Battles For Earth - Part 1 - The Great Quantum Transition

Battles For Earth

Part 1

The Great Quantum Transition

Battles For Earth – Part 1 – The Great Quantum Transition. By Lev.

This short series of posts focuses on the hidden war in space for control of Earth, which began with the approach of Cosmic Day and the start of the Great Quantum Transition. The war continues today on all levels, from the physical to the quantum.

In the Local Universe, the battles between the Light and Dark Forces have always been fierce and gigantic in scale. It is not surprising: the loser dies.

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One recent the Black Forces’ onset on Earth began with the infiltration of the Black Octopus space virus into the planet’s vital field. It captured the points of the transition (Portals) from the physical level to the etheric, from the etheric – to the astral, and so on.

The Black Octopus blocked the man’s energy exchange with the Cosmos, sucking out the life energy from all of his bodies. After that, the man dies.

The Light Forces’ ground team also was contaminated by the virus. It had to be burned out by excruciating, super-fiery neutrino frequencies.

It was just the beginning. The main events played out two weeks later when the sneaky massive invasion of the Spider civilization began on Earth.

Battles For Earth - Black Octopus Space Virus

Black Octopus

Battles For Earth

This extremely aggressive negative life form is called the nomads of the Galaxy. They do not have a permanent location and, like barbarians, make devastating raids on planets in different Galaxies. Earth barbarians are their direct descendants. Spiders are the scourge of the entire Great Cosmos.

In general, our Solar System was well protected from their invasion. However, at that moment, the Black Forces launched a coordinated attack from many sides at once.

From the Black Sun, the antipode of our Sun, they generated a powerful point pulse. It struck at the Heart of the Solar Logos (Helios) and split it.

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Battles For Earth - Black Sun

Black Sun

Battles For Earth

The bifurcation was, in fact, a protective reaction of the Sun. So, it divided the target, which slightly weakened the impulse and reduced the impact force.

It paralyzed the Sun’s Crystal (core) only for hundredths of a second. However, to the Black Forces, waiting for this moment, it was enough to penetrate the Solar System.

They quickly spread out across it in small diversionary groups. It scattered the forces of Light Hierarchs and drew their attention away from the Earth.

Then, under the unified Spiders’ command, one of the most powerful attacks began. Many Black civilizations participated in it.

The main target was Earth. They entered our Solar System in the form of a mass special capsules designed for this operation.

At the appointed time, they were simultaneously activated, divided into a huge number of anti-magnetic vortices. The entire Solar System was filled with these funnels, mini Black holes that suck in the matter and energy.

The Black Forces plan was as follows. In a Great Space, the Mandatory Mass Law applies. According to it, any space system has a minimum and maximum amount of energy, matter, and information, beyond which it becomes unstable and collapses.

If to keep pumping the tire, it will explode. Also, one can’t operate a flat tire. When the space system reaches the upper or lower limits’ levels, instability occurs. The Space defense mechanism – the system self-destruction – immediately activates, and results in collapse.

The Logos Matrix rests intact. Using it, the entire system can be reassembled elsewhere in Space. But its evolution will be thrown back in this case, to the moment of its start. The billions of years of experience would be lost.

Battles For Earth - Logos Matrix

Logos Matrix

Battles For Earth

It should be paid tribute to the Black genius. It was a brilliant plan to destroy the Earth.

The fact is that funnels (mini Black holes), sucking in the energy and matter of the Solar System, actually hid it in themselves. In other words, there was no actual decrease in the energy and matter of the system. Dark Forces had no chance of getting it through the Solar Portal. They knew that very well.

The Dark Force hoped that the Local Universe Logos (its Highest Law) would consider the hidden energy and matter as actually lost. And immediately activates the mechanism of self-destruction and collapse of the Solar System and with it the Earth, under the Mandatory Mass Law.

At first, there was a slight panic among the Light Forces because it was impossible to stop the energy and matter’s leakage. The highest level of instability and self-destruction was rapidly and steadily approaching.

