re just not ready for that information keep moving on, that’s fine.

Ascending to Your Home Planet

With Allison Coe

Before During After The Event

With Allison Coe

Before During After The Event

With Allison Coe

Acending to new Earth

With Allison Coe

Acending to New Earth

With Allison Coe

Before During After The Event

With Allison Coe

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