Battles For Earth Part 4

Battles For Earth Part 4

The Great Quantum Transition

Battles For Earth Part 4 – The Great Quantum Transition. By Lev.

The following events were the most dramatic in the battles for Earth. The new Dark Forces’ mass attacks started with another, even more, powerful double blow. The first one was by the extremely dangerous space virus Black Python.

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Battles For Earth Part 4 - Black Python

Black Python

Battles For Earth Part 4

The Archons created, in fact, a new kind of life. It was a combination of a viral self-learning program with elements of AI and semi-intelligent energy.

Some sort of bio-robot virus, a hybrid with a Subtle Bodies as humans have.

One must once again pay tribute to the Dark Hierarchy: it was another masterpiece of Black creativity.

A group of Black Pythons received special training in the Subtle-Material field of Antares, in the constellation Alpha Scorpio.

They were drilled to keep a vibration comparable to the core frequencies of this odious star.

They soon learned to freely hold for a while the Light Entities’ vibes and disguise as them.

They could also pass unhindered through the main entrance Portal of the Solar System – the Sun’s Core (Crystal).

And so it happened. Black Pythons were thrown to Earth through the Sun during the new flashes on it. Explosions in the Sun became usual, no one pays any attention to them. It never occurred that viruses could pass through the Sun freely. As a rule, they always burned in it.

Battles For Earth Part 4 - Alpha Scorpio Constellation

Alpha Scorpio Constellation

Battles For Earth Part 4

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The Black Pythons grouped into a single ball and passed through the Solar Core. They had several backup etheric bodies. Each provided an additional vital reserve. During the passage of the Sun, they burned 1-2 bodies, preserving about three more.

Their entry into the Earth’s vita-field also went unnoticed. After infiltration, they distributed in mobile groups of 2-5 entities across the planet. Each had a specific strategic goal – Portals of Light, Power Places, planetary chakras, etc.

The Black Pythons were completely autonomous. After completing the task, they had to self-destruct. The role of the command center was performed by their mother entity.

Battles For Earth Part 4 - Solar Core

Solar Core

Battles For Earth Part 4

The first victims were members of the LFs’ ground group. It almost cost their lives.

The Pythons attacked them at night, blocking their heads. When viewed clairvoyantly, looked like Light Entities or extraterrestrial intelligence, to the variety of contacts forms the team was already used to.

However, Lightwarriors soon began to realize that something was wrong. The state of health began to deteriorate sharply, especially in the area of the head and heart. Clairvoyance still showed some kind of sparkling ring around the head.

The group decided to destroy the entities, whatever they were. Elimination was prompted by the heart.

The team was not mistaken. Trying to remove the entities, it was found that they have the shape of a huge snake, wrapped around and squeezing the head. If they were not removed in time, it would cause the collapse of brain vessels and death.

The Pythons had to be torn off – so tightly they clung. They began to take roots, accreting into the sculls. Later, the Lightwarriors learned that one of their goals was to eliminate the entire group, the planetary chakra infrastructure, and the new Galactic Chakram on Earth.

Battles For Earth Part 4 - Earth Chakras

Earth Chakras

Battles For Earth Part 4

When the Pythons were finally ripped off, they were immediately seized by the Higher Light Hierarchs who came to the emergency aid. They interlocked them and burned in a special crystal furnace.

The threat though persisted. The Light Hierarchy has declared an orange hazard level. As a matter of urgency, a comprehensive solution was being developed to eliminate the entire sabotage group.

After destroying the attacking group of Pythons, the others who entered the Earth, simultaneously burned their etheric bodies. It gave the impression that every entity self-destructed.

They still had their shells, and they were functional. The Black Pythons crouched, waiting for the moment when everything calmed down and the final blows could be delivered.

Virologists of the Higher Light Hierarchy managed to study these entities on the example of Pythons pulled from the ground group. They were not eliminated immediately, but first carefully studied. The Light Hierarchs pretended to believe in self-destruction and stopped searching.