The situation was temporarily stabilized by injecting the reserve energy of the Solar Logos into the planetary system. For a while, the balance was maintained. Black holes suck on the matter and energy, and the Sun pumped it from its reserves.

For several days, the Solar System teetered on the point of self-destruction due to mass loss. These were the most disturbing moments in the history of the Sun. Everyone was waiting for what would happen first: the energy reserves of the Solar Logos or the capacity of Black holes would run out. External intervention or assistance was excluded.

It is impossible to convey the full intensity of tension and forces. At the critical moment, the energy of the 144,000 helpers of the Light Forces incarnated on Earth was mobilized. It was their energy that turned the tide and supported the Sun. The capacity of Black holes has run out. The Solar System and our planet were saved from collapse.

But then the worst happened. The Light Forces fell for a tactical trick, a trap prepared by the Archons.

Battles For Earth - Аrchons


Battles For Earth

In the euphoria of victory, the Higher Light Hierarchs completely forgot that Black holes did not absorb energy and matter, but hid it. At a time when their capacity was exhausted, they exploded.

Everything they had accumulated poured into the Solar System in a giant avalanche, mixing with the energy and matter from the Sun Logos reserves. The total mass instantly exceeded the critical level for self-destruction.

The Earth and humanity were saved by the instant reaction of the Higher Light Hierarchs, and by one Solar Logos program that the Archons knew nothing about. It is called the Self-Destruct Deceleration Protocol.

The Solar Logos has been preparing for the Great Quantum Transition for a long time. In the process of self-improvement, it installed this program in itself.

For millions of years, Solar Logos accumulated energy that, at the moment of self-destruction, could generate a special substance that would slow down the lethal Galactic impulse for a few moments. And the Protocol worked!

A tiny moment was enough to absorb, return to place all the reserve energy released as a counter to the Black holes. Also, a powerful recovery impulse was directed at all 144,000 incarnated the Higher Light Hierarchs’ helpers.

In good sooth, the Higher Light Hierarchy worships the feat that these people have accomplished. No one in the history of the Fifth Race has ever been able to withstand such overloads. In many ways, thanks to these earthlings, our lives were saved. Here it is true, equal fraternal cooperation of the Higher Light Forces and Man!

That’s not all. Later, after a detailed analysis, the real danger scale was realized.

As noted above, mini Black holes did not absorb energy and matter, but only hid it. A collapse according to the Mandatory Mass Law is correct only if it is lost or oversupplied. If the self-destruct level was reached, the entire Galaxy’s balance disruption was inevitable.

Excess energy and matter would collapse and destroy not only our planet, the Sun, but also the system of Spiritual Suns, 144,000 cosmic objects that control the Crystal (Heart) of the Earth, and would shift the center of gravity of the Galactic core. This would lead to a catastrophe for the entire Local Universe.

Battles For Earth - Earth's Crystal Core

Earth’s Crystal Core

Battles For Earth

Simultaneously with the events described, the drama played out on Earth. For killing the Higher Light Hierarchy’s helpers, the Archons infected the potentially dangerous Lightwarriors with the Black Spider Virus.

This virus affected the Subtle Bodies, draining them of energy. At the same time, it covered the Third (Solar Plexus) and Fourth (Heart) chakras with a black web. The web first blocked and then destroyed these centers. Only Absolute Light could destroy the virus.

On the same days, a huge Solar flare, 18 times larger than the Earth, was observed. It was a physical manifestation of the fierce space battle for Earth.

Then the fighting subsided for a while. But not for long – four months later the combat broke out again.

The reason for the new Dark Forces attack was the convolution of the Fifth Race’s continuum, the unfolding of the Sixth Race’s timeline on Earth. Everything went as it seemed, successfully. But it only seemed so…

At this time, the LFs’ ground team was at Sharm El-Sheikh airport in Egypt. Suddenly, the Lightwarriors felt the emergency connection of the Higher Light Hierarchs to them. It occurred at a reserved frequency, very painful for a person. Fiery vibrations began, which was even more difficult to bear in the African heat.

