Battles For Earth Part 3

Battles For Earth Part 3

The Great Quantum Transition

Battles For Earth Part 3 – The Great Quantum Transition. By Lev.

At first, another Dark Forces attack on Earth did not cause any fears. The Higher Light Hierarchy quickly neutralized it, and soon forgot about it.

It was only later when all was over they understood that it was a distraction. Under its cover, the Archons activated codes for hidden traps in the Solar System. The Dark Hierarchs set them up millions of years ago.

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These time-bombs were a particular torsion capsule. They contained self-extracting virus stealth programs. Being inactive, they did not manifest themselves for millions of years.

The identified capsules were located on the Mars satellites Phobos and Deimos. Translated, their names mean Fear and Horror.

Battles For Earth Part 3 - Phobos


Battles For Earth Part 3

At the Archons’ command, the activation codes transmitted through the lunar Portal awakened the viruses. However, they were not dangerous, since they were inside the Martian satellites.

It was obvious that the Dark Hierarchy was preparing a surprise during the Great Quantum Transition. Their plans were thwarted by accident.

It was an operation to purify the Subtle-Material space of the Solar System, which was carried out by the Solar Hierarchs. It resembles a regular cleaning of an apartment with a vacuum cleaner.

The Sun turns on a special disinfection mode and, like a vacuum cleaner, pulls in negative energy from space. At the same time, the power of the Solar vacuum cleaner is gradually increased.

So it was during this space cleaning. As soon as the cleaning power increased, the virus capsules located in the Mars’ satellites opened.

For some reason, they were not drawn into the Sun’s core for annihilation but simply came out. It was like peritonitis when a pus-filled Appendix bursts…

The situation instantly received a red danger level – the highest of the seven degrees. The matters became more complicated by the fact that the Solar Hierarchy did not inform our planetary Light Hierarchy about the operation. It hampered a quick response to the emergency.

Battles For Earth Part 3 - Deimos


Battles For Earth Part 3

DNit Telegram Channel

First of all, the Higher Light Hierarchy placed the escaped viruses that carry the death program in special crystals. They were created from the Hierarchs’ aspects. In other words, the Ascended Masters closed the viruses by themselves.

After a thorough analysis of the situation, the Council of the Higher Light Hierarchy decided to enlist a ground team. They could effectively correct the situation from below, within the Lowest Advantage Law, adopted in the Local Universe.

The Lightwarriors immediately went to the designated Power Place in one of the mountain areas. However, during the work, it turned out that everything is so complicated and dangerous that it is better not to touch virus packages at all.

The burden on the Hierarchs’ hearts was huge, so the Co-Creators decided to move the viruses to a more secure place – in the storage on Martian satellites, where they have lain for millions of years.

To implement this interim plan, the ground team had to go to the mountains once again and carry out new complex work. It was necessary to buy time and find a proper solution to the problem as a whole.

It took several days. There was another danger. The torsion cosmic virus began to actively mutate. He studied the composition of its sarcophagus and quickly began to eat it from the inside. The clock was ticking on the clock.

In the crisis headquarters, the Higher Light Hierarchs considered several options. None were 100% secure solutions.

Extreme measures rely on extreme arguments. The final choice was made for the next difficult and dangerous op.

Battles For Earth Part 3 - Sun's Super-Powerful Point Energy Pulse

Sun’s Super-Powerful Point Energy Pulse

Battles For Earth Part 3

The Hierarchs decided to generate a Sun’s super-powerful point energy pulse. Fire it at Phobos and Deimos. Place a light aiming prism near them which has to divide the pulse into two parts and send them to the centers of the satellites. They will knock out viruses and, having captured them in their field, instantly take them out of the Solar System, where they will be destroyed.

The Co-Creators prepared a special diversion Portal, as well as a deserted place outside the Solar System. There they built an infrastructure for damping the super pulse energy.

The operation was performed brilliantly. The ground team was assigned to direct the Solar super pulse.

Viruses were plucked from satellites, delivered to the elimination site, and detonated. The most difficult thing was to weaken then the super energy of the explosion. This was done with the greatest difficulty.

The Lightwarriors’ physical bodies barely survived the overload. The reward was complete success and contemplation of the most beautiful enchanting picture of virus destruction.