They secretly monitored the Black Pythons, tracking every movement. It soon became clear that they were slowly approaching the targeted strategic objects and were preparing to launch simultaneous strikes to destroy them.

As a counterstrike, the Higher Light Hierarchs prepared the spec ops to eliminate the Black Pythons. It was assigned to the LFs’ ground team, the Death Angels protecting the group, and an additional squad of Galactic Cleaners.

Battles For Earth Part 4 - Death Angel

Death Angel

Battles For Earth Part 4

As planned, the sting ops had to start all at once in every place where the Black Pythons were hiding and erase them quickly. They had a collective mind, and if one entity was hit, all the rest would immediately know about it.

The Pythons used a mental frequency for inner communication. It is peculiar only to Higher Entities. In their info exchange, Black Pythons masqueraded as them. It was of particular concern to the Light Hierarchy.

Their mental exchange freq was calculated. Before the special operation, it was briefly blocked and looped on itself. It was the signal for the sting op’s launch.

On a Subtle Plane, the Lightwarriors went through all the places where the Black Pythons were hiding and annihilated them one by one with Absolute Light.

The team flew into each of their lairs and destroyed them before they had time to figure anything out. The Death Angels covered the group, and the Galactic Cleaners did the rest.

There were also surprises. On one of the sacred mountains, the Lightwarriors found a lot of eggs that were laid by the mother Python. With its destruction, all egg clutches in other places all over the planet disappeared at once.

As a result, the Black Pythons on Earth were eliminated, and the plan of the Dark Hierarchy to strike at strategic objects of Light on the Earth was thwarted.

After the events described above, the Galactic Committee granted special powers to the planetary Light Hierarchy and the ground team. It allowed them the use of the Critical (Exceptional) Necessity Law.

Now the Light Forces can take ANY action (up to the physical elimination of any person or a space object in the Local Universe) if failure to take such measures can lead to critical and irreversible consequences for the Earth and the Source plan for the Great Quantum Transition.

The use of the Critical Necessity Law right is activated only by the consent of the Council of the Higher Light Hierarchy and Karma Lords and is strictly situational.

And now about the most critical developments…

To better understand the drama of the following events, a very important digression is necessary.

The Source never directly interferes with Its Creations’ evolution. It allows only certain corrections not violating the Free Will and Choice Freedom Law, which is dominant in Its Divine Realm.

Battles For Earth Part 4 - Divine Realms

Divine Realms

Battles For Earth Part 4

It created a Perfect Copy of Itself – an Ideal Primary Monad or Cell (Matrix). These Cells are released into our Local Universe vastness. Only the Higher Light Beings who reached the same level of spiritual development could attract and hold the Cell in them.

For it, they pass a special Initiation, during which they had to connect and dissolve themselves in the Source’s Heart.

One can imagine what purity and spirituality they need to have for it! Amid the Initiation, it was necessary to become equal to the Source for a moment and hold this state for a while.

In the Shambhala Mahatmas’ Ascension, their Heart connected with the Source and came into contact with Its Primary Cell, part of which they took into them.

Whoever touched the Divine Primal Purity Matrix strives that such contact is available to as many as possible.

After a while, the Higher Entities that were granted the great honor of being carriers of the Source’s Cell began to unite and created the so-called Diamond Belt of the Universe.

In the Milky Way, there were no elements of it at all. But the Source does everything possible to increase the number of Its Cell carriers.

Battles For Earth Part 4 - Milky Way

Milky Way

Battles For Earth Part 4

Some time ago, the Higher Light Entities and a group of Galactic Logos, who have the right to do so, created the Diamond Belt of our Local Universe – an Association of Galaxies, Logos, and other forms of Higher Intelligence that are the Source’s Ideal Cell carriers.

Then the Higher Light Hierarchy risked unprecedented experiment, the equal of which history has not yet known. They integrated the elements of the Diamond Belt of the Universe in the Milky Way and selected the Earth for its specific location.