As a last resort against possible brain collapse in such cases, team members are allowed to use special chemicals. They are very harmful. The only advantage is that they almost instantly lower the unsupportable vibes.

The Lightwarriors realized that something very serious had happened in Space. Already on the plane, they felt that a new program and information was being put into them from a Subtle Plan.

It took several days to decipher it. It contained the following.

During these days the Dark Hierarchy conducted another unprecedented diversion. Their Spiders inserted a special phantom stealth program into the Earth’s Crystal (Core). It looked like a dug hole in the Sixth Race Dataware’s system.

The Spiders couldn’t get to our planet from outside. The Merkaba protects the Earth impenetrably. They, as it turned out, had preserved autonomous sabotage capsules on the surface.

Battles For Earth - Earth's Merkaba

Earth’s Merkaba

Battles For Earth

The Archons generated the necessary impulse. It activated the capsules. They opened, hacked the Earth Core, and self-destructed.

Due to DFs’ hacking, the Fifth Race’s continuum collapsed, but the Sixth Race’s timeline on Earth did not deploy. It was secretly redirected to the Spiders’ Black hole. There, the stealth program simulated the development of a new reality for Sixth Race.

The diversion was discovered by accident when the Galactic Logos sent an SOS signal about a critical loss of energy in our planetary system. If the Higher Light Hierarchy did not take immediate countermeasures, the Earth would have died.

Thanks to the emergency actions, the stealth program was destroyed. The problem seemed to be fixed. But it turned out that the worst was yet to come.

The Galactic Logos was still sending SOS signals, warning of a critical disruption of the energy-information balance of the system. It was not clear why the Galactic Logos was reacting (the highest level of protection and the self-destruct trigger), but all the lower levels of control were silent – down to Earth.

It turned out that the Archons disabled all the intermediate control Portal stations for monitoring the balance of the Galactic and our planetary system. It was one more Black Forces brilliant operation, both in strategy and in the accuracy of execution.

Two days of intensive elimination of the phantom reality for the Sixth Race created a critical situation for the entire Solar System. The spent energy needed to be compensated urgently again.

The required volume was borrowed from the Galactic Core. It solved the problem only for a while since what was taken had to be returned later.

After a thorough analysis of the situation, the Higher Light Hierarchs made the only correct decision at the moment: to return the energy from where it was pumped in. Namely, from the Spiders’ Black hole. There was their main power plant – the central crystal, in which they placed the stolen energy.

The idea was simple and clear. Difficulties arose with a specific action plan, how to carry out the operation.

Open fighting was undesirable, as it would have turned into a large-scale war. Given the Great Quantum Transition that had begun, there was neither time nor enough strength for it.

The op couldn’t be delayed either. Energy reserves were limited, and the counter-operation wait threatened the Earth.

There was only one chance – to bring in the LFs’ ground team. The Spiders expected anything but not this. They simply did not believe that people would dare to it, and the Higher Light Hierarchs and Shambhala’s Mahatmas would entrust the op to the earthlings.

The Spiders and the Archons didn’t count on one more force.

In the Galactic Light Hierarchy, there is a special elite combat sabotage unit – the Death Angels. Few know about them, even in the Hierarchy. But the time has come to tell about them.

Battles For Earth - Death Angel

Death Angel

Battles For Earth

The Death Angels are a group of 44 entities that engage in intelligence, counterintelligence, physical protection, and elimination. This mobile, previously top-secret, group is the thunder and lightning of the Galaxy. The mere mention of them sends Dark Forces into a panic and shock.

The LFs’ ground team received an invitation to take part in a combat operation to recover the energy stolen by the Spiders. The Higher Light Hierarchs warned that the op is extremely dangerous, and there are no guarantees of safety. However, there was no one else to assign the task.