So the ground group and the Higher Light Hierarchs solved the most difficult task. After it, all participants recovered for some days.

However, there was not enough time for full rehabilitation. The Archons struck a new blow, the most powerful in the history of the Fifth Race, against the Earth, humanity, and the Light Forces. The Portal of Absolute Evil was used for this purpose.

Battles For Earth Part 3 - Portal of Absolute Evil

Portal of Absolute Evil

Battles For Earth Part 3

What happened in Great Space is extremely rare. The last time the Portal was activated was long before the civilizations of Lemuria and Atlantis.

Before striking, the Dark Hierarchy conducted a vast hidden preparation. Unfortunately, the Light Forces noticed nothing. It caught them off guard.

Throughout the Subtle-Material and physical world, in the Black and Gray eons, mass mobilization was carried out. The Dark Hierarchs were able to bring incarnated minions in their plan and could use the incredible power of the Lowest Advantage Law.

Activation of the Portal began with the Sabbath of all the Black forces of Space and Earth. It was exceptional in organization and coherence. As the DFs envisioned, their combined vibration should have grown enough to open a Portal of Absolute Evil in the Local Universe.

Sabbath of all the Black forces of Space and Earth

Sabbath of all the Black forces of Space and Earth

Battles For Earth Part 3

The Portal was activated very rarely, even by space standards, since it is almost impossible to do so. Need 98.8% consolidation of all Dark Forces. This time, due to the participation of Black magicians embodied on Earth, by the Lowest Advantage Law, the necessary percentage was achieved.

The Portal of Absolute Evil opened.

It was the greatest threat to the Light Forces and the Local Universe in its history. Having maximum power, the diabolical hyperboloid could destroy all and everything with its focused beam.

Fortunately for us, the Archons’ first target was not Earth, but the planet AGL. This is an abbreviation that stands for Alliance of the Galactic Leagues, a kind of UN of the Light Forces civilizations. Its Headquarters are located on 4D AGL. One can imagine what a desirable aim it was for the Archons!

Worst of all, at this time the AGL was hosting a meeting of all Galactic Leagues leaders.

Here’s what happened next…

The Higher Light Hierarchy immediately learned about the Portal of Absolute Evil activation and imposed a state of emergency. The AGL meeting was hastily adjourned, and the leaders of the Galactic Alliance were urgently evacuated. At the same time, the AGL infrastructure protection system was put into action.

However, the Archons managed to fire the Portal beam to this planet. It did not have time to gain enough power, and the damage was minimal. Some constants and parameters of the physical and field structure of the planet were affected, in particular, the center of the core gravity and the orbit angle.

The situation was immediately taken under control by the crisis Committee of the Higher Light Hierarchy. All understand what kind of destructive power has the Archons’ weapon. Weapon from which there is no protection.

The next target was the Earth and the Sun. A Ray of Absolute Evil was aimed at its core. It resisted as best it could. Astronomers have recorded the most powerful flares in the history of observations of the Sun.

When it became clear that a little more and the Solar core would simply explode, a difficult but only correct decision was made: to pass part of the Ray of Absolute Evil into the Solar System.

On its way, it burned out everything. The Higher Light Hierarchs already knew that the Ray carried dangerous cosmo-viruses, although the Sun had managed to burn some of them.

To counteract the Ray of Absolute Evil, the best forces of the Solar and Planetary Light Hierarchies were thrown. Only volunteers were invited since no one gave a chance of survival. It had to keep the Ray off the Earth. At any cost!

A group of Higher Light Hierarchs, the Galactic Special Forces Angels of Death, the Shambhala Crystal (Chintamani) Keepers, and the then the LFs’ ground team Logos came to Earth’s defense. Moreover, the Higher Selves took part in the counter-op, and the group members at the level of consciousness for a long time could not understand what was going at all.

Battles For Earth Part 3 - Angels of Death

Angels of Death

Battles For Earth Part 3

So, in space, an invisible battle broke out, no equal in history. Many felt it. Increased geomagnetic activity, earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, volcanic eruptions swept across the planet.