From the human point of view, this move is pure madness. But precisely such bold experiments are the main engine of Universal Evolution and the tool of the Source’s self-knowledge.

Battles For Earth Part 4 - Diamond Belt of the Universe

Diamond Belt of the Universe

Battles For Earth Part 4

In our Local Universe, there are 333 billion Galaxies of different dimensions. And merely 88 (!!!) of them are Diamond Belt members. Together they took part in the new Earth’s experiment.

The decision was made by the Universal Higher Light Hierarchy and a Universal Committee representing all the Galaxies that had passed their Great Galactic Self-Determination.

By its current state, the Milky Way has not yet reached this point and does not have the right to vote in the Universal Committee.

It represented only as an observer with the right to vote in an advisory capacity.

From a technical point of view, the integration of the Source’s Ideal Primary Cell into the Earth’s Logos would cause its instant destruction due to the inability to withstand such super vibes and the presence of huge karma.

Therefore, it was decided not to touch the planetary Logos, but to create around the Earth’s Crystal a weakened copy of Diamond Belt.

Soon, the installation began. The entire Diamond Belt was divided into segments. One by one, they were put in the planet’s Core through the hearts of two LFs’ ground team leaders.

Battles For Earth Part 4 - Earth Crystal Core

Earth Crystal Core

Battles For Earth Part 4

Then the Diamond Belt aspects were pumped into the space around the Earth’s Crystal and formed the Diamond Crown.

When all Source’s Aspects were fully brought into it, the Crown was activated through the ground Lightwarriors.

It was an unprecedented, sensational, epochal event for the entire Super Universe! It was only theoretically possible at the end of the Seventh Race!

Now, all of us, in our current lifetime, are eyewitnesses, contemporaries, and participants of this grand development.

During Fifth Race lifespan, the Source’s Diamond Crown, here, deep under Earth’s surface, already began to attract the New Highest Divine energies, which significantly facilitate the Great Quantum Transition.

The main threat – the possible explosion of the Earth’s core due to the difference in vibrations, is no longer relevant. The Diamond Crown now perfectly synchronizes planetary and Source’s vibes.

Thanks to the Diamond Crown, the representatives of Higher Cosmic Civilizations, including the Universal Committee members, can easily enter the Earth’s vita-field.

Described above, dealt a devastating blow to the Archons, all Dark and Grey forces. They still consider the Earth and Fifth Race as only their private property.

Despite the LFs’ secrecy, the Archons learned about the Diamond Crown’s installation. For the Dark Hierarchs, it means complete loss of the planet. The presence in the Milky Way of even fragments of the Source’s Ideal Cell unimaginably raises the general Galactic vibration of Light and Love.

Now, due to the Higher Light Hierarchy’s feat of pure daring and the ground team audacity, Source’s Diamond Crown works here, on Earth, and not somewhere in the deep space.

It explains the Archons’ unprecedented rage and ferocious attacks on the place where the Diamond Crown is located. And one of the main targets was the LFs’ ground team leaders, through whom it was installed around the planetary core.

Gathering all their strength the Archons gave a death blows on the carefully culled strategic objects. Among them were the Diamond Crown, the Shambhala’s Crystal, and the Atlantean Crystal’s segment in one of the European seas.

Battles For Earth Part 4 - Diamond Crown

Diamond Crown

Battles For Earth Part 4

The strikes were delivered with jewelry precision. They broke through the protective energy shield at the sea sacred point and the top of Mount Kailas and hit deep like powerful stabs.

The field structure of the Shambhala’s Crystal and the Atlantean Crystal was destroyed instantly. Everything happened so quickly that the Light Forces simply hadn’t time to react. The blows were simultaneous and crushing.

The main goal was the Diamond Crown, not the Atlantean and Shambhala’s Crystals, the Second Earth’s Heart. All Higher Light Hierarchy’s reserves were urgently mobilized to protect the Crown. In the front rank, were the LFs’ ground group leaders.