Lightwarriors, without hesitation, immediately agreed. After that, each group member was brought separately to the Death Angels. The joint short training began.

For op’s start was chosen the Power Place in one of the mountain regions, which had not been used by anyone before. The task was very difficult. The ground team had never been involved in anything like this before. Experience in combat sabotage operations was zero, and there was no time for a full drill.

The key to success was surprise and lightning speed, as well as participation in the operation on the Subtle Plane of ordinary earthlings. In this role, the ground team had to enter the Spider lair in the Black hole – to the main power plant, and pump the stolen energy to a special super capacious crystal accumulator. The Death Angels provided penetration and cover.

When the Anti-Spider Op began, the ground team first merged their consciousness into a single energy crystal. Then the Lightwarriors were led through alternate Portals in different dimensions to the Spider Black hole border.

The Death Angels simulated a global attack in one place. The Spiders instantly moved their main forces there.

Lightwarriors waited for the command signal. But it didn’t come. They soon understood that it was a trick for the Spiders.

The Death Angels simulated a second attack from the other flank, letting the Spiders know that the first attack was a distraction. Their forces were urgently and hastily regrouped, and there was a noticeable confusion in the ranks, turning into panic.

Battles For Earth - Spiders Warriors


Battles For Earth

Battles For Earth - New Gaia Merkaba

New Gaia Merkaba

Battles For Earth

The ground team got the order to be ready. The Death Angels broke through the Spiders’ defense in the first place, where they simulated an attack. Lightwarriors had to rapidly permeate to the power plant, attach to it the crystal accumulator, to siphon off stolen energy, and to retire. They had only 3 seconds for the entire op.

A prearranged signal sounded, and the Lightwarriors burst through a cut window in the Spiders’ defenses and rushed to the power plant.

Then the unexpected happened. Instead of moving forces away to fight off the Death Angels, the Spiders strengthened power plant protection. As the Lightwarriors approached it, they saw that the Spiders had completely covered the installation with their bodies. As the ground team leader will say later: “It was a terrible sight, but beautiful…”

Then he had other things on mind. Three seconds to complete the task were up, and the team had to leave immediately. That would mean a failure of the mission. There was no time to analyze the situation and make a decision.

Lightwarriors decided to finish the job, no matter what. Suddenly they saw the weakest points in the defense of the power plant – the gaps between the Spider phalanxes.

Gathering all their strength, the group delivered a powerful combined mental blow to the power plant. The Spiders didn’t expect it. Their defense crumbled for a moment. That jiff was enough to fill the crystal accumulator of stolen energy.

At this time, the Death Angels repelled the attacking Spiders. Finished the accumulator’s loading, the Lightwarriors hurried back, but it was too late. The Spiders blocked the exit from the Black hole.

The condition of the group’s physical bodies remained on Earth began to rapidly deteriorate. The team members realized that a little more, and they will simply die. The Angels could do nothing to help.

It is impossible to convey the Lightwarriors drama. They managed to muster all their will and strength for a final counter-attack. They broke through a narrow passageway, literally smashing and cutting to pieces the Spiders that were standing to their deaths in a contact battle.

By some miracle, the Lightwarriors managed not to fly out, but to fall out of the Black hole, where they were immediately picked up by the rescue team of the Higher Light Hierarchy.

Battles For Earth - Shambhala's Mahatmas

Shambhala’s Mahatmas

Battles For Earth

As it turned out, the Lightwarriors spent all their life energy for the final blow and even took a significant part of it from their future incarnations. It took more than a week to recover.

Nevertheless, they have fully completed the entrusted mission. The ground team delivered the crystal accumulator to Earth and handed it over to the Shambhala’s Mahatmas and the Planetary Light Hierarchs. They, in turn, integrated the returned energy into the Earth causal continuum through the Shambhala Crystal.

This is how this operation of Battles For Earth ends. But as it turned out, the Lightwarriors relaxed too early.


Battles For Earth

(To be continued)

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