The Lightwarriors took a hit of contact with the Ray of Absolute Evil. Today they prefer not to recall the feelings that they experienced for more than 20 days. There are no such words in the earth language…

20 days of relentless nightmare and tension. Now that it’s all over, the Lightwarriors still can’t figure out how they got through it at all.

At the cost of huge losses and efforts, the Light Forces neutralized the Ray. However, the Portal of Absolute Evil was open, and the Archons were already preparing a new, much more powerful blow to the Earth.

The situation was again critical, and it was necessary to take urgent measures. Also, the unbalanced planet AGL was not restored. It is tied to the Earth very strongly.

It was decided to use the Lowest Advantage Law. The Council of the Higher Light Hierarchy has assigned a ground team to restore the planet.

To complete the task, Lightwarriors, as usual, went to the mountains to the specified Power Place. With them was an AGL’s representative, incarnated on Earth, who had the access codes. By joint mental and energy actions, they completely restored all the damaged parameters of the planet.

The next task was to close the Portal of Absolute Evil. The LFs had to hurry before the Archons prepared the Death Ray for another strike.

The Council of the Higher Light Hierarchy made a very important but risky decision, the essence of which was to once again apply the Lowest Advantage Law. They anew assigned the main role to the ground team.

According to the Hierarchy, the Portal of Absolute Evil could be destroyed only by the Source’s energy through a special power channel with the earthlings’ aid.

The Lightwarriors’ task was to draw the Source’s Ray (from the Local Universe Logos Core) into their Hearts and direct it to the Portal of Absolute Evil center. And that’s all!

Battles For Earth Part 3 - Source's Ray

Source’s Ray

Battles For Earth Part 3

It was almost unreal. Some immediately dubbed the plan “Mission Impossible”. But the group’s unspoken motto is: “No Chance? We take this on!”

Immediately, the Lightwarriors began urgent preparations. It was led by the Ascended Masters El Moria, Christos, and the Galactic Hierarch Sinerion.


The Lightwarriors used the Zodiacal Transfiguration Temple on a Subtle Plane.

The only condition for success was to accelerate their vibrations so that they coincide with the Source’s Ray vibes and catch it.

At the appointed time, the group went to the specified location of one of the mountain plateaus. After consulting, they decided to carry out the op through the Zodiac Logos.

Until now, the team members don’t know how they could do it. They don’t even remember, because it took a long time to recover from work.

Battles For Earth Part 3 - El Moria

El Moria

Battles For Earth Part 3

Battles For Earth Part 3 - Christos


Battles For Earth Part 3

However, they drew the Source’s Ray and sent it into the very center of the Portal of Absolute Evil. It was like a giant welding machine. With the incredible Source’s power, they sealed the hole from which the Death Ray came out. The Portal ceased to exist.

It took some time to restore the group Logos, which had suffered from contact with the Absolute Evil energy.

The remaining dirt was burned out, and the Lightwarriors’ organisms were not spared at all. Soon, their Logos has been completely cleaned. They breathed a sigh of relief. But before they had time to exhale, another terrible circumstance was revealed, which almost put an end to their further work.

As noted above, the Ray of Absolute Evil carried on cosmic viruses. Unfortunately, it contaminated many objects that came in contact with it. Moreover, the infection occurred on the Causal Plane. There was also an attempt to hit the Shambhala Crystal, but it failed.

Battles For Earth Part 3 - Shambhala


Battles For Earth Part 3

Among the affected objects was the ground team Logos. The best virologists of the Higher Light Hierarchy made an unambiguous and categorical diagnosis: Logos is doomed and cannot be cured! The virus, according to the hierarchical classification, was identified as Black Cobra-2M.

It is a modified version of the dreaded Black Cobra virus that Lightwarriors once dealt with. By the way, clairvoyantly viewed it has a form of a black two-toothed Cobra.

A new causal virus, when entered the security system of our planet, could cause an avalanche of irreversible consequences. It strikes the so-called reality atoms and closes them on themselves. As a result, they are forced to repeat the same karmic scenario of 3D reality, not allowing it to escape from the Samsara Wheel.

Battles For Earth Part 3 - Samsara Wheel

Samsara Wheel

Battles For Earth Part 3

Given the inseparability of the group’s Logos with Earth reality, the Council of the Higher Light Hierarchy decided to quarantine it and then eliminate to protect the planet on the Causal Plane.