Following their favorite tactic, the Archons attacked them in the dead of night while the Lightwarriors were asleep. What happened to them was terrible.

Their Higher Selves and Subtle Bodies came to the Diamond Crown defense and in the first minutes took the entire blow on them. One of the team leaders almost died. His heart and head couldn’t stand it. The team members barely managed to get him to the hospital and pump him out. The second leader didn’t feel better.

The blows continued and grew stronger. The Ascended Masters and Hierarchs could do nothing to help, as they held back the blows to the Crystals. The Lightwarriors could only see their blood-drenched faces

The carnage continued until the morning. The bodies couldn’t stand it. For surviving, Lightwarriors had to drink the strongest medications that support the heart and reduce the blood pressure that was going through the roof.

In the morning, the Co-Creators came to the rescue. Lightwarriors no longer had the Subtle Bodies or nervous systems. Their restoration began, but it took time, and there was no time.

The next day, the Archons launched new attacks. Again, all the Lightwarriors forces that simply didn’t exist anymore went to defend the Diamond Crown and to contain the Black Archons’ mad blows.

It continued for six days, the most terrifying in the group leaders’ life. The Lightwarriors couldn’t get out of bed. The hearts and heads were breaking. The pressure was constantly off the scale. Their bodies burned like a blast furnace. Bones and joints twisted as if they were being held in a vise. Agonizing convulsions began. The Lightwarriors’ hair has turned completely white this week.

It seemed that all the forces of Darkness were used. That they were ready to perish but to destroy the Earth and the Source’s Diamond Crown.

But the Crown and Source’s Aspects remained untouched! Not a single Archons’ blow reached the target! Not a tiny drop of toxic negative energy touched the Diamond Crown in the center of the Earth!


The Higher Light Hierarchy realized that something’s got to give. The Archons were getting pretty brazen, and, feeling their impunity, every day became insolent more and more.

The entire Local Universe was shocked seeing what is going on Earth, and what the Dark Hierarchy does, demonstrating acts of disobedience to the Karmic Council and even challenging the Source.

For example, in the multidimensional Arktaban Galaxy, entitled the Dragon Loop, due to its projection to our Plane passes through the Dragon constellation, a similar war took place in a completely different way.

The Dragon Loop is a Galaxy of Light, which means that the Light Forces have won in it and the Darkness accepted it.

The war looked like a duel between two gentlemen who, before shooting each other, curtsied a hundred times and apologized two hundred times for possibly harming the opponent.

In Arktaban, the Dark Hierarchy had lost, recognized it, and quickly left the Galaxy. In the Milky Way and on the Earth, the confrontation between the Light and Dark Forces resembles fights without rules, the fiercest in the Local Universe’s history.

At an emergency meeting of the Council of the Higher Light Hierarchy and Karma Lords, after a tense discussion, a difficult but only saving decision was made: to call the Darks to a global duel.

Battles For Earth Part 4 - Karma Lords

Karma Lords

Battles For Earth Part 4

All the Light Forces’ reserves were used to fend off the Archons’ blows. It was very exhausting, and a global duel in this situation was very risky. It might not have been enough strength for that.

Nevertheless, the decision was made. An official request was sent to the Karmic Committee of the Galaxy to challenge the Dark Forces to a duel.

Later, the Lightwarriors learned that thus the Milky Way has saved the Diamond Crown, the Earth, and the LFs’ ground crew. According to the Local Universe’s Law, such a challenge is considered an invitation to a karmic duel. If the called party refuses, it is considered a loser, and its actions are subject to significant restrictions.

If the opposing party accepts the challenge, the Karmic Council sets a date for the duel, and before that, any ACTIONS AGAINST EACH OTHER ARE PROHIBITED.

In any DFs’ decision, the Light Forces were in the win, as they would achieve their main goal – to protect the Earth and the Source’s Diamond Crown from the further Archons’ attacks.