The ground team was forbidden to continue all the work they had begun and immediately destroy their Logos. For it, the Lightwarriors went to a monastery on one of the sacred mountains. In the Church of the monastery, there is a Solar Mandala – a channel to the Earth’s core.

From there, the group dismantled their Logos, erasing it on all existing Planes. They will never forget the Voice of the Local Universe’s Logos, who proclaimed the following: “Your Logos is no more! You are no more!”

Battles For Earth Part 3 - Solar Mandala

Solar Mandala

Battles For Earth Part 3

They felt a terrible depression, a feeling that a large part of them died. The girls of the group just cried for a few days, they couldn’t stop the tears.

Soon the worst fears of the Higher Light Hierarchy confirmed. The Earth’s vita-field was affected by space viruses. The situation assessment proved that the source of infection was again the hidden capsule-trap in the planet’s Subtle-Material Plane.

Lightwarriors could detect its exact coordinates. It was located in the Indian Ocean.

To destroy the Black capsule and cleanse the Earth’s vita-field, the team went to the mountains at the Universe’s Light Temple. From there, they collected and burned all the leaked viruses with Absolute Light. Then the Lightwarriors performed energy disinfection of planetary space.

Inside the capsule, the group found several more unopened cells and a group of Black entities sleeper. This stuffer was immediately destroyed.

However, there was a strange feeling in their hearts that something was wrong. Everything was very simple and smooth. The Lightwarriors sensed that someone was trying to distract them from something more important.

At the same Power Place of Power, the team traced that fully autonomous capsule was linked by info channels to the command center, from which the conduits went to many similar capsules all over the Earth. It became clear what they were being distracted from.


The team uncovered not only an extensive sabotage network of capsules with negative energy and cosmo-viruses. It discovered even more terrifying – a smaller copy of the Galactic Portal of Absolute Evil. The double served as a pointing device and a magnet that attracted the Death Ray to our Earth.

Further research confirmed the worst. The Portal was active. Under the mountain on top of which it was located, there was a Black Crystal – the opposite of the Shambhala Crystal.

The Lightwarriors immediately began blocking the entire complex. With the combined energy of the Sun and Sirius, they put a massive cap on top of the mountain, breaking the energy-information exchange Portal of Absolute Evil from outer space and coming from the Black Crystal Death Ray.

While working, the group was irradiated by a Black Crystal Ray. It almost cost them their lives.

Universe's Light Temple

Universe’s Light Temple

Battles For Earth Part 3

Later they remembered that after the liquidation of their collective Logos, they did not have the right to conduct such work. In the midst of it, they completely forgot about it. The Ascended Masters, as it turned out, deliberately did not remind them of it.

And then for a few days, the nightmare began…

A Ray of Black Crystal infected the Lightwarriors’ Thin Bodies with the strongest cosmic viruses. The group members began to burn out the negative substance. Their auric vibrations were raised to a critical point. It seemed that just a little more and Lightwarriors would simply out flame.

The night that followed was one of the hardest of their lives. The body temperature exceeded 40, a wild fever, breaking all the bones, and a severe fever. As if they were both burning and dying from the cold, plus unbearable nausea. State of surviving or pass away.

It went on all night and in the same way for everyone. Their organisms could not process on the Subtle Plane all the negativity. The next day, it appeared on the Physical Plane. It turned out that the Death Ray viruses can materialize as infections, versatile mice, and bacteria.

Unburned cosmo-viruses appeared in the group’s bodies as a potent toxin that caused severe damage to the entire organism. To the burning of cosmic viruses, the working out of a physical virus in the form of poison was added. One can imagine the state they were in…

However, everything passes. Worst as well. Gradually, the Lightwarriors recovered, and soon they were ready for new stretch assignments. What happened taught them a lot. They felt what it was to work without the Higher Forces’ back up, represented by their collective Logos.

On the other hand, the Lightwarriors by themselves could eliminate the most dangerous Subtle Plane and physical viruses. The immunity of the group members became much stronger. This, plus the support of the Higher Light Hierarchs, helped the ground team form their new common Logos, which they actively used in the following ops.


Battles For Earth Part 3

(To be continued)

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