The Dark Hierarchy accepted the challenge. The Karma Lords set a date for the duel and ordered the Archons to cease all actions against Earth and the Light Forces. The order was accepted.

Both sides began to prepare hard for the duel. Karma Lords has quarantined the Milky Way to prevent any outside interference. But the unexpected happened.

The Dark Hierarchy treacherously violated the truce and struck the Earth with all its might. It was possible to parry it at the cost of huge sacrifices and unprecedented acts of self-sacrifice of Lightwarriors.

They had no choice but to engage in the battle without preparation. It ended with the complete Light Forces’ smash-up.

The Archons were already celebrating their victory and thinking how to finish off the Light Hierarchs more abruptly and disgracefully. In this situation, the latter made a last-ditch attempt to save the situation and launched a counteroffensive with everything that had left.

The LFs’ ground team was assigned a decisive role in it since it could operate from the 3D Earth. But the group flubbed the task, and the counter-offensive failed due to its fault.

The next day, the DFs rushed to finish off the mentally and physically exhausted Light Forces. They didn’t have a chance.

The health condition of the ground team leaders remained terrible – between life and death. In such circumstances, the Lightwarriors decided to save the situation, by their lives. They asked Karma Lords to grant them situational access to the Causal Plane to complete their previously failed mission.

Given that the Dark Hierarchy had grossly violated the Local Universe Law, the Karma Lords immediately granted the request. But with a caveat: to act at own risk.

After that, the Lightwarriors could only wait. Fortunately, it didn’t take a long time. The Archons were already pressing in from all sides, outnumbering the Light Forces defending the Diamond Crown.

It was three minutes to 15:00 when the leaders of the ground group felt that they were being brought to the Causal Plane. The unbearable vibration began to increase even more. And at last, the Karma Lords announced that the necessary multidimensional level for action was reached.

By the Lightwarriors’ plan, they, using the Lowest Advantage Law, had to go on the Causal Plane at the Higher Dark Forces Crystal (Heart) and destroy or damage it.

Dark Forces Crystal (Heart)

Dark Forces Crystal (Heart)

Battles For Earth Part 4

And here they are on the Causal Plane. They are escorted to the Crystal. They approach the Bastion of Black Power – the Crystal of the Galaxy Darkness, feeding and supporting the Archons.

By that time, the Lightwarriors’ hearts made almost 3 beats per minute, and the pressure went beyond the tonometer. It was getting harder and harder to breathe, and a little more and their heads and hearts would burst.

It was like going deep without scuba gear. It was necessary to act quickly, while there is a supply of oxygen in the lungs. In this case, oxygen was the ultimate strength of their body.

The Lightwarriors could not strike a blow at the Crystal, no strength left. They gathered all their will and hit the Darkness’s heart with a weak poke.

Like a blue streak, the Karma Lords multiplied its impact to the cosmic all-destroying power for the DFs’ violation of the Source’s Law. The jolt was so devastating that it paralyzed the Black Heart.

The ground group leaders were quickly lowered to the Earth Plane, already semi-conscious. But it was a victory! It was a turning point that decided everything in an instant!

The Archons could expect anything but not this. The crashing impact on their Black Crystal knocked the entire Darkness army off-balance, they were simply crippled. The Light Forces immediately went on the offensive and finished off the Dark Hierarchs’ battle formations.

At this time, the Light Forces are increasing the Galactic sweep. They destroyed or withered Black entities wherever they found them. The irreconcilable managed to escape and hide. They were searched for, discovered, and eliminated.

The Karmic Council issued a carte blanche, which permits any 3D person who found a Black entity to liquidate it within a certain time without a fight and energy costs since the Karma Lords do the same on the Causal Plane.

So, the Higher Light Hierarchy won an important battle for Earth, but not yet the entire war. The Darkness suffered a crushing defeat, but it is not their end. However, they will never feel safe again, because have been shown that their Heart is vulnerable. The Archons had never experienced such a fiasco and humiliation.


(To be continued)

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